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Meet Jack: Scientist, inventor, kayaking enthusiast, ‘Glee’ fan, likes boys, … and is only 16

| Sunday, September 8, 2013
Jack Andraka
The age of 13 is a time when most American teenagers worry about their freshman year of high school, begin experiencing their first intimate attractions to others, and keep busy playing video games, texting friends, and surfing the internet. But in suburban Baltimore, three years ago -- at age 13 -- one young man decided there had to be a better way to detect cancer.

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Transgender veteran uses experience to reach out to others

MARA KLECKER | Daily Nebraskan | Sunday, September 8, 2013
Nickolai Hammar, Daily NebraskanScott Schneider, 32, is a volunteer at the LGBTQA Resource Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was in the military before choosing to undergo female-to-male gender reassignment.
Scott Schneider’s mom still calls him Megan. His dad quit talking to him for eight years. After struggling with his identity for most of his life, Schneider — a military veteran – started going by Scott in 2007 and began the medical process of transitioning from a female to a male in 2008. Today, he’s worked at UNL’s LGBTQA resource center for a year and a half.

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Transgender students face ‘outing’ when schools do not have inclusive policies

ARTURO GARCIA SIERRA | The Daily Aztec | Saturday, September 7, 2013
Getting accustomed to a new school as a transfer student may be a difficult experience. For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies junior Rob Ortiz, the necessary first week of school changes and challenges were added to by another set of stressors: dealing with a university staff that was not prepared to answer the pleas of someone who identifies as a transgender male.

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Report: LGBT youth face higher rate of dating abuse than straight peers

| Friday, September 6, 2013
LGBT teenagers are at much greater risk of dating abuse than their heterosexual counterparts, with transgender teens especially vulnerable to victimization, according to a report issued Friday by the Urban Institute.

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New platform launched for Christians to speak out in favor of LGBT equality

| Wednesday, September 4, 2013
A new project launched Wednesday is giving LGBT-supportive Christians a public forum for to proclaim their love and acceptance for their their gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender friends and family members.

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In ‘Raising my Rainbow,’ mom shares story of ‘fabulous, gender creative’ son

| Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Broadway BooksAuthor Lori Duron, right, and her son, the inspiration for Duron's book "Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous, Gender Creative Son," at their California home.
For Lori Duron, parenting her younger son C.J. is etched in time as B.B. and A.B. — before Barbie and after Barbie. The 6½-year-old discovered the doll at the back of his mother's closet about four years ago, and she's barely left his clutches since.

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Lance Bass proposes to partner Michael Turchin: ‘He said yes’

| Sunday, September 1, 2013
Entertainer and former 'N Sync band member Lance Bass and his partner Michael Turchin, an aspiring actor and model, are engaged.

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Southern Decadence lures gays to hopeful ‘honeymoon haven’ New Orleans

| Saturday, August 31, 2013
NEW ORLEANS -- Thousands of visitors rolled into New Orleans this week for Southern Decadence: five days of celebration of gay culture in a city now being promoted by tourism officials as a honeymoon site for same-sex newlyweds - despite the state's constitutional ban on gay marriage.

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Ricky Martin’s stunning admission: ‘I bullied kids who I knew were gay’

| Monday, August 26, 2013
Ricky Martin
Grammy award winning pop artist Ricky Martin says that as a child he suffered from intense, internalized homophobia, which led him to bully other kids that he knew were gay.

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U.S. divide emerges over religious groups’ opposition to same-sex marriage

| Sunday, August 25, 2013
The intensifying battle over same-sex marriage marriage in the United States is energizing religious groups that oppose same-sex relationships - but also dividing them.

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