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Study: There’s no such thing as heterosexual women

Do heterosexual women exist? According to this new study, no.
According to the doctor who organized the study, "Research clearly demonstrates that when it comes to what turns them on, women are either bisexual or gay, but never straight." ...

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NFL: Houston Equal Rights Ordinance defeat has no bearing on 2017 Super Bowl

The 2017 Super Bowl is still taking place in Houston.
A spokesman for the NFL announced that everything will go ahead as planned, despite calls from several gay rights advocates and a petition. ...

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Teacher is fired for showing anti-bullying video without parent’s permission

Tom Leahy
The film is a parable about a fictionalized world where heteros, not gays, are subject to sexual orientation-based discrimination. Was the lesson worth getting fired over? ...

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Gayle King and Oprah team up with antigay Chick-fil-A

O Magazine staffers chow down at Chick-fil-A
Looks like Chick-fil-A will be one of Oprah's "favorite things" in next month's issue of O Magazine. ...

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Missouri venue refuses to wed lesbian couple

Beverly Vaughn and Rachel Cathey
Same-sex weddings are legal nationwide, but finding a place to do it isn't always easy, as a lesbian couple discovered while planning their wedding ceremony. ...

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Italian Football President to gays: Stay away from me!

Carlo Tavecchio
Tavecchio has since claimed he's the victim of an elaborate blackmail scheme and the tapes were "manipulated." ...

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Matt Bevin is Kentucky’s new governor. Here’s 5 reasons that’s bad for the LGBTQ community.

Matt Bevin
Is Bevin's victory a sign that the long-predicted backlash against LGBTQ rights has begun? ...

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Homophobic trolls are complaining that Twitter’s new heart icon is “gay”

Homophobic Tweeters think the new heart icon equals "gay."
Evidently, a subset of angry antigay Tweeters don't think Twitter's latest innovation is "adorbs" at all. ...

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Beyoncé disappoints by ignoring Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance

Blogger Carlos Maza writes, "Beyoncé has repeatedly refused the opportunity to speak out against the legalization of discrimination against LGBT people." ...

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Boxer Yusaf Mack comes out as gay

Yusaf Mack
Mack claims his 23-year-old daughter told him he should commit suicide after the embarrassment he's inflicted upon the family. ...

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