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Gambia president to United Nations: Homosexuality top global threat

Friday, September 27, 2013

UNITED NATIONS — The president of Gambia is using his address to the United Nations General Assembly to attack gays and lesbians, calling homosexuality one of the three “biggest threats to human existence.”


Andrew Burton, AP (Pool)
Gambian President Yahya Jammeh addresses the 68th United Nations General Assembly on Friday Sept. 27, 2013 at U.N. headquarters.

President Yahya Jammeh on Friday said homosexuality, greed and obsession with world domination “are more deadly than all natural disasters put together.”

It’s not the first time the Gambian ruler has used such harsh words. In 2008, he told gays and lesbians to leave the country or have their heads cut off.

Jammeh also has drawn international criticism for his claim he can cure AIDS with an herbal body rub and bananas.

He first took power in the tiny West African country after a 1994 coup.

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  • Gerard Rodgers

    Is it any wonder that gay youth in homogeneous (repressive/enclosed/autocratic) societies end up being disproportionately represented in youth suicide epidemiological figures. Which means that a hostile social environment increases the predictive probability risk of death by suicide for a gay person. Stating the obvious, this man along with many others have blood on their hands.

    • Jean StGeorge

      well put!!!

    • Gerard Rodgers

      Thanks Jean

    • Gerard Rodgers

      All this suffering arising out of scapegoating is so unnecessary. These countries have more than enough to be getting on with as Leigh states below

    • Dana Norris


    • Leigh-Anne Hunnicutt

      Well said, sir.

    • Gerard Rodgers

      There is an ethical urgency to tackle these human rights abuses head on

    • Cory Jackson

      some of the recent developments like Russia’s new anti gay propaganda law and now this mmm much like how Hitler started to demonize the Jews and stir up hate ! this needs to end NOW !

    • Sylvia Eiriksson

      It is also no wonder gays are at a higher risk of being murdered in these societies when the leaders accuse them of being global threats to humanity. You can’t get any more dehumanizing than that.

  • Brina Healy

    NAH! It’s BIGOTS like him that bring the world down :(

    • Betsy Whitmer

      If not the world, then impose plenty of misery.

  • Jennifer Shores


  • Chuck P. Kass

    Looney Tunes. I’m sure he has plenty of followers.

  • Ido Makir

    stupid idiot…..

  • Dean Chaplain

    iran/china televised here.. no gambia australia

  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart


  • Mark Anthony LeFebvre

    What a moron.

  • Amy Hecht


  • Betsy Whitmer

    Looks like he attacked his food, & the food won.

  • Leigh-Anne Hunnicutt

    Forget war, genocide, domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, poverty, crime, famine, starvation, disease, terrorism, economic strain, environmental damage, and climate change. It’s all about the gays (apparently).

    • Mario Rodriguez

      couldn’t have said it better

    • Leigh-Anne Hunnicutt

      Many thanks!

    • Kirsten Storemski

      It’s sad to see religion completely fuck over a group of people. My grandma on one side is a giant Christian completely against gay people, but she loves my gay aunt on the other side of my family.

      You’d think she’d be like, Obviously gay people are just people, but no.

    • Leigh-Anne Hunnicutt

      It’s weird how uber religious folks compartmentalize, isn’t it? Even loving someone who is gay doesn’t seem to make a dent in their armor.

    • Felix Jongleur

      To be fair, he also named greed and obsession with world domination (homosexuality is apparently just in the top three). Not that this makes it better.

    • Jude St Jude

      Thank for make it so clear ! 100% true ☻

    • Sean Payne


    • Herbert Maton

      Add slavery; species nearing extinction via poachers.

    • Cory Jackson

      Thank you for saying it lets talk about real issues that affect millions wow well said Leigh :)

    • Mathew Spearen Ashe

      according to this ass hole anyways

    • Alvin Large

      he might not understand English enough to know what the UN is talking about

    • Kathy Philbin

      Well said….

    • Alessandro Quinto


    • Eric Peters

      It’s about us when it’s about us.
      I suspect that many who have agreed w/ u here would agree with ANY reason (or excuse) to keep us 2nd class citizenship.
      Besides, some of us are affected by the issues you mentioned and work to address them too.

  • Gary D. Miller


  • Leigh-Anne Hunnicutt

    Also, fuck that guy and his stupid, stupid hat.

  • Maria Sanchez


  • Cecilia Þórisdóttir

    Poor man being so ignorant :(

  • Nicholas Epperson

    hilarious. what a loser. grow up president of gambia.

  • Kahmar Bryan Anthony

    And they really allowed this man to continue speaking

  • Jackie Alvarez

    United Nations Top Global Threat: People like you Mr. Gambia President.

  • Pam Irions

    What a small world he lives in

  • Ely Conroy

    So is obesity …

  • Brian Robert Stephens

    From looking at him, I’m starting to think obesity is the threat….lol

    • Brian Robert Stephens

      He’s looking like a confused moon on that podium. He aint wearing tribal clothing, that’s like 3 bed sheets

    • Samantha A. Christian

      From what he said, I think stupidity is the biggest threat. lol

  • Walter Lasseigne Parenteau

    One wonders what he’s repressing…

  • Zorica Benci

    Oooo, fu** off already, stupid moron!!!!!

  • Holly Ruston

    More fool the U.N. for allow this pillock, air time!!!!!!!!

  • Danny Nero

    And to highlight his idiocy, he wears white shoes after Labor Day!

    • Leigh-Anne Hunnicutt

      I’m surprised he isn’t wearing corduroy too.

  • Steve Wichmann


  • Terry Thrasher

    And that’s not another penny in aid to Gambia.

  • Jose L. Capo

    who’s the real danger??gays or him???

  • Sher-shi Hussein Elmore

    i am so terrified of that obvious reality.

  • Garrett Piersa

    Will someone explain to me why they promote having so many children in African countries, when their economies and available resources are far past being able to handle the population??? If anything, they need more gay couples to slow the ever growing population crisis.

    • Thomas Mrak

      It’s the same reason some religions teach people to have lots of kids.

      Easy to control followers.

      When people aren’t suffering they don’t need as much guidance from someone “higher”.

  • Jean StGeorge


  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    I would say the real danger is religion

    • Gerard Rodgers

      Unfortunately yes

    • Tanith Bobo Lambi

      accompanied with a fair amount of ignorance..

    • Aaron Bowles

      There’s no danger in religious, the danger lies with mankind. People pick and choose what aspects of religion they believe, but say it’s not allowed to pick and choose being against homosexuality. Hypocrites are worse than religion.

  • Letricia Hendrix

    And how is this different from the holocaust!? Madness!!

  • Chris Harkey

    took power after coup “can cure AIDS with an herbal body rub and bananas.” and you want to question him? pfft whatever

  • Shane Smith

    Mr. Gambia President Man sure reads the Rolling Stone a lot.

    But seriously what’s with Africa acting all homophobic recently

  • Jason Seitz

    Fuck you ~ you ignorant stupid 3rd world cocksucker

  • Reece McCormick

    The real threat is his stupidity

  • Nikkei Jay

    Ur right ellen…stupidity trying to disprove evidence…this is nothing but his own agenda being proposed to u.n based on reading a book….thats not falsifiable….hes a dumbass

  • 呂維哲


  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    Derp derp!

