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Artist grades his own hate mail; gives poorly worded letter ‘D minus’

"My first postal hate mail felt like a healthy progression.”
"The more hate messages you are getting, the more likely you are doing something that is making change." ...

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Hillary Clinton: Tossing Kim Davis in jail was the ‘right thing’ to do

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton reacts to a supporter before speaking at a community forum, Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, in Davenport, Iowa.
"When you take an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States, that is your job," Clinton said. ...

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Real gay dads star in Star Wars-inspired Campbell’s soup commercial

Scene from a new Campbell's soup commercial starring real-life gay dads and their son.
A must-see, the thirty second commercial stars David Monahan, Larry Sullivan and their son. ...

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Priest ‘understands how priests succumb’ to pedophilia; thinks homosexuality is ‘sickness’

Father Gino Flaim
Asked if he was suggesting the children are sometimes to blame, he replied, "For the large part, yes." ...

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Kanye West says he faces discrimination for not being gay

Kanye West
"I feel like I got discriminated in fashion for not being gay..." ...

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Rick Wiles: Because of gay marriage, people will die

Rick Wiles
"I'm not advocating violence... but they will crush anybody who speaks against homosexuality." ...

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Long Island teen alleges he was beaten by frat boy for being gay

John Mateer
"Don't let a frat guy know that you're gay," he wrote on Twitter. "I am bleeding on my phone." ...

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Angry high school students chase off members of the Westboro Baptist Church

Members of Westboro Baptist Church found themselves outnumbered by high school students and made a break for it.
Members of the hate group were in for a surprise when they visited a Missouri high school to protest the election of a trans girl as homecoming queen. ...

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Fired Vatican insider: Over 50% of priests are gay

David Berger
An academic says the most important rule at The Vatican is: You can have as much gay sex as you want -- as long as you never admit it in public. ...

The Pope’s gay friend insists the Kim Davis meeting was a set-up

Yayo Grassi poses for a photograph in home Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 in Washington. The pope’s meeting with Grassi came to light Friday as the Vatican was distancing itself claims that the pope's meeting with Kim Davis was an endorsement of her stand on same-sex marriage.
"I was very surprised and very suspicious from the beginning," Yayo Grassi claims. ...

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