Michael Bussee

Michael Bussee

Michael Bussee is a co-founder of Exodus International, a now defunct Christian organization that sought to help people change their sexual orientation from gay to straight. It was founded in 1976, but ceased activities in June 2013, issuing a statement which repudiated its aims and apologized for the harm their pursuit has caused to LGBT people.

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Born Perfect: A journey to find a way to change, but instead finding the truth

| Saturday, June 28, 2014
I first became aware that I was gay at a time when it was considered a sin, a sickness, and a crime. During elementary and junior high, I was regularly bullied and beaten by boys who sensed somehow that I was different, who called me “homo” and “sissy.” Before I even reached my teens, I had decided that someday – somehow – I would find a way to change...

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