  • Roger Dodger


  • Nikkei Jay

    Actually hetrosexuality is a global threat….over breeding…using resources….thank fuck not everyone breeds…..and since hes so stupid
    ..neither should he

  • Paul Girard


  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    He also claims he has a cure for incontence by soiling himself :)

  • Werner van der Byl

    “Homosexuality is a global threat”…what a great sentence -_- It’s BIGOTS like him that put us in a bad light :(

  • Beverly Fairfax

    Gambia Economy: One of Africa’s smallest countries has few natural resources and is highly dependent on peanut exports. International: Gambia is seen as an important transit point for drug smugglers. Stuff that in your loud, trash mouth you bigoted moron.

  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    He came up with his cure for aids by deepthroating a banana

  • Gandara Gallishaw

    When did gays get so powerful? I think I missed a memo.

  • Roj Intia

    So third world. Hipocracy.

  • Steve Reeves

    Ahh, the QUEER EYE guys must’ve said something to you about that hat.

    • Thomas Mrak

      For one thing, he needs more color. He’s too monochromatic. He also could use something that shows off his curves.

  • Heather Glomb

    Right, because the terrorism around the world, conflicts in Syria, and the constant growth of poverty, hunger, and child deaths aren’t a threat at all… fucking bigot.

  • Vincent John Ward

    Imma global threat! Aw shucks, I feel so Bond villain :D

    • Leigh-Anne Hunnicutt

      I just laughed out loud. Well played. :P

  • Gayle Gollogly

    Maybe a lil herbal rub n bananas can cure his homophobia?!

  • Mikel Mitra-Lear

    what a fat black queen

  • Pedro Custódio

    What a fucking asshole, what a sad world we live on.

  • Brad Craft

    White after Labour Day: Top Global Threat.

  • Julie Saeed

    Maybe instead of sending military and weaponry, we should be sending them BOOKS and building SCHOOLS and bringing in EDUCATORS, since common sense is never really common.

  • Monica Castellanos

    What an ignorant asshole

  • Pio J. Cabada

    Dear people of Gambia, I pray to the higher power that you are saved from this idiot. He is a threat to your country’s good people, especially on how he plans to treat your people with the AIDS virus with herbal and bananas.

  • Yendor Verde

    Eeeeerrr! WRONG ANSWER.

  • Alan Joseph


  • Brian Punkinhead Brown

    Lol this cracked me up. People are actually this moronic and in charge of a country??? Shit I could rule the world at this rate.

  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    THIS is LGBTQ NATION!!! *kicks him down a bottomless pit*

  • Glenn Brown

    I would think terrorism & homophobia are the two biggest threats. Is that redundant? What about human rights? Rape, disease? Hunger? War? Clearly this guy had a priority issues.

  • Carol Thrasher

    I am bisexual and if they have a problem with the way I am, then they can kiss my ass! I love all people it doesn’t mean I am any different than anybody else.

  • Den Lab


  • Randall G Baxter

    what an idiot..president of a sewer..hed do good to kiss some gay ass and see if any would help that shit hole..wonder how much money the u.s. gives that pig a year

  • Rachel Mathews-Mckay

    Not stupidity?

  • Marcus W M Smith

    What a Cunt!

  • Tuấn Marc

    Omg, feed your people

  • Randy W Stevens

    Sit you ugly black ass down.

  • Michael Anthony Kesegich

    I would tell him the real threat is ignorance. And maybe he needs to educate himself and his country.

  • Hannah Tipton


  • Randy Roller

    Ignorance/bigotry is top global threat!

  • Wilson Dejo

    Boycott To their trade

  • Katie Hemming

    I actually feel sorry for this ignorant “leader”, we should treat people like him as mentally disabled because clearly he is not right in his head…

  • Hannah Tipton


  • Kenneth Boettcher

    shoot the fucking guy , from a happy bisexual guy

  • Lauren Glenn

    Says the man who looks like he’ll take my order at the fast food restaurant.

  • Mack W. Johnson

    “HATE is a mental illness.”

  • Aaron C. Yeagle

    Well, let’s face it, even leaders of countries can be ignoramuses. We’ve had plenty of our own.

  • Noemi Aranda Aceves

    Viejo estupido e ignorante…

  • Gary Mann

    No. That hat is a global threat!

  • Mickey Alan Hampton

    Gays haven’t even had a chance to destroy the world yet, I mean geesh! These people are psychics!!

  • Cindy Lynch

    Expected idiot! Stay away fr Africa they’re all one big mess.

  • International Institute of Sexual and Gender Diversity

    I would like to know what the response was to his speech. Did they sit there in silence? Did anyone defend us? If we are such a “threat” than how has the human race endured millions of years with homosexuals always being here.

  • Blake Baines

    Says a man wearing a MOO MOO!!

  • Sophia Rose

    And this is why no one takes African nations seriously…

  • Michael Kelly

    Well, I gotta say this guy has eaten way too much Barilla Pasta, b/c it’s gone to his head / mind …and belly, and arms, and thighs, and ass, and… you get the idea. Clearly, if ‘greed and obsession’ are also grouped with homosexuality – he ought take a look in a VERY LARGE mirror after he gets outta the shower and ask himself, ‘How can I feed the staving people of my pee-sized country?’ Here’s a thought, give them 9/10ths of the food you’re eating you obese pin-head! I know ‘we’ should be a example of love and compassion if we expect the same in return, however, to not hate ignorance / closed-minded fools like this… Easier said than done!

    • Ed Feraco


  • Everyone deserves the right to marry whom they love. Equal rights for all

    Religion is the biggest threat. Religion is causing nothing but disaster. People like them are part of the problem around the world

    • Felix Jongleur

      Religion is not the root cause of disaster. People are the root cause of disaster. This is why, when the Soviet Union began persecuting religious people, it did so in a manner indistinguishable from religious people persecuting others.

  • Miranda James

    we broke the website?? i want to read it

  • D.j. Starr

    I thought that American foreign policy and the imminent collapse of the US economy were the threats?

  • Stace Stockman

    I want t o attack your sorry ass, mother fucker!

  • Ed Feraco

    Brainless buffoon from the planet of apes

  • Marsha Rockwell

    I hope people are walking out in droves!

  • Brian Triber

    Ignorance is the top global threat.

  • Patricia Dawe

    Does anyone stand up and correct this kind of talk at the UN? Every nation with gay rights should get up and politely tell him how and why he is so wrong!

  • Una Cabra Chiquita

    Lmao of course. Nevermind terrorism, ecological collapse, pollution, hunger, corporate greed, violence, natural disasters, war, global pandemics…nope it’s THEM GAYS THAT ARE THE PROBLEM YA KNO WHAT I MEAN. With their…gayness.

  • Tammy Musgrove

    Uh, yeah, because Gambia has everything else under fine control.

  • Byron Jones

    Yeah. Terrorism? Pfft. That’s nothing. Nuclear weapons? Deal with it on lunch break? Forget about civil war in Syria. Hunger? Malaria? Nah. The real issue is how two people of the same gender fuck.

  • Diego Armando Guerrero

    Of course the gentleman who looks like a black Chef Boyardee is a reliable source of information regarding this specific matter.

  • Keishana RexyRadical White

    This is reprehensible, for sure. Colonization and missionary involvement has created this hyper-religious situation in many countries. The genocide of any people is pure evil. That being said, I also find it reprehensible that we as a “community” have turned to fat shaming and race baiting in “our” comments. His color and size have nothing to do with this. Really? Bananas? Take my order for fast food? Give me a break, people.

  • Gene Dillion

    Let’s not react with threats of personal violence, or we’re no better than gay-bashing homophobes we detest so. He’s entitled to his opinion (however ignorant it may be, he’s still allowed to have it), and it’s not like the UN will suddenly climb on his bandwagon.

