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Family Research Council whines that no one wants to debate ‘homosexual’ issues

Peter Sprigg
In dealing with the fact that it is an officially declared hate group, the Family Research Council pulls the shuck-and-jive argument that it is being attacked by people who don’t want to debate gay issues. ...

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Why I get a nagging feeling every time I hear the phrase ‘religious liberty’

I almost understand the argument of “religious liberty.” But then comes that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that just won’t go away – the feeling that “religious liberty” is just another way of saying “allowed discrimination” ...

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Religious rightie says DeGeneres not a good choice for raising AIDS awareness

Janice Crouse
Sometimes, mess coming from the religious right doesn’t need an explanation. It just needs a spotlight to underscore how clueless and homophobic they are. Recently, openly gay actress and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres was named as special envoy to ...

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Minnesota for Marriage soft peddling its message of bigotry

The group Minnesota for Marriage wants folks to forget that the organizations which comprise it – National Organization for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council – operate to attack and demonize same-sex families through their various tactics. ...

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Peter LaBarbera scapegoating gay men for the Penn State tragedy

Peter LaBarbera
It was bound to happen. I was hoping that it wouldn’t but in hindsight, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Someone from the religious right is now blaming gay men for the Penn State tragedy, where Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn ...

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National Organization for Marriage now attacking candidate it supported

Cindy Golding
The National Organization for Marriage is finally commenting on its embarrassing loss Tuesday night in the Iowa state senatorial election. From NOM Cultural Director Thomas Peters comes a tweet which should be remembered. ...

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Have the leaders of the National Organization for Marriage gone into hiding?

Is it just me or have the spokespersons and leaders of the National Organization for Marriage decided to go into hiding? NOM’s president Brian Brown has gone AWOL when it comes to public speaking. Not that he was a good ...

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Family Research Council gives ‘pro-family’ honor to ‘deadbeat dad’

Joe Walsh
Anyone who thinks that the Family Research Council is either a Christian or “pro-family” group obviously has not done their homework -- just last week, FRC anointed Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) a pro-family leader — in spite of the fact ...

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Family Research Council wants God to stop gay adoptions

In all of the years in which FRC has attacked same-sex households or gay adoption, the organization has never pushed, suggested, or even slightly initiated any type of plan encouraging folks in what it claims to be “perfect family ...

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Catholic Church making deal with the devil to stop marriage equality in Minnesota?

Archbishop John Nienstedt
The Minnesota Family Council is scum. It is a group devoted to demonizing and stigmatizing the gay community through junk science and ugly propaganda. Yet it is the same group which Archbishop John Nienstedt seems no problem in teaming up ...

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