Jim Osborn

Jim Osborn

Jim Osborn is the EEO and Diversity Specialist for the office of Diversity and Employment Practices at the University of Wyoming. As a long LGBTQ equality rights activist in Wyoming he was also the co-creator of Angel Action, the counter-protest against Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church during the course of the trial of the the two men responsible for the murder of his friend, Matthew Shepard.

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The defenseless religious folk and their war against the ‘godless gays’

| Sunday, March 2, 2014
Most recently, I’m finding it unusually difficult to avoid the urge to scream at the seemingly endless parade of pundits and spin doctors tell me, in their most deferential and conciliatory tones, that the rash of proposed "religious protection" laws are not about discrimination. Oh heavens no! They're really just there to protect defenseless religious folk from the godless gays. Like innocent business owners, who could be accused of discrimination, just for standing behind their deeply held religious views.

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