  • Abe Campbell

    I’m so glad he solved all the world’s problems by identifying the root of those problems! Looks to me like the threat of obesity is something he should really worry about!

  • Valerie Smith

    Wow. The stupid is strong in this one. It would be fucking hilarious if people didn’t have to die. Stop organized religions now! He’s a mouthpiece for his sky-daddy.

  • Alistair Jones

    Funny- here I thought it was bigots like you

  • Jordan Jodore Crosland

    This article is ridiculous we have more important things to worry about then the way some people live their lives we are not a threat to anyone grow up and shut up live your life before talking about ours we have ppl homeless no shelter no food and u are riding around in expensive cars buying luxury homes going on exotic vacations and you want to talk about homosexuality is a threat get real the only threat here is the fact that people are getting killed everyday and starving being abused abandon and all the above and you say this is a threat get your life together there is a bigger picture to the world other then this let love be love and help others especially your country

  • Felix Jongleur

    This from the man who claims that AIDS can be cured with an herbal body rub and bananas.

  • Mac Magwood

    Yes, because collapsing economies, world hunger, and OVER POPULATION are just not problems at all. I mean the fact that drinking water is hard to come by has nothing on homosexuality.

  • Samantha A. Christian

    Actually heterosexuals are if they keep procreating the way they do. Overpopulation is a horrible way to die. Just saying. :P

  • Michael F Breen

    Go to hell you Godless,soulless,SOB. Love is Love and God personifies Love but NOT too you and yours. You Muslim radials are a blight on humanity!!

  • Carl Adams

    yes….but are you really going to listen to anyone one who wears white after Labor Day….:-)

  • Sharon Perez

    So I guess AIDs, poverty, hunger, no drinking water, aren’t a problem? What an asshat!

  • Ken Shepherd

    global threat? why? Is our hot passionate sex melting the ice up north? LMFAO!! Dude, go to hell where you belong, and stay out of our bedrooms!

  • Daniel Touchet

    pig he is,,,

  • Jose Luis Santos

    Stupidity seems to be contagious these days…and it’s a lethal disease!

  • Jack DePetris

    How can a world that’s getting smaller everyday still have such pockets of medieval thinking??

  • John Bell

    I thought the top global threat for him was high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease…

  • FTMsOfColor in San Francisco

    I bet the president’s $supporters$ appreciate his speech.

  • Jan Robison

    Great – another homophobe heard on the global stage.

  • Eric Peters

    What an incredibly ignorant sack of shiite.

  • Eric Peters

    No more gay tax dollars or donations
    for anti-gay bigots.

    Let his people starve!

    • Erwino Ouwerkerk

      There are many friendly people in the Gambia who can’t help that Jammeh came to power by using violence.

  • Summer Marie

    the only threat is hateful people like him

  • Robert Searcy Brooks

    Relax, Pres–no one is likely to want you.

  • Conrad Beukes

    fuck gambia!

  • Joseph Murphy

    The truth …….this guys a asshole

  • Cameron Robert

    Many of the countries that the US, UN, WHO, GAVI and the Gates Foundation support, especially in Africa and Asia, oppress, discriminate against, persecute, prosecute, imprison, torture, and even murder their own citizens who happen to be homosexual. Instead of the UN and other international organizations pouring money into these bigoted countries, the organizations should tell the countries to take the money they use to harm their gay citizens and use that money to buy vaccines and medicines instead. These disgusting countries should not be using their scant resources to destroy the lives of innocent citizens who happen to be homosexual when there are more positive and productive things these bigots can use the money for to help all their citizens, including those citizens who are born gay. The US, UN, WHO, GAVI and the Gates foundation should be absolutely ashamed to support the harassment, oppression, imprisonment, torture, and murder of so many innocent people. Until those practices are ended, no country, group, or individual should provide any aid or assistance to these countries. These disgusting countries should be boycotted, sanctions should be brought against them, and they should be treated as pariah nations. And it is patently unfair that gays and their loved ones should be devastated by discriminatory actions, while the bigots and their loved ones go about enjoying their lives as if nothing has happened. It’s time to start making bigots pay for the discriminatory actions they take. When they have to pay a price, they might start to rethink their actions. We need to attack heterosexuals from Cameroon, Liberia, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Senegal, Gambia, and other bigoted nations, in our countries. Start with embassy personnel. Then target politicians, the police, prosecutors, judges, prison personnel, and their loved ones, that persecute the homosexuals in the bigoted countries.

  • Chad Kirtland

    Hire a gay to decorate his palace, he’ll change his mind.

  • Richard Pinch
  • Nicole Hall

    Sounds like his boyfriend broke up with him…..

  • Joseph Bolton

    Idiot fat shit! What an embarrassment he is to Gambia.

  • Gloria Cintron

    I wonder what everyone listening to him thought it must had been like crickets in the background like really this obsession with the LGBT community on these bunch of ignorant assholes is beyond comprehension .

  • Warren Wright

    How about the drag he’s wearing!? Haha! He needs some gay fashion advisers as well as interior decorators! What a fuckwit.

  • Miracle Angel Thunderbolt

    Bigotry biggest threat.

  • Bradley Pultz

    I would like to remind everyone that before the European introduction of Christianity into Africa most societies there were nowhere near as sexist and homophobic

    • Virginia Brofairy Saunders

      Some weren’t, but some tribal groups are still against being gay for essentially the same reason it’s not accepted in the Bible: small tribal groups consider anything that doesn’t lead to strengthening the numbers as being terrible. Everyone really needs to move past that concept.

  • Michael Powell

    He need to leave. your not welcome on American soil!

  • Samantha Rose

    I am so very tired of reading and hearing the ignorant crap these people come out with. No Gambia, you know what is a threat ? ignorance and bigotry !

  • Warren Wright

    It’s bastards like this that made my life as a young gay person almost unbearable: vilification, hate, marginalisation, discrimination & violence really messed me up. I’m so astonished that such monsters are given a voice at the UN 50 years down the track and perpetrating the same gross violations of the human dignity of homosexual men and women. The greater offence here is that the UN did not censure him and shut him up.

  • Michael Jacobs

    OMG! What a threat, what an idiot.

  • Matt Moya

    I feel like this is how the world sees us getting married “If gays get married the constitution of marriage will be ruined Natzis will return and ride on dinosaurs!!!!!!” I’m joking lol

  • Patty McCracken

    F—ing IDIOT!!!!!

  • Reina de la Moreria

    When will the world not tolerate bullshit and boo fuckers like this guy this guy off the podium?

  • Marcia Wallace

    Really? This is his top priority? Sad.

  • Merita Andrade

    Its incitement to hatred…’s against the law!!!!! Is he above the law??!!!!!

  • MrdrprofessorChristian Richard Ryle

    I see he’s Priorities are fucked up

  • Michael Vogt

    Third world stupid.

  • Rev. Janine Stock

    Pull out all monies from these countries Now

  • Richard K.C. Ling

    Ignorance is top global threat.

  • Dennis Sweeney

    When we judge we are the judged.

  • Hans Krab Koed

    Thats why there is no hope for Afrika

  • El Mar Z

    Ignorance top global threat

  • Bay Sythe

    Really? That’s the worst thing in the world? Have you been to your country lately?

  • Carolyn Barcus

    We have a friend who was put in jail for being gay. Finally raised the money to get him out. So sad

  • Don Kearney-Bourque

    Dear President of Gambia: Fuck you. (nice hat btw).

  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    Someone should tell him his cowboy hat is missing it’s brim

  • Nurse Eric

    Just don’t go there – ever! I travel a lot but I will never go there. I will spend my money where I am welcome…

  • Trisha Jacobs

    Yes, make your country look like a joke. Way to represent.

