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eichner ellen
Billy Eichner went to the Obama farewell party and told Ellen all about it

Eichner found a moment to thank Obama "for everything he's done for the LGBT community."

Ben Carson: No ‘extra rights’ for LGBT people if he becomes HUD Secretary

"Extra rights means you get to redefine everything for everybody else. That doesn't seem very fair to me.”

Joe Biden Medal of Freedom
Obama surprises an emotional Joe Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom

It was the first time in Obama's presidency that he has given the medal with an additional level of veneration.

Lesbian couple named co-pastors of D.C.’s Calvary Baptist Church

This isn’t the first Baptist church to hire an openly gay minister or even to have lesbian co-pastors, but it is still known for making history.


Country Music Television star Cody Alan comes out as gay

“There is something I want to share with you. You see, I’m gay. This is not a choice I made, but something I’ve known about myself my whole life.”

Ivory Aquino When We Rise
‘When We Rise’ star Ivory Aquino comes out as transgender

Series creator Dustin Lance Black didn't even know she was transgender when he watched her audition tape, despite asking to be sent trans actresses.

The top 50 successful transgender Americans you should know

Despite great personal hardship, many transgender people have done great things with their professional careers. Here are the ones you need to know right now.

madonna billboard
Madonna talks about the gay character in her upcoming film

"I've had the shit kicked out of me for my entire career, and a large part of that is because I'm female and also because I refuse to live a conventional life."

Defense nominee says he doesn’t care who ‘two consenting adults go to bed with’

“If someone brings me a problem," James Mattis told Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, "I will look at it but I am not coming in looking for problems,”

William Smith Jeff Sessions
Character witness for Atty General nominee compared gay republicans to pedophiles

Oh, and he's a birther. No wonder he's a character witness for Jeff Sessions.

Gay teacher sues over firing from North Carolina Catholic high school

Lonnie Billard has sued a Roman Catholic school for firing him after he announced his wedding to a man.


Texas warned of backlash over transgender bathroom bill

Driving Texas' anti-LGBT bill is Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Republican House Speaker Joe Straus, meanwhile, has signaled his opposition to it.

‘Buy L.L. Bean:’ Will Donald Trump’s endorsement impact your buying habits?

L.L. Bean says it does not endorse political candidates and asked people to not boycott the retailer just because heiress Linda Bean supports Trump.

Samantha Bee taunting Trump about Peegate was must watch TV last night

She's not saying Donald Trump likes water sports, she's saying that -other- people are saying that. She'd never repeat an unfounded rumor, of course.

Ellen hosted a game show with Octavia Spencer & it was amazing

Wait until you see the fabulous grand prize the winner got!

Michelle Obama Jimmy Fallon
Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon gave fans the surprise of their lives

This will bring a tear to your eye. Watch as Michelle Obama surprises fans as they record tributes to her legacy as First Lady.

Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions tries to weasel out of homophobia charges

Sessions says "I understand" our "demands for justice," but it's hard to believe him.

Will President Obama commute the sentence of Chelsea Manning?

Although Manning’s attorneys have been unable to confirm the report by NBC News, the prospect has raised hopes among her relatives.

Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins thanks John Kerry for providing list of LGBTQ rights Trump can undo

Perkins wants Trump to oust any and all supporters of LGBTQ rights from the State Department.

Beware: ‘Clovergender’ is an antigay plot hatched by pharma bro Martin Shkreli

The man who earned scorn for jacking up the price of Daraprim is now trolling the LGBTQ community with a make-believe McGuffin called "Clovergender."

Benham brothers: Gender & marriage equality are ‘a mask for Satan’

To the Benham brothers, marriage equality is a satanic attack on God committed by those with a “darkened heart” and a “depraved mind.”

Billy Eichner & James Corden do a curbside conga line on the streets of LA

It’s starting to feel like Billy Eichner is one of the very few things in life keeping us from plunging into complete and utter despair.

Most new HIV infections in Europe are in Russia

In Russia, new infections are up 133% since 2006.

Shonda Rhimes: Don’t look for Donald Trump in ‘Scandal’

Early episodes were filmed before the world learned the results of the real-world contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Italian court claims gay couple’s twin children aren’t brothers

Surrogacy is illegal in Italy, as is same-sex marriage and adoption.

Peru takes small step toward recognizing same-sex marriage

Monday's ruling is historic in the staunchly Roman Catholic nation, but only pertains to marriages performed outside its borders.

Dustin Lance Black: Trump will like my new gay rights miniseries

Black said the show already has come under online attack from members of the alt-right movement, but said that "the show is not a war. We are not against anyone."

Al-Shabab says it killed a teenager and another man because they were gay

Speaking at the site of the killings, the group's self-proclaimed judge called the sexual acts "immoral and reprehensible."