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Nigerian student claims he’s discovered ‘scientific proof’ gay marriage is wrong

'Ground breaking' discovery based on experiments with two magnets
Sunday, September 15, 2013

LAGOS, Nigeria — A post-graduate student at the University of Lagos in Nigeria claims he has made a scientific “breakthrough” by proving that homosexuality and same-sex marriage are wrong.

Chibuihem Amalaha, who has won awards in his country for reporting on energy science, says he used a magnet experiment to prove through science that homosexuality is “improper.”

Chibuihem Amalaha

This Day Live
Chibuihem Amalaha

Amalaha bases his “ground breaking” discovery on experiments that showed the north and south poles of two magnets are attracted to each other, while the same poles repel each other.

He concludes that this discovery proves that “man cannot attract another man because they are the same, and a woman should not attract a woman because they are the same.”

In his words, “That is how I used physics to prove gay marriage wrong.”

Amalaha says, “In recent time I found that gay marriage, which is homosexuality and lesbianism, is eating deep into the fabric of our human nature all over the world and this was why nations of Sodom and Gomora were destroyed by God because they were into gay practice. That is, a man marrying another man and a woman marrying another woman.”

“God gave me the wisdom to use science as a scientist to prove gay marriage wrong,” he says.

Amalaha’s work has been commended by the University of Lagos and on the Nigerian website This Day — where his findings have been reported as fact.

But the South African LGBT website Mamba Online called it simply, “absurd.

“The uncritical and uninformed article is likely to add to the ignorance and prejudice surrounding homosexuality in Nigeria,” says Mamba Online. “Current legislation punishes homosexual acts with up to 14 years’ imprisonment, or death by stoning in northern regions of the country.”

Amahala says that he hopes to one day win a Nobel prize for his discovery.

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  • Michael J. McNeal

    Lagos has a university? With graduate students? Is this from ‘The Onion’?

    • Randy Petersen

      no, just one very homophobic country

    • Michael J. McNeal

      He’s the future chair of their Gender and Queer Studies department.

    • Laura Lee Chimera

      Nobel Peace Prize? lol…1 don’t TH1NK so.

    • Deniz Daser

      Yes, other countries, even ones in Africa, have universities with graduate schools. *eye roll*

    • Michael J. McNeal

      The therapies available for those suffering from an impaired sense of facetiousness are advancing all the time, Deniz. Seek them out.

    • Deniz Daser

      Ah, the ever-popular, “it’s humor, don’t take it so seriously”. Somehow I don’t think you’d appreciate it if it were a homophobic joke.

    • Rose Patterson


    • Thought Bearer

      Gay Marriage isn’t wrong its just love.. and I have scientific proof that I just found an unintelligent life form lol

    • Paul Bucelis-Collins

      Oh thank goodness Michael, I thought I was the *only* one. For one fleeting nanosecond, I looked at the photo and accompanying blurb, oblivious to the fact it was a post from LGBTQ Nation, and I HONESTLY thought it was an article from The Onion.

    • Michael J. McNeal

      Yes, but all edgy joking aside, let’s not cast aspersions (even if only by implication) on Mr. Daser’s alma mater; it’s the “Harvard” of Nigeria, after all!
      The President will probably raise this young “researcher” to a cabinet level position in government for his “discovery”! (Or because he’s the president’s nephew — but what do /I/ know about how things work in Africa? ;-) )

    • Aris Guarani Kaiowa

      Nigeria is a sad joke.

    • Zac Caslar


  • Ryan Macintyre


  • Gloria Galasso


  • Jill Stanford

    Yeah. Uh-huh. Get in line. Lol

  • Kenny Williams

    And I’ve discovered scientific proof that cars can be run on sunshine and farts…

    • Athena Hacker

      Damn, I don’t eat enough beans to run teh second fuel! lol

    • Sky Sullivan DeCiel

      Well actually, they can be coincidentally. Electric cars, and solar power, and electric cars charged by methane burning power plants… but what would this gay know about science, mechanics, technology, and cars…. :p

    • Ishikawa Masaki

      Kenny, there are cars that can run on sunshine…

    • Kenny Williams

      I know that, I was just being sarcastic like this idiot :)

    • Alex Sieg

      They can. Solar and methane.

    • Alex Sieg

      However that guy is wrong

    • Lindie PinkFreakdixiechick Bryant

      PMSL omg Kenny you just made my day cheers Bud ;) <3

    • Nathan Narkotix
    • Nathan Narkotix
    • Nathan Narkotix

      everyone who liked this was just underminded so hard

    • Logan McLaughlin

      I think it just adds to the hilarity.

    • Nuala Anaïs Shields

      Exactly – solar and methane… both viable tech

    • Sean Payne

      I love it

  • Cathy Little Bender


  • Travis Harry

    I feel like this has to be satire…

  • John Ozed


  • Chad Baker

    Magnets…I see…Well case closed with scientific proof no less. Explains a lot!

  • Philip Miller

    Yea… how about no?

  • Edgar E. Avalos

    Lol please.

  • Timmy Lampel

    What a QUACK

  • Justin Souza

    He needs to worry about the senseless killing in his country and not who marries who.

    • Thought Bearer

      and Africa’s dictator as sick as this sounds made rape of women legal there is there scientific proof of that anywhere in the poorest country in the world.

  • Wesley Crane

    what a joke…so stupid…

  • Lyn Miller

    File Under Nonsense

  • Whispered Words

    Did he get his degree from Devry?

  • Shane Miller

    A nobel prize, huh…for using elementary school science? Good luck with that.

  • Venus Printers-Frank

    Wow our society is moving backwards because we are scared of change and progress!

  • Timmy Lampel

    lol he’s not even a Doctor

  • Humma Kavula

    Yeah, right. This coming from the country where all the scam artists originate from, who take over profiles on dating sites and con the lovelorn into sending them huge sums of money.

  • Holli M. O’Bryant

    Oh please. Spare me.

  • Susan Marie Cole

    That’s not science or physics. That’s a homophobic metaphor.

  • Mai Yag FellaGirlie

    LOL…. He just actually proved he’s an idiot.. lol Nigeria go home your drunk ..

  • Joseph Awad

    There’s no science behind it… Sorry son

  • Charlotte Jane

    This is clearly mad. There is not and never will be any scientific proof that same sex marriage is wrong. Love is love at the end of the day regardless of the gender of the 2 people in love.

  • Shad LaCour

    They’ve also cured AIDS, how many times?

  • Maria G Perez

    and i have scientific proof this guy’s a moron. LOL

  • Vanessa Jean

    That is the dumbest argument I think I’ve heard in a long time. And I lived in the South for nine years.

  • Vulp Katja Miyuki

    Fucking magnets, how do they work?

  • Kevin Lawrence Johnson Jr.

    Is that right…lol!

  • James May

    lol what an Idiot!

  • Athena Hacker

    I firmly believe that same-sex tendencies ARE due to a chemical imbalance. But that doesn’t make it wrong, or unnatural; Quite the contrary. It’s a natural variation to control populations… and be awesome!

    • Max Simpson

      chemical imbalance – are you for real?

    • Athena Hacker

      No, I’m a unicorn. All things to do with human bodies are chemical and biological in nature. A variation among the behaviour, preferences, tendencies, and personalities, among humans has a chemical and biological answer. As I said, it is just FURTHER proof that loving someone of your own gender IS NATURAL.

    • Max Simpson

      Being referred to as chemically imbalanced is itself just plain stupid but then Iafter reading that you are a Unicorn I now realise you’re you’re playing some sort of “god” wow….. are you on acid?

    • Max Simpson

      I think you’re probably just having fun and taking the piss???

    • Max Simpson

      soooo….. you first refer to us as chemically imbalanced and then you try to justify it with …… As I said, it is just FURTHER proof that loving someone of your own gender IS NATURAL????

      Oh dear!!! I think a BIG spoonful of “GET A CLUE” could help “YOUR” ill-concieved verbal diarrhea, who knows…. it might even balance your idiot logic …. AND in the most delightful way…. ho hum…

    • Athena Hacker

      I’M chemically imbalanced, thank you very much, and yet I didn’t take offence at all. My sister is chemically imbalanced, as is my daughter. None of them have taken offence. And if you can’t even understand simple sarcasm? You MUST be chemically imbalanced, and I DON’T mean the awesome kind that gets to rep the rainbow. I’m speaking of fact. Would you rather I say “You’re gay because of reasons”? No. Every question has an answer, and with things to do with the body ALL answers are biological. We have chemicals that get stimulated by electricity. If SOMETHING is different, it exhibits a variation from the most animalistic way of things. The reason animals live, is to procreate. The reason plants live, is to procreate. However awesome being gay is, it IS against the biological need to procreate: Insinuating an imbalance, or failure to fire, SOMEWHERE.

      As you perfectly quoted, I already said it’s natural. Mother Nature did it for a reason, its there. It’s evolution, it’s population control, it’s the highway to heaven; It’s SOMETHING. And things have origins.

      I’m seriously dying of laughter over here that you’re getting your panties twisted at someone WHO IS FOR YOUR CAUSE.

    • Max Simpson

      No it wasn’t “simple sarcasm” you made a statement and a rather insulting one at that and had the audacity to put it out there so don’t try and justify this bullshit with more bullshit – you relegated us to lesser than other humans by implying we as gay people are imbalanced so don’t sit there on your high horse and think you can turn this into something else.

      If you were definitely for ‘”my cause” then you wouldn’t have posted such a derogatory and insensitive remark and one that only denigrates GLTBi people.

      AND I don’t need people like you to support my cause – have a little respect!!

    • Athena Hacker

      I don’t need to support arrogant oversensitive assholes like you, either, but I support the cause because it is also MY cause. Or did you miss that part? Clearly your mind is so full of this verbal diarrhea you spoke of that it’s rendered you incapable of basic comprehension.

      Grow up, learn to read, and come back.

  • Korrin Perez

    Haha! What a dummy! Stay in school, kid.

  • Carolyn Drexler

    And the world is flat. And the universe revolves around the earth. And the number zero doesn’t exist.

  • Jairo Ordonez

    What an idiot!

  • Max Simpson

    are we expected to believe this crap from a country full of homophobic arseholes???

  • Joseph Taggart

    Find a way to make being gay a choice.

  • Jerry Steele

    Forgive my choice of words but what a f in idiot

  • Michael Smith

    What an idiot. How stupid does someone have to be to believe this garbage

  • Em B Er


  • Jeri Gracia

    Bitch, please…

  • Rhett Redelings

    Was this nicked from the Onion?