  • Roger Wilson

    Seriously that’s your worst threat . Your country is a shit hole infected by terrorists, Aids, and hunger . And your their leader.???.please pray for Africa. Btw-Fuck you!!

  • Jt Scott

    Must be a lot of people reading this article. I can’t seem to get through to read it.

  • Susan Barrineau

    Jack….didn’t know you and Sid were global threats!

  • Jimby Thornburg


  • Luis H. Lopez

    Nigger please! You do protest to much !

  • Jennifer Dietsch

    sure it is! Forget the water shortage, polio, terrorism, child starvation, rapid rape culture, corporations… nope it’s two consenting adults…

  • Steve Sullivan

    He probably is attracted to his male intern and it scares him

  • Toni G. Engle

    What the hell is wrong with these morons?? Do they really think that this is SUCH a big deal? what a bunch of fucking idiots.

  • Lukas Mäks

    Because nothing says ‘danger’ like people who can’t have unwanted children by accident.

  • Glenn Rubin

    Yes worse than aids, war moron

  • Jenny Colmenero

    Wow, some of the comments on here remind me that being LGBTQ doesn’t mean you can’t be bigoted too! Insulting the president’s fashion choices, body, and country (and continent for those of you going on about “the overpopulation of Africa”) doesn’t fix jack shit.

  • Duke Marine

    Gurl…that outfit is a global threat.

  • Sandy Van Domelen

    I hate (not really) to inform him the top global threat is idiots like him who are running countries!!!

  • Sean Payne

    Small minded Asshole.

  • Cliff Cook

    wow .. must be a perfect country

  • Jasier Chulo Oquendo

    Hunger,poverty,war,aids ….. Im guessing that memo hasn’t gotten to him yet

  • Jt Scott

    Of all the things going bad in this world, you pick that? Smh.:/

  • Shawn Bruffett

    Guaranteed there is an American Preacher Responsible for This.

  • Casey Meaux

    This makes me feel so powerful that he considers me a “global threat.” >:D

    • Aurin Horn

      Whats that make me then, considering I’m crazier and can manipulate you XD

  • Susan E. DeFiglio


  • Emerzon Guevara

    The FIRST president with some intelligence, I think…

  • Michael Morrissey

    how on Earth did this idiot become a president, hush my mouth I forgot its a Society in denial im looking at, most self aware people are not bothered about the sexuality of a person; so im asking what is this person hiding; or what is his real agenda.

  • Sage Yelle Alixander

    Said the man in a Dress!

  • Joseph Bartholomew


  • Jason Arkwright

    This guy needs to worry about the fact that his Country is a third world country!

  • Bob Ueckerlele

    What is this, like, the pope of africa?

  • Derrick Seidel

    Funny. I figured stupidity was a more severe global threat. I mean, hey. At least two stupid gay people can’t reproduce more stupid people! But wow, I must have been wrong. And why is this man not more well known? AIDS is an epidemic and he can cure it with a body rub and bananas? Talk about the shit is bananas! WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS!?!

    Can’t even be mad at this kind of narrow minded ignorance. I can only laugh at it.

  • Jerry Rex Long

    cut AID to GAMBIA…stupid fool.

  • Austin Almanza

    Typcal homophobic african man.

  • David Beck

    fuck him!!

  • Julie Rathman


  • Coleen Denson

    He is doing this cause he is a “CLOSET CASE” himself

  • Wil Resto

    Where the hell is Gambia?! Is that on this planet?

  • Balearic Dave

    Third world thinking

  • Robert Mores

    He should have a still big one up his poop-shoot.

  • Robert Mores

    I meant a “stiff big one”

  • Shelley Gail Weiss Lightman


  • Tracie Boush

    You’ve got to be kidding!

  • Leslie Cole

    Not climate change, not drought, not hunger, AIDS or cancer but homosexuality is the greatest threat to our planet! I’m so grateful to this charming gentleman for enlightening me. And when may I schedule my rubdown? I’m sure there’s a long line ahead of me for that enormous pleasure!

  • Judie Brines Fiedel Boertlein

    Oh will these morons please just shut the fuck up already!!! Ugh

  • Tipton Farrow Conquest

    Still wondering where the fuck Gambia is. Obviously not on this planet.

  • Rozi Mccoy

    GOD does not care. If we are made in GODS IMAGE then we are ALL PERFECT!!! RIGHT????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Ruthie Tavares

    Threat to what?

  • Marcus Watson

    Breaking News! Ignorance top global threat!

  • Toby Belch

    This just in: Gambia president top global asshole.

  • Alejandra Gonzalez

    he has stupid written all over his face

  • Rickey Shaum

    Well, I know someone won’t be getting married in NJ!

  • Marylee Hicks

    What a ridiculous thing to say!

  • Jessica Steele


  • Robyna Choleton

    ‘Another perhaps willfully ignorant homophobe who clearly doesn’t understand the limited nature of same sex attraction. He’s probably a transphobe as well. You’re entitled to your opinion, Mr. President of Gambia. Now kindly get educated or, shut up!

  • Rachel Irick

    First and foremost, I think he has a fashion emergency that needs his attention.

  • Gary Wilson

    Gambia? Is that a made up place? Who the fuck cares what “Gambia” says? I pity the people there. OMC! this world is getting more effed up every day.

  • Lizzie DeSade

    If he actually believes this crap, he’s one of the top global threats.

  • Gregory Payne


  • Mary E. Goldstein


  • A. Juliana Enciso

    Que asco!!

  • Jeremy Beecher-Phan

    Don’t you think that the thing on his head actually makes him look a little like a penis?

  • William House

    bigots are traitors of humanity.

  • Kurt Sipolski

    i guess gambia doesnt have shopping malls..

  • Gregory Payne

    I thought that the people of Africa were starving?

  • Kurt Sipolski

    YA!!!! Because of overpopulation the asshole…

  • Toni Weir

    Idiocy personified.

  • Taryn Gibbons

    wrong, ignorance is a top global threat.

  • Diane Zavatski


  • Chris Ritter

    He is a NASTY NASTY Man!

  • Lauren T. Furey

    OMG and drinking water and food are WHERE on his list?

  • Denise Tharp
  • Scherer Salome

    Retard at it’s best! Your country is so fucked by corruption, you population is majority poor, what the F are you talking about! Go back home fool! who invited this illiterate cow?

  • Felix MadrazoGaytan

    Lol fuck his brain he may need some shaking lol

  • Debbie Kinard

    Don’t you just love HATE

  • Janice Skittles Bauer

    Homosexuality is A global threat ?.But not aids caused by a straight black man in Africa havjng sex witn a monkey with a immune disorder . And guerrilla militants creating geneocide to their own people man you people are wacked ! Always going after the gays cuz of aids .Well if gays were so disease causing why wasn’t there aids since cave man ?Nothing wrong human to human contact but something wrong with human to animal contact .Do us a favor you hypocrite religious dumbasses get your head straight .I mean your suppose to be thinking straight cuz you straight dumb ass

  • Gareth Cattouse

    Homophobia is an incipid and vile crime. It fuels hatred and violence. It cannot ever be condoned by civilised society. It is mental abuse to a lot of gay men and women. I would not decry war, genocide, etc as Leigh-Anne says but I she should not decry homophobia and understand the long-term suffering it can do

  • Carol Richardson

    shoot him in the head!!!

  • Agatha Desmond

    Oh yeah, I am definitely a global threat! LMAO.

