Tennessee House panel revives anti-trans restroom bill

Two weeks ago, the bill failed when lawmakers voted to study the issues after the legislative session following a House committee hearing packed with transgender students. But religious conservatives, furious about the failure of the proposal, were able to maneuver for it to be reconsidered.

The bill would require students at public schools and universities to use the bathroom or locker room that matches their sex at birth. An amendment tacked onto the bill would allow schools to “make appropriate accommodations” for students who object to using either a bathroom or locker room of the sex on their birth certificate. That amendment would also allow students who already have special arrangements with their schools to maintain those bathroom accommodations, even if it is for a gender different than what is on their birth certificate.

The bill was revived on a day when a measure that would allow counselors to refuse to treat patients because of religious views or sincerely held personal beliefs passed in the Tennessee House.

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