  • Becky Daigle

    Wow lol what a bunch of bs, since when are humans like magnets? Pfft

  • Randi Joe Wileman

    bwhahahaha sure that isn’t goat piss in there?

  • Hulysses Mendoza

    Omg I can not stop laughing

  • Jerry Whitehouse

    Yeah me and my boyfriend have been repelling one another for 21 years. I would like to know what church organization donated the money for research.

  • Vivian Rodriguez


  • Devyn Taylor

    “Amahala says that he hopes to one day win a Nobel prize for his discovery.”

    • Tom Birmingham

      I’ll just chalk it up to some nigerian scam for money to continue his research. Afterall, they made millions from idiots trying to get Obama’s “real” birthcertificate. Why not screw those morons over again.

    • Devyn Taylor

      I’m sure the right-wing Christian fundamentalists have already opened their wallets.

  • Shea LaRoux

    Is anyone going to tell him that this is not a new discovery about magnets?

  • Kathy Davidson

    krazy is all i can say

  • Tyler V Arrow

    And Gravity clings me to earth, that doesn’t mean that the grass and I are soul mates.

  • Robbie Squires

    The logic in this is totally like, 1000% logicalz. He iz super smart! Homoz are totally likez what he experimented with!

  • Manny Munro

    Poor thing!!

  • Gregory Maley

    Seriously? Magnets? That explains EVERYTHING!

  • Heather Nicole Schumer

    Physics found the magnetic poles decades ago..more than a century ago, I believe.

    Also, magnets don’t have genetic mutations and social influence and all that other shit that separates is from magnets.

    • Bellis Perennis

      624 B.C. Thales von Milet characterized magnetic stones ….

  • Karen Nesbitt Colon

    What does science have to do with love?

  • Alex Sieg

    Science and propaganda are different.

  • Alyssa Delude

    smh i noticed in like second grade that that’s how magnets work where’s my medal

  • Denise Tharp

    So he discovered what every child playing with fridge magnets know?

  • Marylou Valerio

    Oh please, go back to Nigeria.

  • Mark Amasuga

    Sounds legit. I once tried to connect a male usb end to another male usb end, and it didn’t work, either.

    • Herbert Maton


    • Maria G. Ladymaga Garcia


  • Lucien-Joseph Galloy

    “Homosexuals: how the fuck do they work?”

  • Jessica Statton

    He is actually kind of right lol!!
    It is unnatural to want to reproduce with something that isn’t physically possible.. Oh well guess this is natural selection at its best

  • Bryan Ackerman Lenarz

    this is probably the most absurd pile of shit information that I have ever encompassed and I have had my fill in 12 yrs of college, what a load…

  • Harry Barnes

    I think he proved magnets can’t marry.

  • José De La Cruz Jr.

    Bitch Please! He Looks Like A Big Old QUEEN

  • Tanya Banegas

    This is almost adorable. Like I wanna give him a gold star and tell him he won first place in the science fair.

  • Amy Persun Connors

    “Amalaha bases his “ground breaking” discovery on experiments that showed the north and south poles of two magnets are attracted to each other, while the same poles repel each other.” so in other words what he is really saying is ALL couples straight or gay should only have sex in the “69″ position isn’t that the north and south ends being attracted to each other?

    • Logan McLaughlin

      I never thought of it that way. Interesting point of view!

    • Erin Moll Terrizzi

      Brilliant, Amy! You should win the Nobel, not Amalaha ;-)

    • Amy Persun Connors

      LOL thanks Erin go ahead and nominate me lol

    • Alicia Carla Simpson

      Amy you are brilliant!!

    • Amy Persun Connors

      Thanks Alicia

  • Matt Skewes

    nigeria..the land of christian churches murdering kids because they’re possessed by demons.

  • Christopher Cox

    Next he should discover a way to produce clean energy using the hopes and dreams of small children

  • Jessie Melvin

    I needed a good laugh…

  • Nicole M Damico

    maybe he will find proof that he is stupid.

  • Andrew W Conrad

    Yeah, right! Duh! :(

  • Diane Keller

    Is that Jack Daniels in that beaker? Sure looks like it….

  • Charles Hetfield

    now if he could use science to invent me a flying unicorn.

  • Ben Brandenburg

    I can certainly give proof on why that outfit should be burned….

  • Richard Amador

    A Nobel prize for playing with magnets? Gurl please

  • Chelsea Marie Moore

    I don’t see how this had anything to do with gay marriage… magnetism and homosexuality are two completely different things…

  • Rachel Sharp

    What a bunch of crap….we are not magnets….we are human beings with biological needs not electrical!

  • Christy Miers

    so hilarious – he is delusional!

  • Matt Skewes

    oh my…bipolar magnets are his proof. *mind blown*

  • Mark Krasniqi

    so is being black

  • Trish Valliere


  • Summer Hill

    I think my 4th grade learned about opposing magnetic poles in 2nd grade! It took him until grad school? Not quite sure what he thinks he discovered. Won’t be long until some baker comes around and saying since oil and water cannot mix that it show “gayness” is wrong. Push, you need oil and water to make damn good cake.

  • Brent Rogers

    you’ve gotta look at where it’s from though. Africa isn’t a very “now” place as far as culture and society go, so we shouldn’t really blame them for the way they think and act. we can only hope that our influence on surrounding countries and cultures will have a slow but needed impact on them. i don’t blame them, they were born and raised that way. i say it just takes time and respect. :)

  • Patty Nunofurbiznus

    what happened? did he get bored with trying to scam the rest of the world? with those scam companies in Nigeria?I made a scientific breakthrough that he is an idiot.

  • Matt Skewes

    obviously he’s a “scientist”

  • Synstelien Ben

    And God says Blacks should be slaves to the whites!!! I say to him.. Get your black ass over here and polish my boots!!!

  • Carol Richardson

    this is dumber than dirt!

  • Bruce Collins

    Ugh…religion is not science and his science of correlating poles to human relationships makes me laugh

  • Djorlando Musica

    the heart of a gay or lesbian are different attract by love and how can you experiment with real love this is like saying the earth is flat –

  • Eve Mahar Schumacher

    luckily we are human beings, and not magnets.

  • Michael Musicman Garceau

    These f**ked up nut-jobs just can’t help themselves! LOL!!!

  • Sid Neighbours

    What a MORON!!!!!

    • Gregory Bowman

      what a douchebag!!!!

    • Joshua Grindstaff

      wtf is he smoking

  • Sky Sullivan DeCiel


  • Lubhyati Carminem

    i challenge this homophobic s*** to face the psychologists of APA who once disproved that being gay is a disorder

  • Jonathan O’May

    Mr. Amalaha seems to be very preoccupied with poles…

  • Sadaf Niassuh

    That’s just…unspeakably stupid. Criminally dumb. Please…we need laws against this level of dumb.

  • Lene Jensen

    Peer review will prove him wrong.

  • Jackie Pearl

    Um..we’re not magnets.

  • David Black

    Nigerian Science, most credible of all sciences and certainly not completely corrupted by the high levels of christian propaganda force fed to the Nigerian people.

  • Cheryl Haydeen

    I don’t think so.

  • Jan Camoro

    fuck you poor country

  • Chris Ayo

    So I disagree, but using magnets I have scientifically prove my partner and I attracted each other because our personalities are different….

  • Alison Wergin Bedino

    Unless we all have magnets in our crotches, I fail to see the logic in his “science”. I am glad he’s not conducting real research though. That could be dangerous.

  • Meghan Courtright

    Marriage isn’t a science. This fool doesn’t make sense.

    • Fleur Puttock

      Shut up,Meg.
      Sorry,I just had to say it.

    • Meghan Courtright

      Lol I get that a lot since I changed my profile picture. I think it’s funny. :-)

  • Alvaro Centeno

    This makes me so ANGRY! This doesn’t even make any sense!

  • Andrea Corinne Braddock

    Well I think he ought to spend a little more time working on masking Nigeria less of a third world rapist hell hole than telling strangers what to do

  • Sierra Bradley

    I once used a twinkie, a quarter, and a piece of dental floss the prove the earth is actually made of toasters….same concept really. Fucking moron. A real scientist wouldn’t use magnets as representation of human nature.

  • Jennifer Elisee Gobbell


  • Talina Simpson

    Africans used to be some of the realest people that didnt buy into the religious prejudices being ok like slavery. Now they just as brainwash as black americans, a religion that never supported their existence.

  • Mihaela Bozdog

    omg! i think i just discovered the scientific proof that divorce is not only proper, but it’s also god’s will. i used two magnets and i observed that even though the opposite poles attract, you can still separate them! and then i had a couple of more magnets that got stuck to the initial ‘couple’ and this is my scientific breakthrough that polygamy is what god intended in the first place! i believe god gave me the wisdom. amen brothers and sisters!!!!

  • Matthew Bessell

    Gurl PLEASE!

  • Arthur B Raleigh

    Oh, lord. Did he see it in the lungs of an eel?

  • Tori Ferrante

    Leah Ferrante

  • Jan Camoro

    OMG! their school are teaching idiots..

  • Leon Botes

    It is better not to respond to such nonsense !!!

  • Gina Greatens

    Didn’t even bother reading any further than the headline – time is too precious to squander on the likes of this…

  • Barbara O’Bannon


  • Leia Rowan Kelly

    This guy is a moron!!!

  • Sean Sweeney

    I may or may not have laughed out loud at the concept of using magnets to provide a theory of human chemical and biological makeup. Pure genius.

  • Marie Moriarty-Puggi


  • Chip Bell

    Really??? Everyone knows this about magnets it is no discovery! Idiot!

  • Anissa Dorsey

    Fuck you Africa and Russia. Two giant areas of hate, weak men and dumbasses.

  • Vincent Pardue

    This young man didn’t discover scientific *proof* that homosexuality is against nature, he used magnets to demonstrate a homo/trans*-phobic analogy to justify the oppression, abuse, & criminalization of LGBQTI people & families. He doesn’t deserve a humanitarian award.

  • Richard Ortiz

    what is the name of the clown?

  • Susan Shipman

    I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting his findings to be magnets. MAGNETS.

  • La Patryshya TheQueen

    What a wast of tuition fees even if his overall tuitions were $2. It’s still a major waist of tuition fees to be spent on this guy.