  • Juliana Leonhart

    Why is there’s all this interest in what people do with their personal sex lives? Really? Biggest threat is homosexuality when there’s poverty, starvation, climate change? I’m so sick of all the obsession with homosexuality. Let’s all have equal rights already. It’s time to move the fuck on.

  • Frîes Nàá

    How entertaining, mutt.

  • Arturo Schultz


  • Angie Arthurs

    yup watch out…I may steal your WIVES…..who really is the threat here?

  • Mathew Spearen Ashe

    Gays are not the problem the problem is the people who try to push their beliefs and values onto us when they are no better then us gays and lesbians I hate people like this man

  • Michelle Matuszewski

    Yes because the minute we gain our rights terrorists or zombies will kill everyone. People really need to get their priorities right and stop worrying about things that DON”T CONCERN THEM!!!!

  • T J La Noir

    Al Jazeera English is a very good news source. BBC, then our locals (indistinguishable from each other)

  • Karla Olorato Henderson

    more so than HIV/AIDS, climate change, religious based genocide, war, yeah…..

  • Lana Evollaro

    Fuck that guy. Get the fuck out!

  • Jokie X Wilson

    I know I shouldn’t say this, but, um…diabetes? This guy simply can’t be in great health!

  • James Savik

    perhaps all that fat and cholesterol in his FAT ASS has hardened his arteries and made him stupid.

  • Steve Hedenland

    What a Moron and all the above

  • Dannika Jackson

    whatever who are they threanting to.

  • Mim Merlini

    Yeah, because his country is doing so well. Godless morons in power. What do you expect.?

  • Gary Wilson

    The GLBT that I know are all the nicest people.

  • James K Hilton

    One of many reasons I hate UN.

  • Sean Thomas Sheehan

    eat shit and die-scumbag !!!!!!!

  • Scott D Thompson

    Really? Gays and Lesbians are more of a threat than Global Warming, Chemical Warfare, Poverty, Toxic Oil Spills, Nuclear Missiles and McDonald’s chicken McNuggets? Ok… just so were clear.

  • Marcelo Almeida

    You got it right, we are going to take over the world and turn all your firstborn gay!!! BEWARE

  • Yasmine Shahatet

    Marcelo hilarious!

  • Carla J. Edwards

    its not famine! jerk off

  • C.j. Blanda

    Sick Mother.F.

  • Bruce Hollenbeck

    From the looks of this idiot, there aren’t any gays or lesbians left…it seems he must have EATEN them all. Anyone for a vanilla malt chaser?

  • Dawn Ti

    Greeeeeeaaat, another idiot with an outfit.

  • Troy Godfrey

    Attention Seeking Dumb Fuck !!!

  • Jamae Ellison

    I say move the UN out the United States so they can say there bullshit on someone else soil.

  • Stonewall Misita


  • Ron Faskowicz

    He’s the threat.

  • David Casson

    What a moron

  • James Jarrett

    I just have to laugh at morons like this! HAHAHA

  • Sharon Kay Alvarez Rogers

    But..I suppose rape is ok and not a threat..hmmm…got it!

  • Eric Green

    I dont get how someone can be so moronic to deduce something so false. I cannot find anything harmful about homosexuality at all. NOTHING! And yet he prioritizes it like its world damnation. You know whats a threat. Him, and people like him. His attitude, his thought process, and his beleifs are a threat to innocent people.

  • Todd Anderson

    gays are at falt for all the bad things,ya rights any one that thinks being gay is wrong one way or another are nut jods or gay ppl themselfs and cant come to term on how they are most the time.

  • Thomas Mrak

    Yes, we’re busy working on Gay Cruising Missiles and Fashion Bombs.

  • Angelo Ventura

    Withdraw all aids to this shitty government. What aa lying moron! Iibal, like Idi Amin and Bokassa, I wouldn’t wonder!s this savage can

  • Angelo Ventura


  • Angelo Ventura

    I this savage cannibal like Idi Amin? Why should he speak before civilized nations? Hope he gets devoured by hyenas!

  • Ben Herriott

    We can just leave him and his ‘kind’ alone. We will evolve in happiness and equality whilst he and his brethren can sink into the quicksand of ignorance

  • Brian Rios

    He can keep his ass in Africa, we don’t want to hear his shit here in the USA !

  • Pablo Ben

    Not hunger, not poverty, not war… but homosexuality. We are the evil…

  • Pedro Del Campo

    Doesn’t mean he has to eat them. jezzzz

  • Allen Simpson

    Just proves that racism and bigotry also comes in the color “black”.

  • Doug Tirschel

    he’s a fuckin’ politician…what do you expect ?…compassion ????

  • James Aaron Slayton

    I’m not wise, but the beginning of wisdom is there; it’s like relaxing into an acceptance of things. A leader persecutes what he fears and has no tolerance for that which he cannot understand. Like a coward he pushes his own agenda for he is a weak man.

  • Michael Pierce

    Gambia is a waste of dirt.

  • James Abrazado

    Kay did anyone else even know Gambia existed. This man isn’t a threat

  • Lubhyati Carminem

    hey you creature in the pic above,well you have to learn the meaning of the word “threat” all i know is that we LGBT are just being true to ourselves,but how about your religion,ohh did you know that your sect have killed many,judged many,showed violence in the name of GOD and actually your bros in faith are still doing the same thing..and btw your prophet was a pedophile! crazy!!

  • Jenna Jay Woodruff

    I see him.. and the first thing that pops into my head is.. “Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can i take your order?”

  • Michael Starsheen

    It’s just a sickness these people have.

  • Michael Pedicini

    Delusional vile voices claim to speak for a “god”that they say brings hurricanes and earthquakes, illness and catastrophe upon this Country because of Love between two people of the same gender,
    When will their”god” bring violence against, divorce, greed, murder, child abuse, promiscuity gossip, dishonesty, incest, theft, idol worship/capitalism, genocide, and apathy? radical right bigotry is indicative of the hypocrisy of their religious thinking and its failure to follow the true mission and teachings of Christ. Their obsession with sex is a sexual disease transmitted by ignorance, bigotry and prejudice and in their attempt to force their beliefs on society with unconstitutional laws through the “purchased ” power of politics that has become their idol and single creed has alienated the multitudes searching for truth, love and reconciliation in the Lords good news they have brought shame upon the church. Love has been substituted with fear. Woe to those white washed tombs and broad of vipers with hearts like old wine skins ready to burst and you won’t see the truth in Scripture just like the Pharisees, your eyes are veiled with bigotry, prejudice, self righteousness and superficial teachings and tradition. their minds and hearts must open and remove the veil of law, and
    Then seek freedom and truth with contextual, linguistic and historical understanding of the Hebrew Torah and New Testament allowing the spirt to guide you. Their judgement of others is meaningless, we each will stand before God and be judged for what we thought we did in his name but did for ourselves, the omissions of our life and our intentional transgressions and especially the lack of love in our hearts and Jesus will be standing there with us. Each of us must sincerely work out our own salvation, please don’t worry about mine I am sure you have enough to think about within your own life.

  • Dustin Duvall-Black

    You know what a global threat? No one having any fucking common sense anymore and people being fuckheads for no fucking reason. This CUNT can go fuck himself

  • Constantin Eagan

    Gambia. A shit hole who smells like a fart. Who cares what they say? Stupid medieval buffoons! It’s like “Who farted? Oh.. GAMBIA did!”.

  • Tenzin Angmo

    Thanks to ass holes like C Street Congressman Heath Schuler.

  • Camille Tambe

    -_- what is wrong with this jack ass.

  • Carly Michele

    so much negative.. Im removing this page from my feed..

