Think “bro-mance” isn’t a real thing? This photo series might change your mind.

This groom left some room for his best man.

This groom left some room for his best man.

Professional wedding photos are fine — the happy couple, the dressy looks, the glimmer of hope that binding yourself to another person will bring you happiness and stop all those existential thoughts about death — and they’re a perfectly functional way to mark the occasion.

But for one recent groom, John, capturing the love he had for his bride-to-be just wasn’t enough.

The equation would’ve excluded someone very important — his best man.

So he organized a special photoshoot with just the two of them (he did one with his bride too, of course), and the result is definitely worth a look or two.

“I think my wife knows that he comes as part of the package,” John said.

h/t Distractify

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