  • Jason Cutler

    Finally scientific proof that Gay Marriage is WRONG! Wait… All he did was play with magnets to prove this? Hold up brother man, I did oh-so-many experiments myself regarding this and they just so happened to also include the ‘south pole’. My hypothesis was that homosexuality was ‘right’. It was only after many many exhausting ‘experiments’ that I came to the conclusion that homosexuality is ‘right’. Though I am confident in my scientific results thus far, I continue to experiment these theories, of course… in the name of science. It is with this scientific data that I must proclaim “Gay Marriage is RIGHT IN THE INTEREST OF EQUALITY” therefore trumping your theorem All Mighty Scientist Student, whose name I cannot even begin to pronounce. (**Side Note** Your studies only provided proof that you are indeed, a bigot)

  • Brittany Pyatt

    Nobel Prize? Really? Pretty sure magnets repelling each other is not a break through or in any way related to same sex anything.

  • Lubhyati Carminem

    i can’t get the fact that they are homophobic,sounds like they are “allegedly” against the things they think is immoral but fact is most of the guys there are adulterers and perverts,just like what my nigerian professor confessed when i was still in my 2nd year in college,that is why my prof. preferred to settle in another place not in his native land coz he himself admits that it will not be good for his family to live there. not to sound racist but that is the truth. He even told us that his nigerian friend told him if that guy could borrow his wife just for one night. So what now nigeria,homosexuality is immoral but being an adulterer or a pervert is perfectly fine? hilarious!!

  • Jorge Juarez

    Boy! This student is a fucking retard! Actually, that’s not fair. Calling this Nigerian student a retard would be an insult to retards.

  • Ed Feraco

    Nigeria holds the award for the most ignorant people in a nation.

  • Andy Manor

    Pseudoscience at it’s finest.

  • Shannon Judisky

    How can someone so smart be so stupid?

  • Callum Daniel Purvis

    He seems to assume biology and physics are the same and that magnets being repelled proves homosexual attraction is non existent, when it clearly exists, it has nothing to do with marriage, his very use of vocabulary proves he is biased and non-scientific.

  • Robert Seletsky

    I still think this is from “The Onion.”

  • Mark Wise

    HE IS GAY!

  • Brian Gregory

    Wow, so a scientific truth that’s been known for literally hundreds of years is now suddenly proof that an UNRELATED aspect of life is morally wrong?

  • Britney Stanley


  • Adair Author

    guess wot mate…. I’m NOT a magnet but a human being …. funny that eh!

  • Callum Daniel Purvis

    of course gay magnets wouldn’t work front to front, one of them has to turn around.

    • Mello Keehl

      So much win!

    • Maria G. Ladymaga Garcia


  • Valimont Vaughn

    I’ve discovered that marriage is wrong just by looking at how high the divorce rate is in America!

  • MrdrprofessorChristian Richard Ryle

    it has been proven scienctifically to be natral and right and though natural observation of wire life so he can

  • Sidon Emanuel

    Fuck him!

  • Sandy Van Domelen

    This is a true idiot! He’s definitely no Christian as his a bigot! (Jesus doesn’t like bigots.)

  • Dan Josefy

    This is why his country is going, going, gone to shit. Besides, look at her.

  • Jordan Alexander Cascio

    This made me laugh so hard.

  • Chris Armstrong

    I am gaping for the sake of this country that this is not an example of one of the “educated” individuals. Maybe I could play with some marbles and become president there.

  • Katie Townsend Branch

    My lesbianism is like a magnet to all the chicks ;)… Poof!! Now put me in an article!!

    • Dana Schlafke

      thank you for causing me to cough juice out of my nose, thank the gods my phone is waterproof xD

    • Taisha Hudson

      This is a good one.

    • Julie Urtz

      Was thinking the same :D

    • Katie Townsend Branch

      You’re very welcome!

  • Joshua Sanchez

    what is he going to do next? discover that fire is hot?

  • Emanuel Gregory

    he can take that ‘scientific proof’ and shove it up his…..

  • Donald Jude Breaux

    All that he “proved” was is lunacy!

  • Brian Jens Whitecalf

    You shouldn’t have even given this article any coverage , it’s all flawed and it doesn’t help the cause of equality. “promote what you love not what haters say”

  • Bruce Brown

    Seriously? This is the state of science in Nigeria? Magnets? ROFLMFAO

  • Moni Robertson


  • Vernon Welschmeyer

    He’s not a bigot, he’s an idiot! He clearly needs to swallow those magnets to test the theory if he’ll shit them out at the same time.

  • Maxx Huftel

    So it took him a very long time to learn how magnets work and he already thinks he knows what is right and wrong with gay marriage? I don’t see what magnets have to do with marriage anyways considering objects dont have feelings like actually living, breathing people. What he should study if he wants to talk about gay marriage or any marriage for that matter is what true love is and how it affects the people in love. Love is love.

  • Paula Jaruf

    is he really comparing me to a magnet? O_O hahahahaha

  • Anthony Boussie

    LOL this is obviously satire.

  • Mark Neil Silber

    What??? … ummm … okay … whatever.

  • Bonnie Severns

    ha ha ha

  • Jonathan Sheward

    I thought it was that reddish brown liquid that proved it. This theory is laughable but it is tragic for our lbgt brothers and sisters in Africa that are in constant threat of imprisonment, death or hiding their true feelings. And BTW the guy does look a little gay to me. I think she doth protest too much (way too much).

  • Troy Godfrey

    . . . and I can prove that he is scientifically insane . . . he has Jekyll and Hyde Complex !!!

  • Lori Leavene Orscheln

    Lord, when will the idiocy end?!!

  • Prince Thomas

    and ive discored , he looks like a closeted gay with that outfit ..tighten up

  • Mar Castillo

    I’m a chick magnet too…My side of my gay magnet repels men…

  • Lindie PinkFreakdixiechick Bryant

    if 1,500 animal species are found to have homosexuality in them and yet there is only 1 species that has homophobia what does that say really?

  • A.C. Williams

    (voice of a Haitian) OMG Bob Marley has done it again…That in his hand is the ULTIMATE BONG…. He is so high, he doesnt even understand the words coming out of his mouth…

  • Bruce Brown

    I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for a Nobel prize for this one. LMAO PMSL

  • Ralph Vendegna

    Brain dead.

  • Antonio Paulo Nucci

    Lol. Can’t wait until the material behind this “breakthrough study” is peer reviewed.

  • Philip M Katcher

    from a country KNOWN world wide for GREAT RESEARCH

  • Shane Hopkins

    I have discovered “scientific proof” that over 75% of all discovered scientific proof is made up…

  • David Beck

    This douchebag makes as much sense as pissing into the wind.

  • Moira Morgan Blair

    He says that he hopes to win the Nobel Prize. I don’t think there is a Nobel Prize for Stupidity.

  • Kelsang Drime

    The fact that this “scientist” is being given a “voice” is disgusting in itself. Beyond that the man is just another idiot…

  • Jynna Galindo

    What a joke!!!! And he calls him self a scientist???? Ha ha ha what a wast of an article and people’s time in reading non scenes like this

  • Justice Leo

    this monkey is a goof

  • Leonard Smith

    This guy must be right, He’s wearing a lab coat and holding a beaker.

  • Jessica Statton

    If being gay is a choice, why don’t you just choose not to???

  • Bella Kortlang

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all.

  • Carmen Stone

    ok am i missing something here…hes using magnets that have NO human emotion whatsoever for this childs play experiment? AND he wants a nobel peace prize to go with it? give me a break!

  • Danna Schow


  • Kaylonna Call

    We are people not magnets. Do magnets have feelings? Last time I check the are inanimate objects. Completely umcomparabe to humans.

  • Neal Upright

    in other news he can’t actually read

  • Louise Taitz

    Ok – so Nobel prize goes to … Not this genius

  • David Beck

    Next he will say cottage cheese comes from the thighs of obese people.

  • Julius Watters

    He is more closer to solve the hypothesis on why stupid people shouldn’t breed, he should research why his mother and father had him and realize that stupid people shouldn’t breed!!!!!

  • Montana Heater

    but…but guys….i did a science!

  • William Blankenship

    Love is natural science as God makes us! This Nigerian post-graduate is ignorant!

  • Marylou Moore

    What a complete idiot this guy is! North and south poles? Really? That’s what they call science? LOL! I’m sorry but from the looks of his lab jacket and prissy holding of his phallic little beaker, I’m thinking he might just be trying to figure out his own yearnings. Go on sister scientist! Work it! LOL

  • Irv Englander

    This says quite a lot about the University of Lagos!

  • Troy Hawkins

    He should be thrown out of the scientific community

  • Touche’ Corona

    LMAO!!!! I swear, people are seriously losing their fucking minds!!!! :O

  • Paige Kermeen

    Amahala is nuts . He must have got his science degree out of a weet-bix box. as far as Nobel Prize he shouldn’t even dream about it. wonder also, if he is part of any of those Nigerian internet email scam’s

  • Bruce Brown

    I think it’s more pathetic than anything else. He is a post graduate student. I can only imagine what morons the undergrads are . Hope he doesn’t try to publish his findings in an international peer reviewed journal.

  • Starr Johnson

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read this week!

  • Sean Miller

    Lol he won’t be getting the Nobel Prize for that dumbass “discovery”.

  • Paul Girard

    On va lui donner le prix Nobel…de la betise humaine….

  • Jb Quemado

    Nobel prize?seriously?

  • Gay Little Lucario

    I can’t even call this pseudoscience because at least that has some basis in reality!

  • Jeramy Mohler


  • Roger Dodger

    Africa is barbaric

  • Brian JC Kneeland

    When you begin with the conclusion and work backwards you can prove anything. I predict he will next prove the earth is flat!

    • Dana Schlafke

      don’t forget, not only is the earth really flat but it is also the celestial body that all other planets revolve around

  • Bruce Brown

    Wait. He got awards in his country. Can you imagine the caliber of the competition? His latest discovery is that water is wet.

  • Natalie Pardo

    This actually made me laugh….people are unbelievable!

  • Steven Adam Lifson

    Is he really posing with a beaker? Give me a break.

  • Stanley M. Fried

    It’s apparent he’s not familiar with bi-polarity.

  • Laurie Fraga Quinlan

    He makes me look like a genius.

  • Manuel Diaz

    The Bible and some Christians have supported slavery. So this Nigerian student should first disprove this proposition.

  • Ryan Pope

    Next thing you know he will tell me…I won the lottery and need to pay to ship the money…

  • Hayden Pratt

    Nigeria has up to date information…..?

  • Nathan Narkotix

    you went full retard man; you never go full retard

  • Robert Oldfoxbob Hersh-Geer

    Well that country can kiss off getting a Noble price for Science any time in the future.

