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Australian Prime Minister brushes off snub to diplomat’s same-sex partner

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Australian ambassador to France Stephen Brady (right) and his partner Peter Stephens.
Ambassador Stephen Brady offered to resign after a disagreement involving Prime Minister Tony Abbott's reception at an airport tin Paris. ...

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Kenya’s deputy president: No place for gays here

Monday, May 4, 2015
Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto
William Ruto: "There's no room for homosexuality in this country. That one I can assure you." ...

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Inquiry: Canadian military culture is hostile to women, gays

Friday, May 1, 2015
The Canadian Armed Forces perpetuates a sexualized military culture that is hostile to women and gay members, according to a report. ...

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Russian lawmaker says Apple violated gay ‘propaganda’ law by distributing U2 album

Thursday, April 30, 2015
The lawmaker says Apple violated Russia's ban on gay "propaganda" when it delivered U2's latest album to a half-billion iTunes users for free last year. ...

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European court: Bans on gay, male blood donors is sometimes OK

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Wednesday's ruling was closely watched by activists and by governments that have lifetime bans on gay male blood donors, including the United States. ...

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Jamaica woman brings attention to rapes targeting lesbians

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Jamaican Simone Edwards, who sought asylum abroad, poses for a portrait in the center of The Hague, Netherlands. In 2008, Edwards survived an attack by two gunmen who hissed the anti-gay epithet “sodomite” at her as she lay bleeding on a street from two bullets. She later received asylum in the Netherlands and her story was told in the 2013 documentary “The Abominable Crime.”
When Angeline Jackson and a friend were ambushed at gunpoint and sexually assaulted on a wooded trail outside the Jamaican capital, police initially seemed less concerned about the attack than the fact she is a lesbian. ...

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Kenya: Court orders government to register gay rights group

Monday, April 27, 2015
Kenyan gays and lesbians and others supporting their cause wear masks to preserve their anonymity as they stage a rare protest, against Uganda's increasingly tough stance against homosexuality and in solidarity with their counterparts there, outside the Uganda High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya Monday, Feb. 10, 2014.
The Kenyan constitution recognizes and protects the rights of minorities, the three judges of the High Court said in their ruling. The Non-Governmental Organization Co-ordination Board had refused to register the rights group on religious and moral grounds. ...

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Russian court rules against gay teacher who was fired

Friday, April 24, 2015
A St. Petersburg court has ruled against a gay music teacher who lost her job after being outed by an anti-gay activist. ...

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Report: Pope rejected gay French diplomat over displeasure with same-sex marriage in France

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Laurent Stéfanini
A French newspaper reports that Pope Francis met France’s nominated ambassador to the Holy See, who is openly gay, and told him that the Vatican would not accept his appointment. ...

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El Salvador approves measures banning same-sex marriage, gay couple adoption

Friday, April 17, 2015
A package of constitutional reforms approved Thursday night would ban same-sex marriage in El Salvador and also bar same-sex couples from adopting children. ...

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