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The mayor of Venice wants to ban Gay Pride

"There will be no gay pride in my Venice," mayor Luigi Brugnaro told La Repubblica  newspaper.
Luigi Brugnaro described the event as both "farcical" and "kitsch." ...

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School banned from showing film about children with gay parents

Promotional poster for Gayby Baby
“How sad that a film about real kids and their families is attacked," said federal Labor senator Penny Wong. ...

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Is a serial killer called The Pusher targeting gay men?

Thomas Sheridan, who specializes in psychopathology, attributes around 60 deaths since 2004 to a homophobic serial killer.
The city of Manchester has been on edge after rumors began circulating that a serial killer was pushing gay men into the city’s canals. ...

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Rentboy CEO: “I don’t think we do anything to promote prostitution”

Rentboy's CEO Jeffrey Hurant
"We do good things for good people, and we bring good people together." ...

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Noebel: Teaching gay tolerance in schools is “child molestation”

David Noebel
"The Obama administration put a flaming homosexual in charge of a good portion of our public education." ...

NJ priest rapes teen, flees country, says victim “wanted” it

"Don't worry, this is what God wants," Rev. Manuel Gallo Espinoza allegedly told a 15-year-old boy before raping him.
The victim claims Rev. Manuel Espinoza told him "Don't worry. This is what God wants." ...

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Muslim drag queen receives death threats after documentary

Asifa Lahore
One Twitter user posted: "Absolutely repulsed by the 'Muslim' drag queens on Channel 4." ...

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City considers banning Chick-Fil-A due to anti-gay stance

The Denver City Council is delaying the approval of a Chick-Fil-A airport restaurant over concerns they will discriminate against same-sex employees.
Council members are concerned the franchise will generate "corporate profits used to fund and fuel discrimination." ...

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Pierce Brosnan on a gay 007: “Sure, why not?”

Pierce Brosnan
"It would certainly make for interesting viewing." ...

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Study: condoms don’t decrease sensitivity

“Condom-associated erection problems have been a very under-researched topic,” exlplained Dr. Cynthia Graham, who co-authored the study.
According to the new study, condoms don't cause erectile dysfunction, either. ...

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