  • Diana E Cruz

    what a crock of crap

  • Matthew Marc Levesque

    I HAVE NEVER HEARD SOMETHING MORE STUPID IN MY LIFE HAHA. I literally laughed out loud when I read the article. Is this student serious? Everyone knows magnets repel each other….. hm maybe because THEY DON”T HAVE HEARTS? Plus, using the magnet as an example is NOTHING more than an a metaphor. I seriously believe the people who ACTUALLY take his word for granted are very much in denial that homosexuality is a real thing, or they’re just completely ignorant. Come back to 2013, honies.

  • Shawn Pilgrim

    lol funny how Nigerian students are so fucking stupid.

  • Harel Papikian

    Men and women carry both masculine and feminine within them. Human psyche is much more fluid and complex than a magnet.
    And using ideological science to justify oppression and abuse of a minority is Nazism.

  • Manuel Leon

    I have scientific proof that
    He can kiss my ass

  • Chris McCawley


  • John A. Leopard

    This guy is an idiot.

  • Bruce Brown

    @Ryan Pope, that comment had me rolling.

  • Gandara Gallishaw

    Wait so he just learned that opposite magnetic poles attract and same magnetic pole repel? I feel like he may need to go back to elementary school since I learned that in first grade. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve read.

  • Henaleh Enirehtak Melas

    Because magnets are people

  • Michael J. Waters

    Wow this make the gay ring thing seem not so stupid now. Lmfao..

  • Therese Bjørnaas

    he hopes to win a nobel prize for his discovery! wow!

  • Bruce Brown

    @Gandara, he won awards and is in post grad school. This is his brilliant discovery. Kind of scary isn’t it?

  • Patty StGermaine

    What is he on? Drugs.

  • Geordi Demorest

    I swear I got dumber by just reading this article… wow just wow… human stupidity really knows no bounds…

  • Maria Lorange

    OH I think he needs to take a good long look in a mirror!

  • Cyraneau de Beargerac

    Nigerian, please! LMAO

  • Shaquille Blackstock

    Yeah, human attraction and magnetism are totally different concepts. Seems like he took the saying “chemistry” too literally. Gayness happens in animals, they don’t give two fucks about Nigeria or science haha.

  • Kiann Benish

    I read the comments first. Then i decided to read the article. I think i need to go read some dictionary to recover the brain cells i lost. I did need a good laugh though!

  • Tammy Musgrove

    ROFL!!! I really thought this was satire at first. Good god, is there ANYthing that comes out of that country that’s worth a damn?

  • Yasir Latif Ali Khan

    Go Fuck yourself…

  • Connor Rivera

    Hey Kony man, you forgot one.

  • Jeff Levy

    hay douche bag Chibuihem Amalaha, your fake bible also says that your God gave ALL green Plants for FOOD..
    So, are you going to Eat Hemlock, Poison Ivy how about your lawn?

    Hay I can debunk your claims right now about your {north and south poles of two magnets are attracted to each other, while the same poles repel each other.} {He concludes that this discovery proves that “man cannot attract another man because they are the same} and I’m NOT a scientist…
    I am Attracted to other MEN other MEN are Attracted to ME.
    My pole and his pole is attracted they RAISE when we make LOVE.. well before we even start to make HOT sweet Passionate LOVE…

    oh and you don’t know your fake bible to good
    {{Sodom and Gomora were destroyed by God because they were into gay practice}}
    WRONG .. it was destroyed in the Bible because of GREED, not helping the POOR, worshiping an false idol AKA had ZERO to do with Homosexuality…

    here is your Nobel prize GOOGLE this to get your Nobel prize {Dee Dee Dee song} if the link doesn’t work..

  • Bruce Brown

    Well thanks all. I had a few good laughs. This made my night.

  • Tiffany O’Dell

    Nothing like some kindergarten science…

  • Christopher Grummel

    Dear Mr. Chibuihem Amalaha, I AM NOT A MAGNET! thanks!! WOWWEEE!

  • Lois Kobb

    This CANNOT be for real. Even in Nigeria, people can’t be that stupid.

  • Zane Zirkle


  • Pamela Willis

    No wonder that country is a stupid shit hole……..

  • Ralph Rynes

    Yeah. Lots of luck with the Nobel prize on that one, dumb ass.

  • Erika Hale

    I hope he gives up on his “scientist” career..

  • Forrest Cook

    And every thinking person reading this article has discovered this Nigerian “post-graduate student” (from what? elementary school??) is pretty much an idiot. Which also speaks volumes about the toilet paper degrees they hand out. This is one of the most ridiculous stories I’ve ever read.

  • Jon Whitney

    surely, this must be “satire”…

  • Kleopatraz Ptolemeuszy

    There is no a sense to spread such stupidity.

  • Cody Adonis

    Because magnets repel homosexuality is wrong? This is a new brand of blatant stupidity.

  • Alaaniel AngelicDiamond

    If I were his mama, I’d slap the black off his face so hard it’d warp through time and space to slap him again.

  • Sonu Karthik

    The point that I do not understand why he look like a MONKEY OR APE .. is there any theory based on that let him discoveron that fuck .. the rule that *he* based on the physics and he claims the LGBT life is based on that FUCK REPELS AND ATTRACTIONS ETC ON NORTH AND SOUTH POLE THEORY that we all studied. Dondapati Christy Rose Kiran Paul Ravi John Balabadra Raja Singireddy Ravi Raj Anbudan Raaj

  • LindaMarie Linkhauer

    one day win a Nobel prize for his discovery. ?
    He’s got a long way to go !!!! Magnets feel NO LOVE ! Humans Do !

  • Sara Streisand

    Really??? How amusing!

  • Kyra Lavoie

    ….. This isn’t science… It’s human nature p

  • Ken Spragg

    My own first instinct is to jump on the “what a fucktard” bandwagon, too, but… if he’s a physicist with any awards for his work, I don’t think it’s safe to simply assume he’s stupid. Frankly a lot of the scorn directed at him sounds tinged with racism– “oh, he’s from Nigeria, what do *they* know?” As though there are no smart people in a whole country?

    Frankly, I can’t help thinking that the argument he’s put forward is *so* absurd and so UN-scientific that I can only imagine it being offered half-heartedly by any half-way decent scientist. So I wonder if he’s sincere, or if– alternatively– maybe he was bribed or coerced? Suppose his work isn’t well-funded, and either some bigot– maybe some preacher with a full collection plate, or some politician with influence over his government grants– comes along offering him money to lend some veneer of scientific legitimacy to their backwards anti-gay moralizing.

    Don’t mistake this for some apology for him. It isn’t. But I do think we should at least consider the possibility that– anti-gay, ambivalent, indifferent, or even closeted himself– he isn’t putting this dumb-sounding bullshit out there out of sincere belief, but because he had a figurative (or maybe even literal) gun to his head. At the very least, we should avoid engaging ourselves, and disavow those who engage in dismissing him as a scientist because of where he’s from or the colour of his skin. Because I’m definitely getting that ‘vibe’ from some of the comments on here.

    • Chris Eaton

      Except that his actual claim is that magnetism “proves” it, and that he expects to win a nobel prize for noting that opposite magnetic poles attract (while identical ones repel) and then applying that to something totally not related.

      I hate to break it to our post-graduate individual here, but if that’s the quality of the science he’s doing, he’d be kicked out of his program here. Physics doesn’t let you say “this does this, therefore this totally unrelated thing should behave the same way because I say so.”

  • William Charles Zenor

    Now be nice he can’t help that the only brain cell he had is dead.

  • Joan Palmer

    Is this in The Onion? If not, it certainly should be there.

  • Kimberly Jewel Dawley

    hahahahaha that’s the funniest thing I have ever heard

  • Aramis Edward Wilson

    :D HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! :D Oh, wait…he’s serious? :D HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! :D

  • James Savik

    a scientific poof

  • Darrell Thompson

    I understand what he’s gathering, but sexual orientation and gender identity is a bit more complex then magnetic poles.

  • Chloe Javier

    laughing all the way over the rainbow

  • Douglas Kovacs

    think he needs to go back to school

  • Brandis Michell Hackney

    No shit Sherlock. BUT those are magnets, NOT people. What a dumb fucking prick. This is seriously the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard of. He should be locked up for being so stupid. He’s obviously dangerous.

  • Jane Thorne-Gutierrez

    Won’t stand up to any scientific scrutiny by real standards of science. He just ver y confused and this isn’t proof of anything other than he sucks at science.

  • Fred Phelix

    what a f—-ing moron

  • Sherrie Larch

    He is just mixing his crazy religious views and crazy science. What could possibly go wrong there? ;) And when did human beings become magnets or south and north poles? I am completely confused but at least I know I am not the only one, Chibuihem Amalaha is doing a good job himself on confusing science and religion.

  • Cly Johnston

    What a dingleberry.

  • Yanina De Yicauri

    Is more a personal opinion than a “scientific statement”… Lmao! Waste of your time dude

  • Anthony Sepulveda

    LMFAO! He claims to be a scientist? Even more laughable, he hopes to win a Nobel for his “discovery”? Then he references a story in the bible to further back up his scientific “discovery”. What a fool.

  • Kim Scarlet Elric

    I will just put this here……
    I am just dealing with the magnet thing. I am so not touching the fact this is insanely moronic comparison to use when dealing with human sexuality.

  • Salvatoresia Ekine

    Seriously. Can someone get anymore stupid and parochial. Lord, have mercy!

  • Palatial Wear

    I thought Scientist were smart people…….haha..Not anymore. Thanks LGBTQ Nation , for giving me the scientific proof that some Scientist can be DUMB,…REAL DUMB!

  • Rob James

    He’s proven gay marriage is wrong with magnets. And after his experiment he’d like to share a huge fortune he received via email with us! All we have to do is send him our personal info. Absurd? Indeed.

  • LouAnne Thibodeau

    Lmao! And he’s a scientist? Really??? Ha ha ha that’s hilarious!

  • Rob James

    He’s proven gay marriage is wrong with magnets. And after his experiment he’d like to share a huge fortune he received via email with us! All we have to do is send him our personal info.

  • Nathan Humphrey

    Oh Jesus H. Christ! Some people are gay. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!

  • Barbara Kangas

    He has a choice to not marry another man if that’s what he believes

  • Richard W Ontiveros

    OMG, Where did he get his degree in a Cracker Jack box??

  • Mizuki Kurai

    Love isn’t science. Love is love.

  • Margot White

    go back to nigeria and spread the stupidity there

  • Randy Pease

    This crap makes me laugh…and I’m a science researcher at a major university.

  • Richard W Ontiveros

    Don’t tell me Nigeria just learned about magnets!!

  • Vanessa Jimison this is a paper there spreading this bullshit as truth. let em have it!

  • Mizuki Kurai

    “man cannot attract another man because they are the same, and a woman should not attract a woman because they are the same.”

