Rev. Matt Johnson

Rev. Matt Johnson

Rev. Matthew Johnson is the pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky. He received the Master of Divinity from the Wake Forest School of Divinity and previously served several churches in North Carolina. He is married to Rev. Clare Conway Johnson, a minister, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Unlicensed Professional Mother. They have two small children.

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The power of witness

| Tuesday, August 12, 2014
I could tell you about the years that I have spent in prayerful study and discernment learning the facts about homosexuality. I could give you psychological, biological, theological, and biblical arguments to support my decisions and actions. I could do those things. But I won’t. Many times, a powerful testimony is all the proof we need to accept that someone has, in fact, encountered the risen Christ. So my purpose here is not to give arguments, it’s to give testimony...

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