Kat Haché

Kat Haché

Kat Haché is a transgender advocate, writer, and graduate student. She writes about feminism, transgender issues and representation, and her work appears on various websites, as well as her own personal blog, Papier Haché.


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The Tragedy of Dr. V

| Tuesday, January 21, 2014
As a transgender person, my relationship with mass media hasn’t always been the best of relationships. Every single day, when I watch television, or a film, or read news articles, or books, or even twitter, I feel like I’m walking through a minefield. Inevitably, I will step on one and be onslaught with some horribly insensitive comment or dehumanizing portrayal of a trans person. The systemic view of trans individuals as non-people is too ubiquitous, and the lack of understanding of our struggles coming to terms with our identities has created a mythologization of our lives with little concern for our perspective...

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