  • Tony Salto


  • Homofacists are out of control

    got that right

  • Jason Van Horne

    He is the President of the smallest country within Africa. Big deal… he doesn’t like gays – don’t go blowing some dude but all the same.. when talking about “global threats” do you really think any one takes him seriously? Homosexuality is a global threat… okay.. that must make North Korea a bunch of Homosexuals.

  • Pup Equality McKeenan

    why are we a threat? did we cause earthquakes and tsunamis and 3 nuclear meltdowns? are we forcing corporations to pollute the planet, poison the population, and use everyone and everything to make a profit? I DON’T THINK SO!

  • Pup Equality McKeenan

    And that is a pretty gay looking hat you have on.

  • Jim Beauter

    It is a sad commentary when we have to listen to these ignorant, uneducated (for the most part) people – and not only Africans. They depend on our USAID DOLLARS to assist them. However, most of those dolalrs go to those folks who are in power – it does not filter down to those who really need assistance. We should stop sending American Dollars to those countries who have such draconian laws in place and enforce on their peoples. Actually – Egypt is one of the most anti homosexual countries in Africa – and we continue to support them financially. Many of these countries have Sharia Laws, which, in this day and age, should be abolished! This country needs to stop sending Dollars to these countries and focus on our own who are in need…That is my 2 cents!

  • Nakia Deon

    meanwhile…another child just died from starvation and flys all over them

  • Endrag Anest

    they should throw people like him in a friendly version of a concentration camp !

  • Melissa Hancock

    Alrighty then…

  • Ebén Díaz

    What a jerk!!!!!!!

  • Gene Bulmer
  • Darling Tellez

    Yes let’s forget about the riots, the chemical warfare, the ever hanging threat of WWIII from N. Korea, the typhoons and hurricanes both Asia and Latin America suffered, and the every increasing strength of the Earthquakes, and focus on what people do in the bedrooms.

  • Nicole Shree Zborial Caravajal

    biggest? Threat! Ya ya 3rd world mother ignorant fuker b4Creatrix y Dios ya racist sons of bitches

  • Jay Heuman

    We homosexuals are totally off the hook from ever providing financial aid to African nations. Right?

  • Joel Fogelsanger

    Ignorance and hatred like his is a global threat. Just what that country needs: a nutjob like him for President.

  • Césare Fortún

    I didn’t know that the UN allows wild gorillas as speakers!

  • Clayton White

    Endrag Anest yes but he would life a long time with all that fat. The fast way to get rid of him is keep the fat food coming. He’ll die of a heart attack or get over thrown. He’ll be to fat to even get up and run.

  • Golden Apple

    Did it occur to anyone that God, and all other Beings of Great Power, have this tendency to test us poor mortals? Perhaps to two men kissing on the corner or the two women who just got married are angels sent to earth to see how much we have learned about love. . . . . .and how much we have left to learn.

  • Gillian Tuazon Gacuma


  • Goya Dmytryshchak

    I hope love overcomes.

  • Gary D. Sargent

    The real global threat is ignorance and bigotry, which he apparently seems to own the patent to.

  • Joseph Mason


  • Martin Cole

    Honestly, it’s speeches like this that make most sane people shake their heads and realize just how nutballs these idiots are.

  • Trevor Sparacio

    He is right! I am planning to Nuke all the Straight people! >:D

  • Claude Pelletier

    Politician who have nothing more important to talk about should close clapet and let betters politicians to drive.

  • Michael Olaf Kappele


  • Люцифер Пуристов Зла
  • Catherine Patten

    African black men are dumber than shit

  • Zeri P Bishop
  • Terri Catone

    why is his head so small? lol

  • Erika Selene Herrera

    SMH -_-

  • Cory Blackshear

    Oh ya’ll are gonna love this.
    From Wikipedia:
    “Reporters Without Borders has accused “President Yahya Jammeh’s police state” of using murder, arson, unlawful arrest and death threats against journalists.[50] In December 2010 Musa Saidykhan, former editor of The Independent newspaper, was awarded US$200,000 by the ECOWAS Court in Abuja, Nigeria. The court found the Government of the Gambia guilty of torture while he was detained without trial at the National Intelligence Agency. Apparently he was suspected of knowing about the 2006 failed coup.”
    I’m sorry, why the hell does this asshole’s opinion matter?

  • Kathleen Stewart


  • Bill Beck

    Bigotry is the top global threat.

  • Angela Soto

    Get the fuck out of here!

  • Iver Grundforsen

    Are you leftist gays watching, are you paying attention? You gonna’ get your Muslim buddy in the White House to protect your dumb asses when the Muslims start going after your asses (?) – not in the fun way you might think.

    • Chloe Javier

      I stopped reading after “leftists gays.”

    • Felix Jongleur

      Shame on you.

  • Trina Suava

    thing is some of the older ways still don’t work in that country like women being used as wifes who get there lower female parts cut off. heartbreaking get out of the stone age being gay is less offense then having a woman second class more like less then nothing with old fashion traditions that harm females own womanhood makes me sick. prayer you see love is love just like pleasure is pleasure no one has the right to tell people who to love !

  • Okan Tanrıkulu

    One of the top global threat is Capitalism and the other is homophobia.

  • Paul Saint

    Another political idiot, with no clue what people want.

    • Rita Baerwaldt

      Amen to that bro.

    • Rita Baerwaldt

      Amen to that bro.

  • DeVian McGivery

    I cant help but laugh at this cause it’s funny how some folks become power in certain.countries but are fucking stupid…

  • Ramazan Büyükkaragöz

    To me, top global threat is the cook in that picture :D

  • William Bacon

    Um How is that? I thought OVER POPULATION was the Biggest Threat… I think Homos are Helping with that problem Just like the Goddess wants.

  • Chloe Javier

    congrats mr president no one fucking cares

  • Ralph Morgan Lewis

    NO! worst threat is people trying to control other peoples’ lives according to their bigoted points of view

  • Alex Goddard

    I don’t think religion is the base cause. Religion is given to try and excuse the basic human fear of what they just don’t want to believe/understand

  • Marc Harding

    Sure it is! Not guns, or genocide, or hate groups, or mass murderers, or terrorists, or bigots, or corrupt political leaders (ahem) – sure … lets blame the LGBT’s!

  • Suzanne Scherer

    great….stay classy, Gambia

  • Rommel Retiro

    Who is this FREAK anyway?

  • Tony Anton Ton

    pathetic !!

  • Lisa Wascher-Weis

    am I the only one not able to even view this page? I click on the link and tells me not able to see it like there’s something wrong with the address. I get it though seriously people why can’t people understand people will never understand. Of course it’s a global threat….Russian president is against it so it must be a global threat!

  • Kathy Philbin

    Yup, cuz we’re all gonna get up and dance…! They won’t know what to do…..<3

  • Miguel Angel Torres

    Homophobia is institutionalised in Russia, Jamica and sub-Saharan Africa. Western values are not universal, and this is a fact of life GLBT people in Western societies need to understand. The only true ”safe” places for GLBT people at this point are Western developed countries. This because the postmodern gay community is a Western secular-humanist and liberal democratic cultural product.

  • Daniel Durocher

    L’Homosexualité le pire fléau de l’humanité ???…Faut pas charier…on respire par le nez !

  • Anwiti Singh

    What the fuck was that?! How can someone be so stupid???

  • Nobuqatsu C. Minoula

    YOU are the top global threat.

  • Beatrice Moore

    Who are these idiots?

  • Delmer Cox

    YOU ARE AN ASS !!!!!

