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Study: Marriage equality reduced teen suicide

The study estimates that 134,000 fewer teens attempted suicide each year because of marriage equality.

Candice Wiggins says 98 percent of WNBA is gay, bullied her for being straight

“So many people think you have to look like a man, play like a man to get respect. I was the opposite. I was proud to a be a woman, and it didn’t fit well…

Government money used to pay for gay clubs with backrooms

Money that was supposed to go to victims of homophobic violence was spent on clubs where prostitutes work in Italy.

Nevada considers deleting marriage ban from constitution

While the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, both Democrats and Republicans in Nevada argue that it still affects people.


Mike Pence’s hypocritical concentration camp photo-op

A leader in a party that rose to power by scapegoating immigrants, opposing abortion, and supporting gay conversion therapy has no place to condemn Nazi Germany.

Brazil’s Carnival music becomes more politically correct

Lyrics of some traditional Carnival songs are now seen as racist and homophobic.

Roxane Gay responds to Milo’s book being canceled

Roxane Gay says that Simon & Schuster aren't doing the right thing by canceling Milo's book; they're just making a business decision.

What Trump’s new transgender student guidelines might mean

The White House promised new guidelines for transgender students. Here's what that could mean.

White House: Trans students’ civil rights should be left up to the states

“The president has maintained for a long time that this is a states’ rights issue and not one for the federal government,” Spicer said.

Young LGBTQ Nevadans ask lawmakers for change in foster care laws

Young adults formerly in Nevada's foster care system told state lawmakers Monday that LGBTQ kids would be safer if social workers are specially trained to help them.

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart after child sex abuse controversy

Milo Yiannopoulos is having a very bad week - and it just got worse.


Court rejects straight couple’s discrimination claim over civil union rejection

They say they and other couples face discrimination because only same-sex couples are eligible for civil partnerships.

Rhode Island lawmakers propose banning ‘ex-gay’ therapy

The measure would ban so-called "conversion therapy," a practice aimed at changing young people's sexual orientation or gender identity.

New Hampshire bill would add nondiscrimination protections for trans people

Three Republican senators are joining eight Democratic senators and representatives in co-sponsoring the bill.

Lindsay Lohan stopped at London airport because she was wearing a headscarf

She says she was "racially profiled" while wearing a headscarf at Heathrow Airport.

LGBTQ protest at Tennessee capitol spurs Republican crackdown on security

The clamor for tighter security follows allegations that protesters last week disrupted state business and vandalized a legislative aide's flower vase.

Retired pro race car driver Danny Watts comes out after 17-year marriage

"You feel like you have to hide it within motorsport because it's a very masculine sport," Watts said.

Arkansas’ anti-marriage measure dies in the state senate

A long-shot effort to push for amendments to the U.S. Constitution banning gay marriage and abortion have fallen short by one vote.

4 lessons from ACT UP you can use against the Trump administration today

The HIV/AIDS direct action group's bold, decisive actions helped bring about real change. So what can we learn from their tactics and how can we use it today?

U.S. Customs blocked a Canadian gay man over the content of his Scruff profile

Reports of travelers being barred from entering the United States after cell phone searches have increased following Trump's anti-Muslim travel ban, but the practice isn't new.

Teen suicide attempts plummeted after same-sex marriage was legalized

Suicide attempts dropped 7 percent among all students and 14 percent among gay kids.

Soccer legend Abby Wambach announces engagement to Christian mom blogger

The unlikely couple announced they were dating last November, shortly after Melton and Wambach ended their marriages, to a man and a woman, respectively.

BREAKING: Publisher cancels Milo’s book

Yiannapolous himself confirmed that after a weekend of controversy Simon & Shuster has canceled publication of his forthcoming book.

Hollywood’s sliding scale of justice for winning an Academy Award

The puzzling ethical calculus has prompted many to question the standards used to weigh the bad behavior of stars and would-be nominees.

Love letters reveal a World War II soldier’s secret same-sex romance

When Gilbert Bradley mailed his love letters to Gordon Bowsher, he signed them simply, ‘G,' to avoid detection.

In Trump’s America, Christian proselytizing is another form of oppression

For this administration, there's an impenetrable wall between "mosque and state" and "synagogue and state," but not for "church and state."

Caldwell Presbyterian Church Charlotte
Burglar breaks into church, leaves Bible verse condemning gays and thieves

Looks like whoever perpetrated this crime won't be entering "the Kingdom of God."

Not My President’s Day rallies protesting Trump take place across the country

Rallies are taking place in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C.