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Virginia Republicans swiftly kill transgender bathroom bill

Members of a GOP-controlled House subcommittee used an unrecorded voice vote to ditch the "Physical Privacy Act."

8 firewalls that could save us from Trump & his GOP Congress

Just because the Republicans are triumphant today, it doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be successful in pushing their regressive agenda.

‘I’m not gay no more’ Andrew Caldwell says he’s suing gospel singer Kim Burrell

The ex-gay, ex-fan of Kim Burrell says that the gospel singer has been served with papers for a lawsuit.

trump inauguration
Scenes of the Donald Trump inauguration, from supporters to protesters

The inauguration of Donald Trump drew thousands of supporters and protesters and we were on the ground to cover it. Here's what we saw.


Anti-Trump protesters won’t stop even as inauguration moves forward

Queer demonstrators log-jammed security checkpoint entrances to the inauguration ceremony.

Trump has been sworn in as America’s 45th President

Trump will take the helm of a deeply divided nation.

Can’t bear to watch inauguration coverage? Try these kittens instead.

Don't love cats? Live-stream a Broadway event featuring Rosie O'Donnell or be inspired by Sylvia Rivera.

As Trump takes the oath, most voters are still in shock

As Trump prepares to take the oath of office, many Americans still can't quite believe that a presidency that still seems almost bizarrely improbable is becoming a reality.

Ellen’s emotional tribute to President Obama: Thanks ‘for changing my life’

Ellen Degeneres thanked President Obama for helping her become a married woman.

Rabidly anti-gay pastor preaches at Trump’s private Inauguration Day service

The anti-gay pastor, who has frequently called people of other faiths "evil," delivered a sermon called "When God Chooses a Leader."


iLoveMakonnen comes out on Twitter

"As a fashion icon, I can't tell u about everybody else's closet, I can only tell u about mine, and it's time I've come out."

What to expect from the Trump administration on LGBTQ rights

Republicans now control all of the levers of power, and Trump will govern like a Republican on LGBTQ issues. That doesn't bode well for our community.

Donald Trump LGBT flag
Gay Republicans say they’re talking to Trump’s transition team

Gay conservatives are saying that Republican lawmakers are "excited" to support LGBT rights.

Mark Ruffalo Trump protest
Michael Moore hosts star-studded anti-Trump rally in front of Trump Tower

This lineup was certainly more star-studded than Trump's "Make America Great Welcome Concert."

trump welcome concert
Scenes from the Trump inauguration welcome concert

Donald Trump is one day away from becoming the next president.

Pastor Kevin Swanson: ‘Highlights’ magazine is no better than ISIS

The pastor who called for the execution of gays is condemning the children's magazine for including a story about two dads.

Trump meets with SCOTUS candidate who compared being gay with pedophilia, incest

Judge William Pryor is but one of Trump's potential Supreme Court picks to hold anti-LGBTQ views.

Texas House speaker pans bathroom bill & exposes GOP divide on trans rights

Texas House Speaker Joe Straus' comments underscore an escalating ideological battle between the GOP's business-minded base and far-right grassroots activists.

North Dakota state senator posts Pride flag with swastika on Facebook

A Facebook post to denounce the LGBTQ community has backfired big time with the inclusion of what some called a "Gay Nazi" flag.

President Obama looks back on his LGBTQ legacy in final press conference

Obama gave most of the credit to individual activists who fought for their rights.

Hillary Clinton’s LGBT Outreach Coordinator: Now is not the time to keep quiet

"Trump is a mentally ill puppet. Pence is the one who is hateful to his core."

Donald Trump LGBT flag
Donald Trump’s top 10 anti-LGBTQ comments

Calling a lesbian a "degenerate" only made #5 on this list.

Will Chelsea Manning be a potent symbol for transgender Americans?

For most Americans, Chelsea Manning has been a hero or villain based on how they view her decision to leak classified material. For trans people, she has another dimension.

UNC president: We’re having problems filling jobs because of new anti-LGBT law

Recruited candidates have ruled out moving to North Carolina because of the law, and she's unaware of any academic talent embracing a move because of it.

AZ lawmaker withdraws controversial bill after he becomes national laughingstock

An Arizona lawmaker's proposal to penalize colleges and universities that teach ethnic studies classes has essentially died.

Will Donald Trump dance with Caitlyn Jenner at inaugural ball?

“Trump dancing with Caitlyn would send a strong message that he supports gay rights and trans rights,” one Republican told Page Six.

queer dance party pence
Hundreds of LGBT people held a dance party outside Mike Pence’s house

They came, they saw, they danced their queer asses off.