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Exposure to hate speech on Facebook undermines users’ mental health

A new study from Italy finds that social networking sites like Facebook have a negative impact on individuals’ mental well-being, as well as their levels of social trust, because of their exposure to hate speech and other offensive content. Researchers ...

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Remembering LGBT health advocate Andrew Cray

Last Thursday, August 28, the LGBT movement suffered a terrible loss with the passing of Andrew Cray. Andy had been struggling with cancer since October 2013. But before his diagnosis, and even during his treatment and the period of remission ...

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Despite Dan Cathy’s new gay friendship, nothing has changed at Chick-fil-A

Dan Cathy
Campus Pride executive director Shane Windmeyer revealed Monday that he and Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy are now friends, and explains that his organization has suspended its campaign against the anti-gay chicken company — which has franchises on many university campuses. ...

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Zero-tolerance policies perpetuate a school-to-prison pipeline for LGBT youth

The U.S. Senate held a landmark hearing Wednesday on ending the nation’s school-to-prison pipeline that affirmed that gay and transgender youth also face harsher punishments in schools than other students, which disproportionately pipeline them into the juvenile justice system. ...

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NOM now warning against young people having gay friends (Video)

Jennifer Roback Morse
The National Organization for Marriage has sunk to a new low of intolerance. In a “Thanksgiving Message” from Jennifer Roback Morse of NOM’s Ruth Institute, she warns that young people are being “pressured” to support LGBT equality because they have ...

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Facebook privacy glitch outs LGBT users

The outing of University of Texas-Austin students to their parents as a consequence of a little-known Facebook privacy glitch has reignited longstanding concerns over the social network’s treatment of its LGBT users’ private information. ...

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Chick-fil-A ‘Appreciation Day’ round-up: Intolerance on display

Kansas City's Chick-fil-A, like locations across the country, had a line out the door yesterday.
Wednesday was Mike Huckabee’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, and opponents of marriage equality turned out in droves to proudly support the anti-gay restaurant chain. Religious bullying was on display at locations around the country as people as the media continued to ...

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White House: Same-sex families ‘deserve legal protections, ability to thrive’

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, White House press secretary Jay Carney responded to a question about First Lady Michelle Obama’s comments at various campaign stops yesterday defending same-sex couples right to “love whomever they choose.” ...

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Miami local news investigates kids put out ‘like trash’ just for being gay

A local CBS affiliate in Miami, Florida has offered an in-depth look into the crisis of LGBT youth homelessness and the children who are put out “like trash” by parents who refuse to accept them... ...

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Chris Christie ignores Chris Gregoire’s outreach on marriage equality

Chris Gregoire (left) and Chris Christie
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) hopes to put the politically delicate question of same-sex marriage behind him and is prepared to swiftly veto a bill extending marriage rights to gays and lesbians, even if it means ignoring the arguments ...

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