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Christian principles not the motivator for the gutless who mask bigotry as ‘religious freedom’

| Sunday, September 8, 2013
A North Carolina church promotes a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage with the message of marriage as between one man, one woman and God.
Standing up for Christian principles in general is obviously not the motivator for denying marriage equality to gays and lesbians ... taking a stance against LGBT people is. Even with the most outlandishly anti-gay interpretation of the Bible, not one Bible verse implies that it is wrong to provide services for two people standing up to articulate their love and promises toward each other. Not one. In fact, there are many references that support doing so: the commandment to love one’s neighbor as one’s self; the commitment and love declared by David and Jonathan; the golden rule...

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An open letter: Spread love, change history

| Saturday, September 7, 2013
It’s time for everyone to experience Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, for everyone to know they are beautiful just the way they are. It’s time for same-sex couples, same-sex parents, children of same-sex parents, and all LGBTQ persons at home, at school, in the workplace or in retirement to be protected by the laws of their lands. ... It’s time to spread love. It’s time to change history.

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N.J. Senate election: A case study in LGBT tolerance, equality, representation

| Monday, September 2, 2013
Cory Booker
Newark, N.J., mayor Cory Booker has been something of a celebrity in the political arena. If you’re a New Jersey resident and you read the newspaper, you’d probably heard of him even before he announced his campaign for Senate. You’ve also probably heard of the speculation that he is gay. ... But the most important question here is not whether Cory Booker is gay. It is not even why he won’t confirm or deny it. The most important question at hand is this: are we ready to elect an openly gay man to the U.S.Senate?

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Dreams deferred: Why we need immigration reform

| Sunday, September 1, 2013
Jose Cicahua-Perez
A pathway to citizenship would give my parents, and our country’s 11 million aspiring Americans, the chance to come out of the shadows and live their lives with pride. ... I know what it’s like to be forced into two closets, unable to openly share your immigration status and sexual orientation. That’s why I’m thrilled that the LGBT community is standing up for immigration reform...

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CNN has no excuse for continuing to call Chelsea Manning a man

| Thursday, August 29, 2013
Jake Tapper on CNN
Major news organizations have honored Chelsea Manning’s explicit request to be identified as a woman, but CNN continues to make excuses for misgendering Manning in its news coverage. CNN’s “policy” on identifying transgender people contradicts the guidelines set forth by GLAAD and the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, which both state that transgender people should be referred to by their preferred name and gender identity, regardless of the presence of a legal name change or gender reassignment surgery...

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States must respect the rights of LGBT parents

| Sunday, August 25, 2013
In a country where so many politicians espouse “family values” and the importance of parents in a child’s life, it’s remarkable how quickly those beliefs go out the window when there’s an opportunity to shame and bully an LGBT person. It must stop. An estimated 650,000 same-sex couples live in the United States, and 19 percent of same-sex couple households have minor children...

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The other race Virginians need to watch

| Sunday, August 25, 2013
Mark Obenshain
Given its off year elections, Virginia is attracting a good deal of attention among political observers. LGBT Virginians, women and minorities likewise ought to be paying close attention. Why? Because the Republican statewide ticket -- which was nominated at a convention dominated by far right religious extremists and Tea Party fanatics (who usually also identify as "conservative Christians") -- is the most extreme in Virginia's history.

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Lives mislabeled: Gay or straight, left or right, this or that…

| Sunday, August 11, 2013
One problem I have with labeling ourselves as a this or a that, is that it usually stems from adoption of the values most familiar to us as we grow into young adults. Once adopted it can be very difficult to abandon those labels, particularly if the culture we live in seems to suggest that any alternatives are forbidden. While we might be subjected to psychological manipulation to think of ourselves as being one thing or another, philosophical alternatives, discussions and attitudes may be well and truly concealed from our consciousness; even to the point of them being actively denied as worthy investigations.

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Putin’s anti-gay Olympics – Should we participate and condone the hate?

| Saturday, August 10, 2013
Perhaps it’s because the United States is so divided on the issue of gay rights that, as a country, we are so divided on the Russian anti-gay, Olympic issue. We have states making laws that allow us to marry and states making laws that prevent us from getting married. We have Christians who hate us, and Christians who love us. We have politicians who work tirelessly to see that we have our constitutional rights, and politicians who use every ounce of their power to make sure that the Constitution was most certainly not written with the homosexual in mind. For me, the Olympics are a no-brainer...

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Mainstream LGBT rights groups have abandoned Bradley Manning

| Sunday, August 4, 2013
One of the interesting factors is that two of the largest and most well funded LGBT rights groups in the U.S. have stayed quiet about Bradley Manning, his reprehensible treatment in custody and his trial. Why has Manning, whose revelations about the U.S. Army's actions epitomize social justice in action, gotten the cold shoulder from the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD? The silence of these groups has been deafening.

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