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NC governor: Talks continue with GOP to repeal anti-transgender law HB2

A deal with legislative leaders to repeal a bill that directs which bathrooms transgender people can use in some buildings is still possible

Pulse nightclub shooter’s wife arrested in connection with the attack

She's facing charges in Florida including obstruction of justice.

‘Reality TV’ campaigning is part of new political world

A young Republican is allowing a documentary film crew to shadow him as he considers a run this year to unseat New York City's mayor, Democrat Bill de Blasio.

The Ohio State men’s gymnastics team will make you want to do sports

Even without exercise, this will get your heart rate up.


Did Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream include LGBTQ people too?

The man who talked about social justice and civil rights for all people on a national stage did not reflect the same ethos concerning women and gays.

Rebels with a cause: Thousands of women will march in Washington this weekend

Call them rebels with a cause. Or two. Or three. Or 10.

Polish gay couple wins right to marry in Portugal thanks to their haters

Jakub and David believe hateful responses to their videos helped persuade Portuguese officials to grant them an exemption to the usual document requirements.

D.C. businesses pledge inauguration weekend profits to LGBTQ causes

All In Service organizers say the inauguration fundraising campaign is about "love and compassion for our diverse community."

UC Davis Republicans cancel Milo Yiannopoulos event amid protests

Yiannopoulos claimed the event was cancelled by UC Davis due to "violence," but University officials said there was no violence or property damage.

Killers aren’t the only ones to blame for the murders of transgender people

When we enforce or fail to be critical of societal gender roles, we become co-conspirators in violence against transgender people.

Training aims to help police officers better serve LGBTQ community

LGBTQ individuals are at greater risk of experiencing victimization and data suggest hate crimes have risen since the November election.


Jennifer Holliday backs out of Trump gig after protest from LGBTQ fans

The Broadway star apologized and said her career is deeply indebted to the LGBTQ community.

Christian radio host’s daughter comes out as bisexual in powerful letter

Her father, Rick Burgess, is cohost of syndicated right wing evangelical talk show Rick and Bubba.

LGBTQ equality among the causes inspiring Women’s March on Washington

The march is expected to draw more than the 200,000 people organizers are planning for, based on bus registrations and train bookings.

Republican lawmaker blocks anti-transgender bill in Indiana

The bill, authored by a state representative who is also an Elvis impersonator, would have banned transgender people from updating their birth certificates.

GOP efforts to ban abortion, limit LGBTQ equality, mirror Nazi Germany

Though I rarely offer comparisons between Nazi German and the contemporary United States, I am haunted by certain parallels that demand voicing.

Tentative settlement reached in lesbian police officer’s bias lawsuit

The Maryland State Police trooper says she faced discrimination at work based on her gender and sexual orientation, as well as retaliation and a hostile work environment.

IN lawmaker introduces anti-transgender bill to ban birth certificate changes

The bill would make it impossible for trans Hoosiers to change the gender markers on their birth certificates and other identity documents.

Pregnant lesbian YouTuber dances in response to complaints about how she dresses

Domo and Crissy are dismissing those who say Domo is the “wrong one” to be carrying the child because she “dresses like a man."

Andy Cohen
‘Love Connection’ reboot hosted by Andy Cohen will include gay couples

Cohen is looking forward to hosting because it, "allows me to do one of the things I love most: meddling in people’s personal lives."

Pro-Trump Christian group announces march to ‘destroy’ Obama’s ‘spiritual walls’

Intercessors for America is calling on believers to join what they call a "Jericho March" culminating in shouting to hail the Trump inauguration.

An inside look at the new Golden Girls-themed cafe opening soon in NYC

The cafe features memorabilia from Eddi-Rue McClanahan, who was a real-life pal and confidant of the owner Michael La Rue.

America’s poets are fighting back against Trump as only they can

America's leading poets are averse to Donald Trump, and they're not about to go gentle into that good night.

Ted Cruz & Lindsey Graham show why the world thinks we’re a ‘bully nation’

Our founders, in their wisdom, did not give us the right to select which laws to follow and which to ignore.

Hari Nef is L’Oréal’s first transgender model

It carries an extra layer of meaning when transgender model Hari Nef says L'Oréal's tagline: "Because I'm worth it."

Charlie Sheen reveals he contemplated suicide after HIV diagnosis

He also explains what was behind his manic phase, and it wasn't "tiger's blood."

Court orders 12 hours of daily ‘youth community’ for ‘effeminate’ boy

Social services said the boy "flaunts effeminacy in a provocative way."

New large public mural honors queer icon ‘Saint George Michael’

Two artists have canonized George Michael in a bold new mural depicting the "Patron Saint of Public Parks" complete with a joint and a bottle of poppers.