    Me: Since when were couples exactly the same?
    He’s thinking about parts not hearts.
    Magnets don’t have hearts or Minds. How can you compare a nonliving thing with a human who actually has feelings?
    Even animals of the same sex have sexual intercourses! Dumb scientist.

  • Joey Le

    Taoism already prove the kinda physic long time before that fool “discovered scientific proof”. The Taoism n Confucism believe yin and yang as male and female, weak and strong concept. Yin n yang are naturally bounding together at once force. This teaching has been mixed with Chinese philosophy and science such as in Chinese medicine practices. But in the end, both faiths accepted homosexuality. This Nigerian student is the copy cat, the opposite one.

  • Gary Crouse

    And they’ll give him a diploma. Maybe I should go there, I could get a doctorate.

  • Heidi Connolly

    What a pile of shit,….I’m speechless at his stupidity xx

  • Erik Howden

    And I’ve discovered that global warming exists now because there are less pirates in the world today than there were in the past!

  • Allyson Nicole Anderson Biggs

    what a idiot

  • Þiotr Mota


  • Jenna Banister

    This guy is as dumb as a fucking stick!!! Nobel prize my ass!!! He needs a big Nigerian cock up his ass!!!

  • Mizuki Kurai

    More lame excuses.

  • Michael Vogt

    This crap is worth printing?

  • Þiotr Mota

    I think it’s satire.

  • Amanda Meth


  • Natasha N M Clark

    In the words of Rick James, “Cocaine is a helluva drug!” O.o

  • Lu Nagle

    Somebody should have told the student that gay people have been around sence the dawn of mankind…

  • Joey Le

    Do we know that all fetuses in the wombs are females? In an interview for the Rediscovering Biology website,[6] researcher Eric Vilain described how the paradigm changed since the discovery of the SRY gene:
    “For a long time we thought that SRY would activate a cascade of male genes. It turns out that the sex determination pathway is probably more complicated and SRY may in fact inhibit some anti-male genes.
    The idea is instead of having a simplistic mechanism by which you have pro-male genes going all the way to make a male, in fact there is a solid balance between pro-male genes and anti-male genes and if there is a little too much of anti-male genes, there may be a female born and if there is a little too much of pro-male genes then there will be a male born.
    We [are] entering this new era in molecular biology of sex determination where it’s a more subtle dosage of genes, some pro-males, some pro-females, some anti-males, some anti-females that all interplay with each other rather than a simple linear pathway of genes going one after the other, which makes it very fascinating but very complicated to study.” Simply gay babies have too much XX or YY genes. Now, that is scientific fact.

  • Linda Cline de Masi

    Hey dude…people are not magnets…..and you are one odd thinker man…not scientist..doh

  • Meesh Kachian

    a scientist that talks about god can not be a scientist…

  • Christie Woemmel-Meister

    seriously? a nobel prize for using something prediscovered as a symbol to try to prove that equality is wrong?? this guy is on drugs….

  • Winter Broadfoot-Hart

    u should see the bruises from #facepalm

  • Mary Duff

    Bull shit!

  • Ronnie Brokaw

    I just puked in my mouth a little.

  • Tom Birmingham
  • Mark McIntyre

    If this is what a “Nigerian” university is graduating as a competent student, we should all be very afraid….

  • Stephanie Birck

    This is ridiculous. I can’t believe anyone would believe this.

  • Haven Winn


  • Reed Russell

    Who gives a fuck what he says?

  • Jc Rodriguez

    I discovered scientific proof that some humans are really stupid… how about that???

  • Jack Valentine

    Yeah totally makes sense……………. because you know the human body is made like a magnet………… o_0

  • Toni Wallace

    why woulda wanna its law now duffer

  • Georgina Bevins

    “Proof”? Fucking idiot..

  • Chris Martinez

    He looks very gay himself…

  • Katharyn Petties

    While the entire idea is ludicrous and unsubstantiated, we 1st world country people really just might want to think about how harshly we judge the education and information coming out of some or perhaps all 3rd world countries. Nigeria is remote, widely populated by deathly poor people, has no mandated or standardized education system, and has an incredible host of other issues going on that often prevents seemingly basic concepts for us, to go unnoticed by many people not as lucky to receive our educations.
    the blatant disrespect and outright hatred expressed by so many in this thread makes me angry and sad.

  • Weston James

    …………….what did i just read? is this real life?

  • Katharyn Petties

    Chris Martinez what does gay “look” like?

  • Dale Diesel

    He’s gay.

  • Toni Wallace

    waste of student fees i have scienific proof that you can get science to back anything its just like the polls

  • Tom Klimczyk

    I’ve just discovered Nigerian science is bullshit.

  • Shane Slack

    I like this because its dumb, including the picture.

  • Jeni Merritt Watkins

    That is the dumbest thing I think I have ever heard!

  • Eitlena Garcia

    I cannot believe this was actually published anywhere besides the Westboro Baptist Church site…utterly and completely ridiculous

  • Lauren Ashley Peet

    How can you be so educated and intelligent to propose ideas to end an energy crisis and still be such a bigoted imbecile?

  • Rose Patterson

    This is from the Onion. Stop taking it so seriously.

  • Peggy Swan


  • Ariela Goldman


  • David W Price

    this is the most absurd thing I have heard; we are not talking about magnetic fields we are talking about a practice that is observed by real scientist on most species on the planet. The audacity that someone would contrive to deceive others by over simplification and neglecting the facts of biological evidence, as well as studies in neuroscience. I have one prejudice and that is ignorance in any form. To think that they feel that they deserve a noble prize for this rubbish.

  • Christian Rendon

    Garbage idiot. Seriously is this what they teach over there Hate 101?

  • Ashley Katelyn Ambrozaitis

    Poor soul. Letting the American Christian Missionaries get to him. ><

  • Terry Barns


  • Darin Wilson

    what the ?????

  • Aramis Edward Wilson

    Okay…so he did a 4th grade science experiment involving MAGNETS – not biology, not sociology, not political sciences, not even theology! He based his entire thesis on MAGNETS! Goddess bless! At least base it on Astrology! LOL!!! SOMETHING!!! Magnets!? Okay…so…to reiterate my previous post: :D HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! :D Oh, wait…he’s serious? :D HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! :D

  • Melodie Lapot

    that doesn’t even make sense.

  • Dc Evans-Neiderer

    Hmmm…you’re wrong…but don’t give up. Intro To Science 101 is hard for some people. It’s okay…you’re a 3rd world idiot all the same!

  • Zio Nocsg de Janeiro


  • Don Green

    o. m. g.

  • Terrence Kane

    this is bull shit

  • Ivanhoe Vargas

    Oh, who cares what one deluded Nigerian thinks. Let him think and talk whatever he wants. He’s a fool.

  • Lily Jane Jansen

    most probably he is a offspring from a gay couple and he couldn’t accept that

  • Homofacists are out of control

    he’s right!

  • Sarah Arndt

    A scientist… who believes in god… *sigh*

  • Bane Brady

    So how would he explain the prevalence of homosexuality in the animal kingdom? Animals act on natural instinct,only humans have the ability to reason and think. Ugh…

  • Star Noble

    Wow that guy is dumber than a board. And unaware of the fact we’ve known about magnetism for centuries.

  • Nikki Oringderff

    Wow, this is really stupid!

  • Bane Brady

    Dont be surprised scientist believe in god, some were always believers and some became believers because of the human genome project. DNA is said to be the language of god like binary digits to a computer.

  • Ryan Holland

    hmmmm..I would like to point out that in Science they have discovered many species of life that have homosexual tendencies, why is it that the human race is the only species to have a real problem with homosexuality? This makes no sense to me and another question for said ” Mr. Scientist”..If opposites attract then aren’t all men attracted to women and why aren’t all women attracted to men?..hmmm…oh that’s right because we are born this way and it’s natural so ” Mr.Scientist” why don’t you take your stupid, bigoted self and fall o the edge of the “Flat Earth!”

  • Liegh DeBose

    Someone needs to get a refund.

  • Caroline Robinson-Jones

    if he is truly a scientist then why is he quoting the Bible ????? xxx

  • Dylan Howell

    First off, didn’t everyone make this “discovery” with the magnets in their 3rd grade class? Second, the fact that he somehow thought to tie the figurative attraction of people and the actual magnetism of his experiment together as indisputable evidence to back bigotry makes my brain hurt more than I could possibly say.

  • Warren Peace

    This is what happens when you teach people about magnets at university instead of grade school

  • Mike D’Antonio

    See…. Nigerians DO have a sense of humor!

  • Niko Chaffin

    I sit here and laugh at him

  • Doug Williams

    Really? That’s the proof? -_- *face palm

  • Marco Stevanin

    Do they have schools in Nigeria?

  • Mallory E. McLaren

    Yes and he went immediately home from his witch doctor scam “lab” to go scam some old Americans. Look at him, he is trash. Look at that lecherous smile. You gotta be kidding me.

  • Dorkus Amongus

    GIVE….IT….UP!!!! and get O V E R it!!

  • CeeJai Supaman Slaton


  • Dorkus Amongus


  • Justin Kerry

    Str8 ppl are hilarious ^.^

  • Dylan Howell

    Ooh! Ooh! I have an experiment that proves everyone should be gay: Pour oil and water into a glass. Boom! Gimme my Nobel Prize! PS: Neutrons are bi.

  • Aj Boyle

    wow I didn’t know that we we’re actually magnets instead human beings. wow he’s outstanding with his ridiculous theory

  • Navin Kumar

    North and south are arbitrary though, if you change the stickers then they can. Technically there are 3 charges +ve, -ve and neutral, yet we cannot comprehend a neutral charge. but it is still a charge as there is an antineutron. so erm this guy is an idiot

  • Taryn Gibbons

    i’m guessing we can all be glad he’s not a biologist. that whole homosexual behavior in nature would throw him.

  • Anthony Eritano

    Well.. I have scientific proof that gays can marry and be together. Look at water and oil. The basis of hydrophobicity and polarity in biology is that LIKE IS ALWAYS WITH LIKE. so I have proven biologically and organically that gays should marry. HA! fucking magnets.. how do they work?

  • Frîes Nàá

    People like this on the planet makes my IQ go down.

  • Rét Xì

    How can he even RELATES the two completely different things together and still calls himself scientist? I wonder what they have been teaching him in Nigerian -_-

  • Ryan Gallagher

    this is a joke.

  • Tímea Horváthová

    isn´t he talking about God again? -_- well, every person who says that lesbianism and gay marriage is wrong is christian or something like this.

  • Randy Jamison

    All these people in Nigeria know is war, and hate. It’s all they will ever know. I suggest that we ignore this crap, and go on with our lives.