  • Jessica Tyler Baird


  • Robusta Capp

    “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

  • Randy Fernandes

    Wow, I did not know I had that much power!

  • Maxime Delevens

    Isn’t this the same idiot who claimed he could cure aids with a herbal soup a few years ago ?

  • Chris Zaucha

    Gambia. Who gives a fuck about Gambia? ?? They’re about as relevant as New Coke

  • Chris Zaucha

    And fuck this guy

  • Chris Zaucha

    And fuck New Coke

  • Gregory P. Gallien

    People like him are the threat…

  • Greg Scheuber

    well, to be fair, gays and lesbians have been attacking business owners over the right of first refusal based on their belief system..

  • Elizabeth Brown

    Not hunger in his own country? Or genocide? Oh, never mind, I think I see a gay.

  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    I tend to disagree, religion is a teaching tool that removes responsibility and logic from people who otherwise should be empowered to live their lives without prejudice. The excuse god or the devil made me do it has been used too often without any thought behind selfish actions. It would be more reasonable to deny institutions that blunder intelligent thought and replace it with “OUR WAY IS THE ONLY WAY”

  • Logan McLaughlin

    There’s something about Africans. I don’t know what it is, but they seem to be hell-bent on attacking the LGBT community.

    And in case someone happens to misread what I said by Africans, I mean people of the African nationality, not black people. There are plenty of crazy white Africans too.

  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    It’s because Logan american church organizations are going there and teaching them how to act that way

  • Justice Leo

    give this idiot a bannana

  • Maxine Farler

    Asexuality is the answer. Now we need to become a species that reproduces like a plant. That way this guy can go **** himself.

  • Mary Milkette

    Sadly most of this crap is the result of evangelical church folk spreading their hate to Africa!

  • Kyle E. Shelton

    in that outfit? who’s the real threat?

  • Paul Pietrzak

    This man is a thug and egomaniac! He believes he can cure HIV with herbs. He also took over his country in a coup and voters are intimidated if they don’t vote for him in “free’ elections. He also sprung a suprise second wife on the first which led to an eventual divorce. One of his major newspaper critics was conveniently murdered. He claims that gays are evil he should look at himself.

  • Sylvia Eiriksson

    This should be included in a primer titled: “How Not to Have Your Country Taken Seriously on the Global Stage.”

  • Thomas Steve Hendrix

    When you take a podium for no/little other reason than spread hate expect personal attacks on your white tent/awning.

  • Ronni Batchelor

    seriously people need to get a grip!

  • Don McCarthy

    Wise words from a man who decided to address the UN dressed like a condom.

  • Cindie Beach

    Oh shut up!

  • Subhankar Das

    n yet Spain, canada, US, UK, germany, sweden, netherlands, etc are having the best economy while Kenya, gambia, Uganda is being plagued by malaria?
    Yeah! 100% factual reason by this pile of shit!
    he really should join the KKK n fight of gays! :D not malaria!

  • Shastzi Starbrook

    Oh? Well I think the biggest threat to human existence is big fat bigoted shits like him in seats of political power!

  • Ellen Anaya Lockheart

    To cure AIIIIIDS you simply rub this palm oil on your nuts, you have to do what this guy says and RUB palm oil on YOUR NUTS!! READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!

  • Rob Weaver

    why do we even allow this organization to have a building on American property, when all it does is provide a platform and microphone for idiots like this to vent their hate-filled spleens?

  • Gene Richel

    Another nut with some power and a very small brain.

  • Stephen Ky

    Such a futile attempt from a third world country to spread hate. Like Gambia could actually make any constructive social contribution to the world.

  • Brian Lance

    theres so many other problems in the world,so they have to attack someone,a minority,point the finger,what if an asteroid hit us tomorrow,compare that to he ignorant.

  • Brian Lance

    hes ignorant and needed education as a child,his momma didn’t hug him enough

  • Loneschach Doré

    I know exactly what this guy means… one time, this gay guy and his boyfriend took my parking spot at Cosco.. I had to drive three more seconds before finding another spot… #thestruggle

  • Deedee Ditler-Prindle

    It’s frightening to know people like him are running countries.

  • Jerry L Cook-Roberts

    So is Stupidity and Ignorance!

  • Castiel Dalton

    says the man that claims to cure aids with a banana peel and herbs.

  • Will Russell

    Don’t you mean genocide, control and power tactics from politicians, poverty and religion.

  • Jason Lamoreaux

    Oh good lord

  • Justin Caporale

    This guys outfit is a global threat.

    • Bill Strippoli

      That is hilarious!

    • Fernando Gantier

      where’s the fashion police when you need it!!!!

    • Paul Bucelis-Collins

      I know, I really find it hard to suppress my inner “Karen Walker” and NOT wonder out loud “Honey, what’s going on here?”.

    • Melissa Garriott

      LOL Justin…omg, I laughed out loud when I read that…too funny!

    • John Mattson

      change the hat to a white pointy one, and he would look like a unpopular US hate group member

    • David Hliva

      Nice one Justin. LOL

    • Hiro Cabrera

      oh god i literally had to laugh out loud for that xD

    • Stephen Sanchez

      When I first passed the picture in my feed I thought it was a chef.

    • Patrick Amar Scannell

      Hey dont be dissin a whole people’s traditional cultural clothing now. that’s uncalled for.

    • Rex Renato

      Gambia man wears dress at U.N. General Assembly meeting.

    • Finn Kilford

      An eye for an eye will leave us all blind. The man is an idiot, clearly, but why do you all lower yourselves by attacking his clothing? It’s immature, unnecessary and takes focus away from the real problem.

  • Diego M. Santiago

    Another moron.

  • Jessy Mason

    So. Stupid.

  • Janet Orant Guzzetti

    Boo !!!

  • Charles Jenkins

    Does anyone really give a shit what these religious fanatics have to say?

    • Linsey Young

      Sadly our sisters and brothers in Gambia have to.

  • Ivan Bubu


  • Nora Lewis

    Not so very long ago, his skin color made him a threat. Things that make you go ummmmmmmmmmmm

    • Bill Strippoli

      Very true!

    • Barney Mud

      Yes true. But, even though i would never go as far as him, you must remember that he was born with this skin color.

    • Johanna Olie

      yes but homosexuality is also genetic

    • Ed Feraco

      Barney Mud–people choose to be buffoons! In this case, this man is an obese buffoon.

    • Helena Wite Krie

      not in his country by his own people though….but he has a lot to learn about love and compassion

    • Dana Kilgore

      @Ed Feraco –WOW—”mud people”!! That is worse than the “n” word! damn! I was born with this color. I’ve never chose to be black. But when you start making horrific racial slurs like “mud people”, that makes you just as terrible and despicable as this homophobic Gambian President Yahya Jammeh!

    • Christiane Smart

      Dana, I thought so too when i first read it, but he answered to Barney Mud, a guy who commented above him. He didn’t say mud ppl, he said Barney Mud – people choose…

  • Daniel Alvarado

    someone needs to take this man and toss him back in to the firey pit he came out of

  • Herbert Maton

    He’s should be worried about Al Shabaab not us.

  • Don Herman

    In front of hunger, pollution, disease, crime, religious violence, etc. etc. Who knew were were so influential?

  • Karen Schultz Danner

    Oh sure…right up there with chemical warfare. Where do people get these moronic ideas?

  • Tim Kolanko

    Hunger? Sanitation issues? Nope…just two people loving each other. How could I be so ignorant of such a pressing issue?

  • Jane Cormier

    Fuck. You.

  • Keith Funk

    Now that’s funny….. since there have been gays since before the Bible….

