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Maureen Gill

Maureen Gill is an educator, public speaker and author known for her insightful historical analyses, biting political commentaries and riveting fiction. Maureen has spoken before audiences at the MacLean Center for Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago, numerous universities, the Newberry Library, and various civic, religious and private groups as well. Maureen is a committed social activist and her areas of interest are human and civil rights, animal rights and healthcare reform.

Her first novel, January Moon, is a gripping detective story about racism, religious fanaticism, mental illness, pure evil and undying love; it is also the first American work of fiction to situate female genital mutilation at the center of a crime story.

Maureen resides in southern coastal Maine and is a featured weekly OpEd columnist at the York County Journal Tribune, where she writes about national and local issues.

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Love is just as biblical as hate

| Sunday, October 21, 2012
Never forget that the bible was used to justify the Crusades, the Inquisition, and burn heretics. It has been misused to persecute Jews, support Hitler, and fuel the Holocaust. In American history, the bible was used to promote the genocide of millions of native people, promote and justify racial slavery and more recently to fight integration, sustain Jim Crow, and deny millions their basic human rights.

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Self-loathing and lemmings: how voting Republican is just ‘nucking futz’

| Sunday, September 2, 2012
I know this: women and gays who vote Republican are nucking futz to vote Republican; there's something not quite right about their thinking… they are just as crazy as a Jew defending Nazis, a nation determined to exercise pure folly, or those funny little rats marching to the sea…

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LGBT Rights: What have we learned from history?

| Sunday, August 5, 2012
Historically, discussions about the decline of morality have almost always been subsumed into fears about national security, and the rise of McCarthyism was no different. Senator Joseph McCarthy charged that both communists and homosexuals had infiltrated the federal government and this, of course, was going to lead to the total destruction of America...

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What the Bible says — and doesn’t say — about marriage

| Sunday, July 29, 2012
There’s a lot of talk about the biblical definition of marriage and the family; however, I can’t find where those terms are explained anywhere in the bible. Nonetheless, a careful reading of the Good Book provides some basic guidelines that clearly warrant some discussion...

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The first to mention Hitler shouldn’t always lose…

| Sunday, July 15, 2012
Adolf Hitler
The vilification of gays is not new -- but what is now new here in America is how it is being medicalized in public discussions about public health and safety. Not only are we hearing vitriol about how gays pervert and subvert culture and national security, we’re beginning to hear how homosexuality is a public health menace. Believe me: This kicks the crazy up a notch...

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A history lesson for Linda Harvey and the ‘religious Reichwing’

| Sunday, July 1, 2012
Hey Linda: You’ve been spouting off at the mouth a lot of utter nonsense about how dangerous it is to allow gays in the military. ... Linda, some of the most powerful, victorious, and abundantly brave – breathtakingly heroic actually – armies in history had in their rank and file – and leadership – gay men. ... And now with your ignorance and hate you demean their memory and you scorn those who want to wear a uniform of honor in order to serve this country and risk their very all to do so. How dare you.

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Let’s throw the rice and move on…

| Sunday, June 24, 2012
At one time, Americans forbid miscegenation and criminalized interracial marriage. For some, it was said to be contrary to God’s laws; it was even likened to bestiality, called repugnant, depraved and declared anathema. We got over it, we grew up. We did what was right. It is one of the many great absurdities of our time that some American religious leaders presume to possess the right to dictate the parameters of marriage...

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