  • Keith RocktheBoat Westerman

    This is actually comical.

  • Sage Sennett

    Good if they have college there keep em there!…snobbish and act like they own the school here…if Nigeria is so great wtf they doing over here!

  • Diane Cacciato

    Wow. That’s not much of a leap….

  • Dena Brue

    Ummm… ok.. lol

  • Barbarah S Toth

    Someone is playing around with junk science and making a fool of himself in the process.

  • Shawn Eric Nutt

    Now this is gonna be an interesting read. I haven’t ready the article yet… but I bet it’s full of comedic laughs and utter bullshit. Plus I just wanna see the actual scientific results and question this guys credibility.

    • Shawn Eric Nutt

      A Magnet experiment??? If you guys cant see me good… I am laughing my ass off now. If it is true and we are compared to magnets…. then I am Spartacus. Hahaha…. this guy is such a queefbag… hahaha

  • Craig Brown

    If magnets didn’t repel, this world would not function, motors wouldn’t work, it would be chaos.
    If idiotic hypothesis such as Chibuihem Amalaha’s didn’t repel, then we would indeed be living in a world of idiots.

  • Remi V Erwin

    He hopes to one day win a nobel prize? Really? Wow! I can’t even laugh at him, unfortunately because his ignorant ‘proof’ is going to be used to oppress the LGBTQ community in Nigeria even more.

  • James Anıl

    OMGG i cant find a word to say i want all world to yell İDİOT ASSHOLE in the same time at his fucking face

  • Gerald Gauthier

    i found proof that inter-racial marriage is wrong…

  • SeaJay CamMan ViLer

    >:o ROFL!

  • James R Hubbard Jr

    What a DICKHEAD you CANT Stop it We Are BORN with it so No Scientific Breakthrough thats going to STOP US

  • Micheal Collins

    Oh, that’s so cute. He’s playing scientist.

  • Allan Jeff Calderini Castro

    Impostor,Ignorant,and epic fail.

  • Jeniffer Mendiola

    Put the magnets down, pass the blunt you’ve had a little too much.

  • Bob E Thomas

    Holy Crap! It all makes sense now. Better stop being myself.

  • Joseph Misseri

    shit for brains

  • Eunice Cross

    It’s pretty funny, but it’s also true that there is a lot of evidence in nature that homosexuality is wrong.

  • Michael Gilstrap

    *scratches head*

  • Jo Tallchief

    omg, ha ha ha – no, really, is this from The Onion? Because it definitely sounds like one of their lulzy articles. Sure – better get that ticket to Stockholm :)

  • Jack Ryan

    so helpful

  • Ivan Pineda

    sodom and gomorrah were destroyed for eating human meat in some versions …… and the version my grandmother passed on to me was for that those cities were destroyed for being mean to old people………………….. assuming the tales are real.

  • Judy Chun

    Yeah right!

  • Daniel Alvarado

    this idiot need to realize magnets are not people magnets do not control who you are attracted to

  • Anthony Weaver

    more scientific proof the strongest of headache relievers cant help me fathom his fucking stupidity

  • John Adams


  • Michael Jackson

    Never underestimate the power of evangelical ignorance to pollute scientific inquiry. The above idiot has proven nothing. Humans are not “magnets”. Human emotions are not “magnetic”. They are God-given gifts of grace and the ability to love another with intimate, loving emotion is the greatest gift of all. Look for the above asshole to become a new hero for the christians to continue their hateful campaign against LGBTQ people. However, I am confident a Nobel prize is not in the above idiots future!

  • Sue LeRoy

    The only thing this guy is interested in besides himself…is perpetuating lies!!!

  • Randell David Fleet

    Isn’t that the place where they just murder people for fun.?

  • Pam Spencer

    A radical religious US wingnut spreading his hate and discontent to Africa. So sad

  • George Alejandro Amaya

    Fucking idiot?! The temptation of a racist comment is overwhelming but il be the better man……

  • D.j. Lucero

    Now just forward him your bank account info and he’ll help you with his Nigerian prince buddy. What a load of tripe. I can’t believe that this passes for “science” in Africa. I’m pretty sure in kindergarten we learned that magnets with the same pole do not attract. However, humans aren’t magnets, magnets don’t emote.. Just proves him wrong…now where’s MY Nobel prize? Idiot.

  • Kelly La Morge

    He has three other “proofs” that are completely laughable and a junior high student, even younger, could point out the flaws in them all.

    In this one discussed, could be argued that he “proved” 69′ing is the natural way whih to copulate.

    The math one I’ve seen suggests the natural way is to copulate with your carbon copy, throwing gender and proven reproductive processes out the window.

    All he’s proven is his stupidity.

  • Rhiannon Ramsey

    This, must be joke… I hope this article was a joke, please tell me someone is not this ignorant. Smh

  • Guilherme Guizin Carvalho

    Are you serious? He proved same sex marriage is wrong using… magnets? oh boy.

  • Nikki Darling

    Give me a break Nigerian student!

  • Marshall Pease

    What a f**king moron….

  • Denis-Alain Grenon

    omg what about the bible lol i can scientificaly dissprove that lol

  • Catherine Rose Miles


  • Alexander Cowan

    I thought this was from The Onion at first. Wow. Someone can be that fucking stupid. #itsreal

  • Aldo Dos Santos

    Surely he’s gay, frustrated and alone, who couldnt marry and now insted using his inteligence to solve problems from his country, he’s attacking gays around the world with this criminous study… People need to stop this! Stop pooving unproof things!

  • Lynne Miller

    funny, i knew that about magnets and never made that connection. how about you?

  • Aldo Dos Santos

    Maybe his neurons are gay haha

  • SuperSam Longworth

    What utter bollox!!

  • Rob Montague

    If this is what passes for science in Nigeria today, the country is in bigger trouble than I thought! And it’s already a country with big trouble!

  • Candace Sweet

    what a tard, really? we learn about magnets in grade school, I am not a magnet, just human. lol

  • Kenneth Keeton

    Ya, well I found that Nigerian’s generally lack the humanity to see people for who they are and accept them as they are. I call that closed minded and a science should never be closed minded so I would give this student a huge F- grade. Clearly this study he did was flawed from the start with his own formed opinion likely before the study every started. Back to the lab bubba and get your science right. You can not dictate love out of science dumb ass.

  • TJay Marqui

    I wish he could discover there is a sign on his head that read A** any old argument to make it in the news yall should of just not even wrote a story on him

  • Thomas Mrak

    I saw that episode of Family Guy too.

  • Debby Leann Printy

    Because humans totally work the same way magnets do.

  • Ana-Elizabeth Arnao

    Wait…this wasn’t satire? This is real? Oh my sanity…I feel a deep and abiding sorrow that people are genuinely so closed minded and judgmental and afraid.

  • Bob Norman

    He probably also believes that the universe started with a bang, that there used to be just one continent and that all life on earth started in the ocean. What a frigging loon. Those scientist just love to theorize!!!

  • Bertha Alvarez Manninen

    Perhaps a logic course would b beneficial here.

  • Casey Rabbita

    Because you know…human love, attraction, and sexuality are just so simple and straightforward that they can be easily explained and understood with a quick magnet analogy…how dafuq did this asshole become a scientist?

  • Cass Unlovely

    Love’s never wrong

  • Philipp’ Di Phila

    From the country that prosecutes “witches”, opposes vaccinations as “foreign plots” … “studying” the relationship between inanimate objects and humans … then again, he likely bought his “degrees” in that land of corruption.

  • Sean Payne


  • Rachel Frame


  • Ezekiel Raij

    If his theory is true, then humans loving other humans isn’t right or natural, since we are all the same.

  • Jon White

    Tell the Nigger to go fuck!!!

  • Bay Sythe


  • Bill Starr

    Anybody who would believe something this is nothing but an ignorant fool. There is nothing scientific that can prove that homosexuality is wrong. This moron needs reeducated

  • Mark Anthony LeFebvre


  • Balfer Alberto Navarrete

    Jajajaja pobre wey feo xD

  • Lucas Voclère

    He definitely proved that homophobia and stupidity are wrong!

  • Lula Phenix

    excuse me, but what does science have to do with morality? idiot..

  • Brittany Muratalla

    “God gave me wisdom to prove science can prove gay marriage is wrong” =_(
    Idiot u lost all aspects of science as soon as religion came into play.

  • Billy Fairley

    Not only is this guy a living, breathing poster boy for Nigeria’s notoriously dysfunctional government run free college education system, but he is undoubtedly also one of its’ dimmest academic “stars”. Oh, yes, afraid so. 2 + 2 does not = 2.

  • Tim Sims

    Seeing how ya’ all have so many kids ya can not feed…throwing some homo’s into the mix might not be a bad idea!…really now we are north and south poles…wow…Well aleast i got a laugh!

  • William Alexander

    And yet the world is overpopulated with homeless children and yet the gays are reducing that overpopulation. Good job for being retarded scientists.

  • Deb Gayle Kennedy

    How dumb! This isn’t new. The fact that he “discovered” about magnets has been known for CENTURIES, & has absolutely NOTHING to do with people’s sexuality. All this proves is that there are idiots in the scientific community as well as in the general population!!!

  • Marian Earley

    One word, fool

  • William Alexander

    This scientist is just slow on the knowledge and needs brain surgery for that narrow mind of his.

  • Kim B Catano

    THis isn’t even scientific. Maybe all marriage is wrong – straight marriage leads to overpopulation and kills the planet. (I’m kidding but really this is ridiculous- how can you call yourself a scientist?

  • Kim B Catano

    Plus MAGNETS aren’t PEOPLE- DUH!

  • Dorothy T. Murphy

    Vodka mixes really well with more vodka. Can i call myself a scientist now ?

  • Charles Begley


  • Neil J Nicholson

    There have been GAY people since the beginning of time, look in the bible. It sounds like he was just trying to get a good grade and not providing the facts. Doesn’t he know what science and history is?

  • Erzsi K. Yürekli

    i just found out and did not have to scientifically find that this man and others are complete morons

  • Amber Solaen

    But currently on the Earth magnetite supports a magnetic charge with two poles. It wont always support this charge and the charge will even change direction from time to time over the course of the Earth’s history. So… is he saying he found proof of bisexuality then? Cause that’s what I’m reading from this instead. Maybe he should learn about magnets first, before coming to a final conclusive analogy.

  • Megan Barton

    This is ridiculous

  • Amy Mystic Shields

    Hmm dumb ass…

  • Zack Kunclrs

    He wants to win a Nobel Prize for playing with magnets?

