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Tennessee county begs for God’s forgiveness for gay marriage

Blount County has drawn up a resolution that asks God to spare its citizens when he passes judgement on marriage equality.
A resolution from a Tennessee county commission asks God to not inflict his fiery wrath upon its citizens. ...

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ISIS throws four gay men to their death

One of two young men who were hurdled off a rooftop in Mosul for being gay.
Two separate reports claim that a total of four men were murdered by ISIS this weekend because they were suspected of being gay. ...

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Familiar, divisive social issues on Supreme Court agenda

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, left, Stephen Breyer, center, and Clarence Thomas, leave St. Mathews Cathedral, after the Red Mass in Washington on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015. The Supreme Court's new term starts Monday, Oct. 5.
Commentators say the lineup of cases suggests that conservatives will win more often than they will lose over the next few months. ...

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Jonathan Cahn: Hurricane Joaquin may pummel DC because of gay marriage

Jonathan Cahn
Cahn predicted that God would play Bad Cop last September and trounce DC for legalizing gay marriage. ...

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Joe Biden: Homophobes still exist, and most of them are running for president

Joe Biden
Speaking at the HRC National Dinner over the weekend, Joe Biden took a not-so subtle swing at the Republican field of candidates. ...

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US figure skater Adam Rippon comes out

Adam Rippon of the United States performs during the men's free skating in the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015.
"I want to say something to the dad out there who might be concerned that his son is a figure skater." ...

50 Cent blames Empire’s ratings plunge on too much “gay stuff”

50 Cent
He criticizes the show regularly, since he executive produces the rival drama Power. ...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook on why he came out

Apple CEO TIm Cook
"People need to hear that being gay is not a limitation. " ...

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Kim Davis’ lawyers post photos of her in Vatican Embassy waiting room

Kim Davis
The Liberty Counsel insists that "the meeting with Kim Davis was initiated by the Vatican." ...

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