Davis Mac-Iyalla

Davis Mac-Iyalla

Davis Mac-Iyalla founded Changing Attitude Nigeria in 2005 to work for the full affirmation of LGBT Nigerians within and outside the church. After appearing in local media he was detained and tortured by police and forced to flee the country for asylum in London, where he resides today. Mac-Iyalla is a lay minister and was Knighted in 2000 by the late Bishop Iyobee Ugede of Otukpo Diocese.

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Nigeria’s anti-gay law fanning violence, ‘mob justice’ against LGBT people

| Sunday, January 26, 2014
I woke up at 5:00 am this morning unable to sleep and worrying over my fellow LGBT Nigerians. The violence in the wake of the passing of my country’s anti-gay law keeps me awake and I find myself constantly preoccupied with the security of my friends and countrymen. The violence is now being fanned throughout Nigeria’s churches and mosques, incentivizing violence and “mob justice” against LGBT people...

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