  • Robyn Christine Clark-Pitt


  • David Young

    Says a lot about Nigerian science education, and their university system. And for those who believe his “proof,” send them to me because I have mountain view property near the Everglades I’d like to sell them!

  • Calvin Smith

    NOPE…Nobel Prize Committee won’t be buying this claim.

  • Brenda Eoff Renard

    That’s the most insane argument against gays that I’ve ever heard. So ridiculous. So stupid. So wrong!

  • Lara Richie

    Lol how clever LMAO

  • Lizzie DeSade

    The homophobes are well beyond the point of grasping at straws.

  • Ermis Derrida

    he’s GAY – a big one!!

  • Rusty Burrell

    If he gets a Nobel Prize, I’m joining the colonization of Mars…

  • Grant Dauzat

    So basically, Nigerians don’t learn the most basic concept of how magnetic polarity works until post-graduate school? WTF? I’m pretty sure I knew that when I was in the 1st grade, like most other normal people.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    You stupid dum African learn how to feed your starving people and stop murdering LBGT people !

  • Christine Amber Ruff

    Nigeria is not exactly a pinnacle of scientific advancement or discovery LOL

    Seriously, what a waste of time. Why not try curing cancer?

  • Mark Lee

    he’s Nigerian you know it’s a scammer

  • Lupi Kun

    Uh, herp? You supposed to be educate… O.o

  • Brian Wolfric Edwards


  • Joseph Bartholomew


  • Krozan Kapali

    We are human belonging to biology not physics. Who is this stupid idiot?? A MAN CAN BE ATTRACTED TO WOMAN. We’ve felt it. If we have to compare human with things then we can also disprove heterosexuality. HOMOSEXUALITY IS TRUE. Stupid student. He should not be even termed as student. Students learn good things but he is claiming false things. this is what called bind belief.

  • Eric Brust

    He must have went to a great school.

  • Raymond Smith

    HAHAHA! :D

    Oh man, I love The Onion! That’s so funn…


    What’s that?


    Oh, FFS… :/

  • Stacey Walker

    Dafuq you say?

  • Justina Sylvester

    Sodom and Gomora wasn’t destroyed because of homosexuality… In the Bible it states that it was a full of sin… I wish ppl would get their facts right and read the word for themselves….

  • Rosalie Maite

    Lol okay….. crazee….

  • Chris W. Luczak

    i have scientific proof the do pile shit that high in Africa

  • Saskia Fanta

    and i’ve discovered that you are a homophobic,stupid coward !!! but it’s not your fault, i know some people on this planet, i guess parts of Nigeria as well, are still living in the Middle ages…i don’t know, if all this shit going on worldwide makes me sick,sad or angry…i do hope those noarrow minded will wake up someday…

  • Dana Hardy

    He is SO WRONG.

  • Kristy Hollaar

    I think I just died laughing because of his stupidity.

  • Pamela Brightman

    Quackery, pure and simple. Take her license away (if she even has one !).

  • Ron Watson

    Since it is a matter of opinion and religious belief, this ought to be good…. and no, i am not even giving it the benefit of a look. Just ate.

  • Nannette Johnstone


  • Maria Grace

    this come from the same place that harbors the brilliant minds that thing raping a nine year old girl cures aids.

  • Jo Hess

    first of all magnets are not people!

  • Synstelien Ben

    He looks so proud of himself, it makes me sick.

  • Donald Meritt

    Must be from the onion. But who knows in to days messed up world. People believe all kinds of stupid shit.

  • Stef Pixie Deveraux


  • Laurel DenHartog

    Oh puhleeze!

  • Trisha Jacobs

    Did Oral Roberts open a branch of its pseudo-school in Nigeria? Sure sounds like it.

  • Scott Maughmer

    Wow did you get an education? You sir are a moron.

  • Carolyn Clenny

    Well that’s ignorant.

  • Sue Storm

    Bull hockey.

  • Wyatt Smith

    The confuses laws of science with the laws of nature. Science can not bend but nature is more abstract. What a simple mind, just like the Westboro Baptists reasoning.

  • Thomas Hogueisson

    Trouble with the boyfriend?

  • Derek Brown

    girl, please

  • Gary D. Miller

    crackpot!!! and an idiot!!!

  • Dawn Thoma Clark

    Fuck off

  • Chris Ritter

    Nuts just nuts.

  • Marianne Saturno


  • Donna K. Ellis

    He hopes to win a Nobel PRIZE for this idiocy? He’s nutz.

  • Mary Grimm

    Oh for crying out loud, give it up already. That is BS!

  • Rose Beyer

    I think this is just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. Can we say….FAIL.

  • Darryl Fore

    This is crazy! I bet the Nigerian government funded this study.

    • Chris Ritter

      A study of two magnets, wonder what the funding was?

  • Fernando Gantier

    jajajja what a idiot!!!!

  • Grace Brooks

    Oh… to laugh or cry? Or is this a joke? It must be surely…

  • Susan Yates

    magnets, similar to poles of the earth which is related to science and evolution and stuff

  • Anne Pikolas

    Seriously, go find a cure for cancer or something and leave us alone!

  • Jacqueline Vasquez

    yea right why cant you work on world hunger figure that out its more inportant

  • Opal Koboi

    well some might say blacks and whites shouldnt marry- why doesnt he find the scientific proof for that???ASSHOLE!!

  • Opal Koboi

    if i hear this shit he shits out of his fucking mouth, i wanna puke.he is living proof why africa is poor, dumb and a third-world country- and always will be.WELL NO “GAY” DONATIONS TO FUCKING AFRICA ANYMORE!!

  • Rob Atkinson

    What a maroon. I don’t know which is worse – comparing human brings to magnets or hoping to win a Nobel prize for discovering that magnets repel each other if you turn one around.

  • Chris Kole

    I ll make sure ,never to visit Nigeria :) what BS !

  • Joe Giancola

    Anything to keep his job

  • Nurse Ratcliffe

    Talk about denial….

  • Lee Ramey

    He’s gay as a goose and dumb as a turkey that would drown in a rainstorm if it looked up. Magnet Schmagnet.

  • Bellis Perennis

    maybe its because I´m german, but it sounds like a dumb Nazi experiment…. replace sexuality with ancestry and Hitler would have liked it!

  • Radu Bradu

    thats why africa cant have nice things…

  • Michele Hotte Geraghty

    You have just got to be kidding!?!

  • JoAnne Castrechino

    How do magnets prove same sex attraction is scientifically wrong? You are comparing two things that are not even remotely connected!!!!

  • Ambar Yadav

    This is the strongest argument put forth by the religious right. That speaks volumes.

  • Kelly Mix

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Looks like a real up to date “lab” they have there in 9th world Nigeria too.

  • Eugene R Nunez

    scientific failure!

  • Trina Indy

    What a dumb f**k

  • Rose Akerman

    he “discovered” that north and south poles of magnets attract? wow… we all “discovered” that in elementary school….

  • Judie Ventura


  • Connielee Lebsack

    quite a stretch there…pfffft

  • Roxie Gray

    lol idiot

  • Doreen Perrine

    And he’s high on whatever’s in the beaker, right?

  • Chris Howard

    I have never laughed so hard in my life, after reading this article.

    The stupidity…

  • Lisa Dugger Ratliff


  • Alicia Carla Simpson

    So he has “scientifically” proven that a purely social element is wrong. How did this fool get into a post-graduate school?

  • Michael Furr

    wait….he thinks he discovered magnets?

  • Wayne Langweil

    BLOW It out your Asss

  • Isabel Lani

    A German Politician, member of the party FDP (Free Democratic Party) claims he knows about scientific proof being gay is coming from upbringing and education. It’s a choice and one’s never bron with it. Fun fact: The FDP leader is openly gay. Yesterday elections for Bavarian government (he’s candidate in conservative Bavaria) took place and FDP lost big time, won’t be part of the new government. DUH asshole!

  • Sam Burton


  • Tyler Benavides

    Ok we are not poles or magnets. Dont base human qualities on scientific law proven hundreds of years ago -.- uneducated asshole

  • Mickey Alan Hampton

    It’s scientifically proven that heterosexuals invented divorce.

  • Mark Kendrick

    Quite amusing.

  • Mark Kendrick

    This was originally an Onion article.

  • Lou Dobi

    On to a career in climatology!!! Alicia – any fool can get into graduate or post-graduate programs. The real brains go into MD, JD and MBA programs.

  • Cheryl Ann Tomlin

    Education money totally wasted!!!

  • Tammie Gail

    Dumb ass…. o.O

  • Carl Bear

    Bazinga is all I have to say!

  • Cerianne Lovell

    prick. and I haven’t even read it.

  • Barbara Jean Garbutt

    now that’s so ste…….. ed it a gen…. in us moreon

  • Kevin Køhler

    Yeah right..

  • Dustin Miller

    He’s not a very good scientist if he believes in god.

  • Angela Montgomery

    excuse me while I ROFL ~

  • Andy Towler

    Oh wow… ¬_¬

  • Mel Pii

    don’t they kill gays in his country? Maybe he should get killed the same for continuing to block real progress! 8D

  • Bernardo Merino

    Just like neo-nazis believed black people didn’t had any chances to be a part of society??! When are we going to learn??!!

  • Helen Harrell

    he didn’t discover magnetism/antimagnetism……………..that was understood centuries ago; and people arent’ magnets!!!

  • Silvia Zelaya

    Seriously?! Dude wants a nobel prize for that?! LAWL

  • Lindsay Hartwell

    Really? A first grade science experiment disproves homosexuality? Well, dang, I’m stumped. I think I’ll just find me a man to spend the rest of my life with.

  • Erlinda Luna Tajan

    may he win the NOBEL prize for PLAIN STUPIDITY…..

  • John Custodio

    This is absolutely stupid to the core! What do magnets have to do with sexuality? There is no scientific basis for it all. I see no connection. This is not news-worthy! This guy is a joke.

  • Linda Earley


  • Sandra Benoit

    pure poppy=cock !

  • Lauren D. Link

    Magnets are relevant to physics and not sexuality. Indeed this guy’s research is wrong, but Lou Dobi shouldn’t knock graduate students. I worked hard for my Master’s in Public Health and did my thesis on Heterosexual Anal Sex and Other Sexual Risk Behaviors in South Africa.

  • Jean Zimmerman

    Haters gonna hate! (And try to find ‘proof’ to justify their hate). Ridiculous and sad at the same time.

