Rev. Harry Knox

Rev. Harry Knox

Rev. Harry Knox is President and CEO of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. He was the founding director of the Religion and Faith Program at the Human Rights Campaign. Rev. Knox can be reached at

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In bill to prohibit workplace bias, broad exemption holds danger

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Unless the language of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act's religious exemption strikes a better balance to reflect the true meaning of religious liberty, core American principles and millions of American working men and women have a great deal at risk. It will take grassroots pressure and pushing by equality-minded advocates and policy-makers to make that balance happen. Who's pushing the other way? Some religious potentates who oppose women's right to control their fertility and their pregnancies also oppose anti-bias laws. They claim religious principle allows them to discriminate freely. But no federal law, least of all one intended to stop bias on the job, should allow them to have it both ways... [ Read more → ]
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