Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell

Chad Campbell is a state representative from Arizona, currently serving as the House Minority Leader. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

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SB 1062: ‘One of the saddest days I have ever had as an Arizonan’

| Monday, February 24, 2014
Ross D. Franklin, APMargaret Jean Plews works on a chalk drawing as she joined nearly 250 gay rights supporters protesting SB1062 at the Arizona Capitol, Friday, Feb. 21, 2014, in Phoenix.
On Feb. 20, the Arizona State Legislature passed the discriminatory Senate Bill 1062, which was identical to House Bill 2153 when it was considered in the Arizona House of Representatives. This bill promotes extremism and would create opportunities for discrimination against classes of people who are not protected by federal laws. It was designed to target the LGBTQ community and to undermine the local governments in Arizona that are passing civil rights laws to protect the LGBTQ community...

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