By Josh Goodman

Josh Goodman

Josh Goodman is a PhD student in the Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology program at UC Santa Barbara, where he works on LGBT-related research. He recently received his B.A. in psychology from Whitman College.

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The effects of marriage referendums and what to do about them

| Sunday, October 7, 2012
This November, four states (Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington) have marriage definition questions on their ballots. Within the LGBT community and society at large, we often think of the effects of these elections in terms of whether or not marriage equality will expand to another state, or whether yet another state will ingrain discrimination into its constitution. What we don’t consider — but we ought to — is the toll that these referendums can take on LGB people during the election season itself.

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Acknowledging the ‘T’ in LGBT

| Sunday, July 15, 2012
Asher Doyle
The reality is that while bullying, school environments, and related outcomes have a long way to go for LGB students, the distance is even further for transgender students. We need to be having a discussion about that. [...] Every experience or outcome that is not broken down by gender identity, or the intersection of gender identity and other statuses such as race, makes invisible the unique and often more concerning experiences transgender students have....

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Tyler Clementi’s suicide: Best to look not only at Ravi, but at society at large

| Sunday, May 27, 2012
Dharun Ravi
The lack of public figures or role models for teenagers, and the hesitancy of schools to include same-sex sexualities in sex-ed curricula, despite these being a normal part of human sexuality, give these negative attitudes more influence by not contrasting them with the more positive reality. Given the body of mental health research that has consistently connected stigma and suicidality, and despite the progress we’ve made, the present state of society leaves me concerned...

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