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Kergan Edwards-Stout is an award-winning director, screenwriter, and author, whose debut novel Songs for the New Depression is a shortlisted in the 2011 Indie Lit Awards. In addition to LGBTQ Nation, he has also contributed to the Huffington Post and the Bilerico Project, blogs regularly at, and is honored to have been named be one of HRC’s 2011 Fathers of the Year.

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Is it ever okay to call someone a ‘Pansy?’

"It's hit me over the years that just the perception of being gay can be career-ending for a football official in my area."
“What are you? A bunch of pansies?” I heard his words, echoing across the grass, and felt like I’d been punched in the gut. All those taunts through the years stay with you, even if you’ve risen above them. I ...

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Memories and Memorials — for the countless many, lost far too young

Shane Sawick
For me, Memorial Day is about honoring not only those who died fighting for our freedom, but also those closer, lost to far different battles, particularly AIDS. ... And so, this Memorial Day, I’ll pause and honor the many of ...

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Of Mother’s Day and misogyny

I came of age during the AIDS epidemic, and will forever pay tribute to those brave women who stepped into vacant leadership and caregiver roles, whose many accomplishments are now largely forgotten. But simply listing the women whom I admire ...

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Interview with Steven Fales: A gay Mormon boy grows up

Actor/playwright Steven Fales first came to my attention with his groundbreaking solo play, Confessions of a Mormon Boy, which was a hit off-Broadway and in cities around the world. The play chronicles Fales’ heartbreaking journey from being a devoted sixth-generation ...

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Disqualified from high school contest, gay teen speaks out

Kierian Giertz is the gay 17-year-old from Fullerton, Calif. who made national news headlines last week following his disqualification from a school contest for his statement supporting marriage equality. ... Having recently written my own letter to my high school ...

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A letter to my bully…

I have hated you almost every day since we first met. But for different reasons altogether than you might expect. I still remember the terror I felt, every time I approached the soccer field. It was junior high, a difficult ...

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What to consider before tying the knot: An LGBT primer

As the tide of marriage equality begins to turn, with same gender nuptials becoming a reality for increasing numbers of couples, along comes a perfectly-timed guide to provide insight into what elements to consider before taking such a step. ...

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AIDS. Remember me?

On the morning of my thirtieth birthday, I checked my then-partner, Shane Sawick, into the hospital. He would not come out. Shane died just two weeks later, suffering from Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML); one disease, among many, battled in his ...

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What if there was a ‘Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March’ and nobody came?

Perhaps you’ve already heard about the “2012 Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March,” slated for Saturday, April 21, and are eagerly making plans to attend. Odds are, though, that you haven’t. ...

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