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This is why Chick-fil-A sucks…

Thursday, July 19, 2012
While contributing to organizations that align with your beliefs is indeed the right of any person or corporation, it is also the right of citizens to research the work of the organizations you contribute to and make their shopping choices accordingly. Let’s take a look at how you are supporting anit-gay bigotry around the globe when you buy some waffle fries (or anything else at Chick-fil-A)...

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The Boy Scouts of America – How does one forgive Stupid?

Thursday, July 19, 2012
The Boy Scouts of America are a privately owned organization. It’s obvious who owns them – and it’s obvious that their Bibles all preach discrimination and homophobia. What a wonderful example of fine-Christian-Living this is, and how sad for the gay kids who already face hostility and violence every day in their own country.

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Boy Scouts’ policy captive to anti-gay religious groups

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
I’m not sure why anyone is surprised that the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed the group’s bigoted ban on out gay members and leaders. After all, this is a group that is guided by the Southern Baptist Convention, The Roman Catholic Church, and the Mormon Church. Until the influence of these conservative religious groups wane, a new policy is doubtful, if not wishful thinking.

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Acknowledging the ‘T’ in LGBT

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Asher Doyle
The reality is that while bullying, school environments, and related outcomes have a long way to go for LGB students, the distance is even further for transgender students. We need to be having a discussion about that. [...] Every experience or outcome that is not broken down by gender identity, or the intersection of gender identity and other statuses such as race, makes invisible the unique and often more concerning experiences transgender students have....

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The first to mention Hitler shouldn’t always lose…

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Adolf Hitler
The vilification of gays is not new -- but what is now new here in America is how it is being medicalized in public discussions about public health and safety. Not only are we hearing vitriol about how gays pervert and subvert culture and national security, we’re beginning to hear how homosexuality is a public health menace. Believe me: This kicks the crazy up a notch...

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Let’s be rational, logical and real: Sex is not a sin

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Today's freedom for the sexual expression of our love for each other is recognised as the individual human right to determine with whom we wish to have an ejaculation, so long as that is what they want as well. If you both want to do so regularly, then you should have the freedom to marry each other.

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On marriage, Germany hasn’t evolved beyond seedy beer hall discussions

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Should Heather be allowed to marry Maria, or should John and Tom be allowed to tie the knot? Of course, because same-sex marriage doesn’t harm anyone but brings joy to two people. Unfortunately, Germany – a supposedly progressive country – hasn’t evolved beyond the level of seedy beer hall discussions. We have not yet freed ourselves from old prejudices...

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An Open Letter to Maggie Gallagher

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Maggie Gallagher
I’ve been really understanding of Maggie Gallagher since meeting her. I may vehemently disagree with her on every point, but I did think the rhetoric could become more civil. Less name calling, more substance. But honestly, her latest just ticks me off to no end. “A society that is serious about marriage would gently stand up to gay people and say ‘not this, not now.’ Changes in law are hard to undo, once they are institutionalized. I did not decide to debate gay marriage, gay-marriage advocates did. I responded to the challenge.”

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National Organization for Marriage to Kirk Cameron: You’re Hired!

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Hey, remember a few months ago, when the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) got caught in court documents blatantly trying to create resentment between the LGBT community and other minority groups? Remember how nestled in those court documents, among all their underhanded race-baiting tactics, was the revelation that they were also seeking out “non-cognitive elites” to be celebrity spokespeople for their anti-LGBT cause? Well they finally got one...

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The Catholic Church has no place attacking same-sex parenting

Monday, July 9, 2012
With all due respect because I am not attempting to disrespect anyone of the Catholic faith, if we compared the two entities, just who has less credibility when it the harming of children: An entity pushing a bad study while it’s not covering up the activities of priests exploiting children as sex objects, - or - same-sex couples, many who open their homes to children who need love and support?

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