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Kenya’s anti-gay protest featuring 5,000 nude volunteers is cancelled

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto condemns Obama’s “aggressive support” for gay rights.
Republican Liberty Party leader Vincent Kidala says he “was forced to cancel it in a 2 a.m. phone call.” ...

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Black trans woman arrested and held in isolation is now free

"I want to let people know that I'm going to seek justice," Taylor said.
Meagan Taylor was arrested after checking into an Iowa hotel, and then held in isolation at the Polk County Jail. ...

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HIV-positive St. Louis County man accused of deliberately exposing people (UPDATED)

Robert Smith apparently met with an undercover detective and sought to have sex, denying that he was HIV-positive.
Police claim Robert Smith used Craigslist and other social media to contact "potential victims." ...

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Gay baker blames LGBTQ community for Sweet Cakes by Melissa scandal

Gay baker asks the gay community: "Are you stupid?"
Gay baker calls the gay community "stupid" and "Nazis." ...

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In Kenya, 5,000 naked people will protest Obama’s stance on gay marriage

Kenya's Deputy President William Ruto
The protest's objective is to show Obama "the difference between a man and woman." ...

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Following his resignation, former Archbishop John Neinstedt denies allegations

"It pains me deeply that my good name and reputation have been put into question," said former Archbishop John Neinstedt to The Star Tribune.
Neinstedt has called homosexuality "evil" in the past, and thinks equal marriage laws are a Satanic "man-made experiment" that would harm children. ...

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Right-wing website claims the rainbow flag inspired Chattanooga attack

Op-ed piece suggests the rainbow flag is responsible for the murder of five people.
"it's time to shame and marginalize the gay rainbow flag," wrote Breitbart Editor-at-Large John Nolte on Saturday. "Before it kills again." ...

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Gallup poll finds U.S. support is “stable” after Supreme Court ruling

Chart indicates that Democrats and adults under 30 show the greatest amount of support for gay marriage.
A new Gallup poll indicates that a large number of Americans believe gay marriage should be valid. ...

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School principal writes letter to upset parents about fired lesbian teacher

Waldron Mercy Academy
Nell Stetser, principal of Waldron Mercy Academy, sent a letter to frustrated parents yesterday, writing that the faculty has been "challenged to our core" by the decision to fire Margie Winters. ...

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