  • Kevin Anderson

    this would never hold water in any us university both mathmatically and scientifically and logically oh and we have a whole thing here called peer reviuew and actually citeing credible resources to prove that a argument in a collengent setting is valid

  • Natasha Theresa Champney


  • Alice Dyer

    Guess he’s not so smart after all…

  • Natasha Theresa Champney

    what a all animals practice homosexuality..that IS to say each species has homosexuality in it..and biology is not same as physics..magnets..what a stupid person

  • Otami MzJustus Prunty

    you gotta be kidding me? he needs to kill himself…today! smh

  • Toni Massari

    I wonder whether he can also prove that child marriage is 100000 times more wrong, but in Nigerian 45% of brides are still under 15?

  • Shannon Kidman

    A theory backed by religion and murky science..and he calls himself a Scientist? More like a pseudo scientist who falls in line with the anti gay crowd.. as an amateur scientist, I am appalled at this so called scientist!

  • Stella Snuggle Cienfuegos


  • Kevin Hutchison

    I don’t believe this man.

  • Jerry Blackburn

    I’ll see his “magnet” studies and raise him 1500 animal species that have been documented exhibiting homosexual behavior naturally as God intended.

  • Christine Ashley

    yeah…. he can take his pseudoscience and shove it.

  • Lotte Neil

    lol what an idiot

  • Kat Deabill

    Water is attracted to water–properties of cohesion. What does Mr. Amahala have to say about that?

  • Alicia Carla Simpson

    Not to mention Seminary!

  • Bobby Duvall

    this is the most stupid shit you could print!!!!!

  • Mark Brill

    That would be very convincing…if I was a MAGNET.

  • Sharon Devitt

    And I can show genetically that Nigerians are more prone to committing internet and phone fraud…….

  • Barry Bailey

    Just goes to show, education does not = inelegance. This is so logical its just plain unscientific.

  • Kenny Cook

    I’ve discovered scientific proof that a certain Nigerian student if an idiot of the highest order!

  • Rhiannon Skye Walker

    When ppl feel magnetism towards each other,does not matter if they are gay or straight, the same with repelling

  • Matthew Lawrence

    And this is a postgrad student. Shows the low academic standards of credit-card-fraud land

  • Ben Herriott

    Has he also made the breakthrough that an elephant can actually hang from a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy?

  • John Elder

    Nigeria kil;ls you if you are GAY so what the hell does this man think he is doing We are all what our GOD made us and if you dont like get your A__ back to your country and lets us live our lives the way we are suppose to and that is SCIENTIFIC PROOF from a GAY MAN

  • Swaze’ Blackisbeauty Alajai

    I have to share this nonsense……

  • Ceilidh Murphy

    This is what passes as science?

  • Kimberley Kirchmeier

    whats the equation?? fairy + rainbow = moose??!!

  • Tammy J. Hamilton

    Okay this is the most ridiculous garbage that I have heard. These people have been brainwashed to believe that there is something wrong with being gay. I don’t even understand why it offends others who are confident in their own sexuality. Just shameful waste of money.

  • Michael Crittenden Jr.

    this is just sad he if he thinks this is science then he deserves to be stoned

  • Justine Saracen

    Never mind what nonsense he’s peddling. That boy lights up my gaydar in bright purple.

  • Marvin Vining

    You mean pi isn’t equal to 22/7? What an intellect!

  • Robb Schatz

    Nigeria’s first Nobel Prize is on its way.

  • April Casper

    this is stupid, I am not a magnet!!!!! And he needs to re-read that chapter in the bible, it was Not gay relationships that caused God to smite that town, it was the city’s behavior in general, there were many other acts of violence, pedophile, and torture that were named in the bible….

  • RandomRa Vandeverre

    Don’t drink the Kool-aid! What an idiot! lol

  • Juan Diego


  • Severiano Rosa The Dick Sucker

    Ill shove ma dick in his butt for actin funneh

  • Lola Johnson

    Magnets are no humans, idiot!

  • Angie Arthurs

    Hmmm his manerisms seem to me that he is gay…obviously trying to justify his “heterosexuality”

  • Fleur Puttock

    This has to be a joke.It’s too ridiculous.

  • Todd Skonieczki

    LOL all days long about this one LOL!!!!!

  • Sylvie Dumoulin

    oh boy… now that’s something

  • Virginia Trujillo

    Now if that isn’t one assanine thing to waste your time studying I don’t know what is. He should go to work for Monsanto so he can continue his great works to show how Frankenseed isn’t the path to world destruction. It sounds like it’d be right up his alley.

  • Vibeke Kale Vale

    Absurd. He calls himself a scientist?

  • Jeff A Jones

    all i can say is WOW

  • Thomas Steve Hendrix

    Really? So she is a witch?

  • Sharon Dupree

    Why would LGBTQ post this article? It’s offensive.

  • Kim Gray-Courtright


  • Kynthia Alice Rosgeal

    What an assclown

  • Dina M. Izzo

    Wow science to the rescue of all us poor wrong people

  • Rosemary Mancillas

    He needs yo rub his two remaining brain cells together and revive them.

  • Cheryl McDonald- Wensing

    Dafuq? All this proves is that the guy isn’t very bright….

  • Joseph Myers

    Really? Well those Right wing conservatives that don’t believe in science will have a real dilemma.

  • Brent Carr

    I’m more offended with that white/red jacket combo on a black t-shirt correlation, than his magnetomo hypothesis.

  • Cornelius Morgan

    Since when did science devolve this far? I applaud him, he is brave….for sharing with the world the fact that he is so ignorant.

  • Cori Ce’Soir

    Lunatic Alert…Must be some college, when they don’t teach you that like poles repel each other…..What a dumbass, maybe he should study the dryer enigma, maybe that’s why one sock is always because like socks repel each other lol

  • Albert Fick

    Wow! What an Einstein!

  • Dustin M Sanders

    This photo is SCREAMING proof that is has proof, OTHERWISE.

  • Gwynhefer Rarity DangerApple DashSparkleshypie

    hahahahah what

  • Paulo H Guerra

    but (OUT) OF COURSE u did honey.. :)

  • Michael Post

    Whatever has he been huffing?!!!!

  • Shailesh Saigal

    Nigerian.l…. please

  • Russell T. Byrne


  • John Little

    Isn’t science great?

  • Maranda Sharon Holley

    The Nigerians are mad because its illegal for them to to be gay, they don’t have that freedom and are fucking jealous… that man has gay face to hell and back.

  • Darla Lathan

    You call that science?? I’ve experimented with magnets, too and I’m openly bi and trans–and support same-sex marriage!

  • Emma Barrow


  • Kiriza Riza Cornfield

    Don’t underestimate the intelligence for this man.

  • Jodi Robison Bingham

    Sounds legit…

  • Ann C. Andrews

    And this is why Peer Review is so damned important…

  • Ron Rust

    What an idiot.

  • Ian Paul Ison

    fckg moron

  • Brenda Brandenburg

    our moon is rainbow “) it is “)

  • Dillon Toot

    He can do all the science he wants but it won’t keep Kony away.

  • Noel Sliver


  • Dee Dabner

    i have discovered scientific proof that this nigerian student is ignorant and stupid!!!!!!

  • Sandra Williams

    Are these people for real?

  • Fred Smith

    So, if I try to just shake another man’s hand, it won’t happen? How about if I try to hug my son? Will famiy services understand that I can’t get my hands off my daughter? Maria Furmato and I will never get anything done around her. A great defense for workplace sexual harrassment suits.

  • Cheyanne Donna Creger

    The most stupid thing I have heard today, but I have a feeling it won’t stop at this because of all the dumbasses in the world

  • Vigen Ohannes Baboghlian


  • Jo Usher Schembri

    this is so stupid it is laughable!..seriously!!!

  • Juliana Russell

    You have GOT to be fucking kidding me

  • Kenneth Lake

    Where is his brain? > I wont answer that !

  • TheemeraldKing TheDevine

    and he wants a NOBEL PRIZE for THAT????

    B***** PLEASE!!

  • Louis VanHefter

    you are kidding me? what the f*** is he talking about. Isis really a joke?

  • Andrew Van Gorp

    Awwwwww, you have to give it to him- he is kind of adorable…

  • Susan Soltis

    So does this scientifically prove that humans and magnets are one and the same?

  • Tara Thompson

    He will get a Nobel Prize only when one is awarded for stupidity….

  • Donald William Iannotti

    we did that experiment in the 4th grade with magnets… quite amazing to a 9 yr old.

  • Donald William Iannotti

    I’m biting my lip

  • Kuki Angel

    A 5-year old could make the same argument as this “graduate student”, but then the obvious fallacy in that MAGNETS ARE NOT PEOPLE would be noticed by that same 5year old, probably within a couple of minutes.

  • Kuki Angel

    Also, if things that are the same cannot attract, tell me “grad student”, how do the north and south ends maintain their charges?
    If things that are the same could not attract, the north and south ends of the magnet would not exist, as they would only bind to molecules of the opposite charge, thus evenly dispersing the north and south charges throughout the magnet, leaving the entire magnet without charge at every location on it.
    So that’s two flaws with this “theory”

  • Mike Bonnie

    This is a new approach. Now if he can just get all the homophobs in the US to send him their bank account numbers….

  • Will Russell

    and ive discovered religion is made up, common sense.

  • Jacki East

    So let me get this straight (no pun intended LOL)….. he’s using science to advocate for marriage between magnets? Ok den. Takes all sorts.

  • Kristen Jackson

    That’s so funny, just the other day I was looking at the magnets on my fridge thinking “we have so much in common” lol

  • Mark Mattlage

    Another wacko. He needs to put those magnets in his brain. Maybe that will recharge some of his neurons!!

  • Elishah Franckiewicz

    What’s funniest of all is how serious this guy is – he really believes he’s a “scientist” who “discovered” something. Sadly there are thousands of people learning of this idiot and saying “I knew it”

  • Jenny Sykora

    Is he really stupid or self-deceived enough to believe what he says?

  • Kerry Vosper

    Wow, why bother with science when you can make it up!

  • Step Alexander

    This is ridiculous and totally sophomoric. Lagos University probably in not accredited.

  • Ayla Tob Bellz

    He is beyond stupid!!!!! I am Nigeria and ignorance such as this makes other Nigerians look bad.We have intelligent minds but as they say “Empty drums make the loudest noise”…and who the heck is he?Never heard of him until i came across this.

  • Susan Terrel Brooks

    All I can say about this, is he has definitely NEVER been in love – I suppose he is against inter-racial marriages. how will he explain that scientifically?

  • Robert Miller

    The only Nobel Prize he can hope to achieve is the one they issue for “Most Stupid Approach to a Scientific Proof.” What a Schmuck.

  • Dave Anderson

    REALLY ??? Can anyone be so naive? — or deluded?

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