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Matt Damon on HBO’s ‘Behind the Candelabra:’ ‘We took it very seriously’

By Jim Halterman| After Elton | Tuesday, January 8, 2013
When Matt Damon gazed at Michael Douglas in full Liberace regalia during production of the HBO bio-pic Behind The Candelabra, did he find him attractive? “Very, very attractive,” said Damon, who plays Liberace’s lover Scott Thorson. While the actor may be speaking somewhat tongue in cheek, the film is full-on drama.

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Reza Farahan of ‘Shahs of Sunset’ on reality TV fame, ‘Bravolebrity’ status

By Lyle Masaki| After Elton | Saturday, December 29, 2012
In its second season, Bravo had a clear hit with The Shahs of Sunset -- a series about a group of Persian-American friends living in Los Angeles that has managed to double its audience since its debut last spring, thanks to a mix of lavish real estate, glimpses at Persian-American culture and a group of compelling personalities that included openly gay realtor Reza Farahan.

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Jamie Kuntz speaks out about kiss that got him kicked off football team (Video)

| Saturday, September 15, 2012
Jamie Kuntz was dropped from the North Dakota State College of Sciences football team less than two weeks ago after he was caught kissing his 65-year-old boyfriend in the press box.

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PREVIEW: ‘The Amazing Race’ 21 — Meet the newest members of ‘team gay’

| Thursday, August 30, 2012
"The Amazing Race 21," the 21st race-around-the-world for a million bucks, kicks off on CBS on Sunday, September 30, and in a welcome change from last season's gay-free Race, this installment sees mixed in among the usual dating couples, twins and... monster truck drivers? -- three known members of Team Gay.

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Presidential election poll: LGBT issues see historic political shift

By James Thilman| After Elton | Thursday, August 23, 2012
According to a new poll conducted by Harris Interactive for Logo TV, all political candidates could greatly benefit by supporting equal rights for LGBT Americans.

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Margaret Cho on being ‘Lady Bodacious,’ her Mother Tour, dressing for the Emmys

By Jim Halterman| After Elton | Saturday, August 4, 2012
Whether she’s rocking out as a musician, making us laugh talking about her Mom in her stand-up, guest starring on 30 Rock (and scoring an Emmy nomination!) or playing Teri on the fourth season of the Lifetime hit series Drop Dead Diva, Margaret Cho always gives 110%.

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Chris Colfer: ‘I feel like you’ve seen me naked in a way’

By Jim Halterman| After Elton | Sunday, July 29, 2012
Chris Colfer
Look everywhere these days and Chris Colfer is probably there. His new children’s book, “The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell,” was just released in book stores and the film he wrote, produced and stars in, Struck By Lightning, was the closing film of Outfest in Los Angeles.

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An Open Letter to Maggie Gallagher

| Thursday, July 12, 2012
Maggie Gallagher
I’ve been really understanding of Maggie Gallagher since meeting her. I may vehemently disagree with her on every point, but I did think the rhetoric could become more civil. Less name calling, more substance. But honestly, her latest just ticks me off to no end. “A society that is serious about marriage would gently stand up to gay people and say ‘not this, not now.’ Changes in law are hard to undo, once they are institutionalized. I did not decide to debate gay marriage, gay-marriage advocates did. I responded to the challenge.”

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Days of Our Lives’ Chandler Massey on Emmy win: ‘It Was Crazy!’

By Jim Halterman| After Elton | Sunday, June 24, 2012
That Chandler Massey would win the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series seems likes a no-brainer to those of us who have closely followed his work this past year.

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