  • David Chambers

    This is one reason folks won’t take African leaders seriously.

  • Jeffrey Kagan McCann

    EAT ME YOU CLOSET CASE ASSHOLE! WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE!!! And your clothes is soooooo 1980 Dictator Chic! Even Idi Amin is laughing at you!

  • Michaelle Tuz-Atkinson

    : ( No! Nuclear arms are!

  • Mario Monty


  • Emily Neilsen


  • Viktor Åkesson

    Yeah, sure… blame on us for loving and caring about who we choose to. Listen to the totally “sane” guy who decapitates people for being born in a way he doesn’t approve of even though it’s none of his damn business and even though homosexual love is love… clearly, we should all listen to this demented braindamaged mentally insane moron. :P

  • Kari Dawson

    how many gays have hijacked planes flew them into buildings. how many have shoot up malls.

  • Ashley Applefish Morris


  • Bill Strippoli

    Note to self: Don’t apply to adopt a child from Gambia!

  • Erica Anderson

    Ignorance and hatred is a much greater threat. Asshole.

  • Wilson Dejo

    Hope that some UN members stop sending international funding. Seems that he is eating all that money.

  • Eric Peters

    What about fat-assed political hacks whining about gays while people in their country starve to death?

  • Nik Cassin

    This man is nothing more than uneducated. Much like his counterpart Tony Abbott.

  • Mizuki Kurai

    Isn’t cutting off gays and lesbian heads also destroying humanity..? He’s the threat. His head should be cut off

  • Jean Beckesh

    Wow! Little ‘ol us? TOP global threat? Even above hunger,disease and war? My wife and I are in bed. She’s napping and I’m alternating between facebooking on my phone and doing puzzles in my puzzle book. I feel so threatening! Oh yeah, the dog and cat are napping too! LOL

  • Corrine Jutz

    Gee. A dictator. No surprise there?

  • Michaela Carocci

    what is wrong with him?

  • Matty MadHatter

    im really not all that surprised….gambia on youtube literally has witch hunters as christian entertainment! they are so superstitious and so poor as a country that it’s not even ok to laugh at what they believe any more because of how far and extreme they are and will go

  • Terry Barns

    Stupidity runs the gamut…..

  • Christy Pierson-rabren

    Global Threat is idiots like him.

  • Ty Gurr

    Hmmm …(leads) his country with stupidity, fear and instilled hatred …atta boy!!

  • Julie Bunton Brackett

    well that escalated quickly. wow. sadly he represents quite a few people that feel the same way.

  • Kimball Bergeron

    Sounds like he’s a Tea Bagging Scum, just like the ones in our country!

  • Julie Bunton Brackett

    funny how close his outfit is to a KKK uniform. sorry. in poor taste.

  • John Hancock

    And this ‘amazing’ man can cure AIDS with a “rub” and bananas!! Can you believe it!???? ;)

  • Harry Taco

    Homosexuality is a threat? … Here I was ALL this time thinking religious extremists were(a threat to the world). Silly me. -__-

  • Richard Kaleta

    The really sad thing is a lot of the so-called religious right here in the United States are supporting these people. Why? Because people in the United States are much better educated and we won’t put up with their intolerance.

  • Shiva Raye

    It’s 400 parts per million dude, not 400 penises pumping men.

  • Dave Equality Feinstein

    Clearly this proves IGNORANCE is more of a threat.

  • Jodi Singleton Beauchene

    He can kiss my a______.

  • Jer Helton

    Bleh bleh bleh come say that to my face you piece of shit.

  • Chad English

    We don’t need idiots spreading propaganda like that. Smh these dumbasses are like weeds that need to be plucked.

  • Kristine Furstenberg Hanson

    I feel so threatened. Disgusting viewpoint. So sick of the haters

  • Bruno Gonzalez

    Azley here you have some of what we talked about…

  • Mary Beverstein-Valance

    Absolutely HORRID :’(

  • Herbert Maton
  • Fred Maroun

    And here I was thinking it was terrorism. Thanks for the correction mr ignorant guy.

  • Bree Krach

    Considering he seized power through violence. This kind of vomit is expected.

  • Axcella Zed

    Sorry religions are a threat to gobal peace. Hitler blamed the gays also, the Jews, etc.

  • Bad Kids Incorporated

    Evidence you black motherfucker! Do you have it?

  • Ben Briones

    The real threat to the globe is conservative men in power trying to force their fascist religious views on the rest of the world.

  • J Lee Cline

    As if Gambia has no other problems to address.

  • Lenora Lea Gill

    Your Hatred is a THREAT…….

  • Michele Sckoropad

    I’m sorry to hv to tell u it but Mr Gambia u r so ignorant It’s not even funny

  • Jace Fox

    Madonna started a revolution, we can and have to change the world, not by bitching, not by blaming, not by violence, but with Love! Love for all humanity, because we are all connected. This guy doesn’t get it, but we have to. Love

  • Greg Ybhguolliw

    He hasn’t discovered liberals then lol

  • Kelly Morrison

    WTF EVER!!! stupidity (like his) ia the top global threat

  • Kerr Griffin

    It’s the same issue with Russia. The west’s continuing acceptance of lgbtqiaa people is causing them to see alternative sexualities as a purely western thing. Their backlash against “homosexuality” is “fighting back” against western influence. Therefore, “true” Russians or Gambians or whatever are not homosexual. I’m not excusing the statements or behavior or the crimes against humanity, but it is something of an explanation over why these countries are so preoccupied with this “fight”.

  • Dave Cee

    I find that hard to believe ~ all I did today was make homemade BBQ sauce with my partner. That’s not threatening. That’s delicious.

  • Kyle Catlin

    What a complete idiot… Look out boys.. I’m contageous..

  • Patsy Temple Holleman

    He looks like he is the global threat! If he explodes, look out!

  • Maria Saldana


  • Evelyn Dee Ash

    Education, education, education.

  • James Heywood

    Kinda makes me wanna raise an army and rule the world…

  • Rob James

    Wow! The Witchdoctor shrunk his head!

  • Jc Allen- Beaver

    are you serious?

  • Jc Allen- Beaver

    another idiot in the world

  • Matt Reÿerkerk

    Gambia… Stahp

  • Dima Bivol

    What the fuck?

  • Chip Seay

    Clearly it’s the gays that are an issue in the world today… Couldn’t be any thing like global warming, chemical/nuclear weapons, hunger, genocide… No, nothing like that.

  • Ruben Rivera-Jackman

    Homosexuals are just a scapegoat for these ruthless dictators to distract their own people from the real threats and dangers in their own societies……All in the name of God and Religion…

  • Steve Edwards

    Crack pots from tin pot countries driven by serious religious convictions should not be given a voice at the UN until they are more educated. He looks like an minister giving a sermon not a president.

  • Bruce Brown

    If we are sending his country money we need to stop.

  • Craig Houghton

    Gambia will remain a third world country if they keep guys like this in office.

  • Helen Hatton


  • Angela Alkofer

    Ignorance and bigotry are are global threats

  • Chuck Mcmaster

    The # 1 threat to the world is infidelity. It destroys the family and trust.

  • Iam Knowjuan

    Ignorant fool.

  • Jill Nanney

    threat to who exactly?? yes alot of young teens think n wanna b gay cause they think its cool n different….well the fad wont last! u r or u arent….period!

  • Chad Baker

    I need a husband. Anyone interested?

  • Chuck P. Kass

    Since when did the Good Humour man become so hateful?

  • Naia Monkyavich

    I think divided religions are the top threats!

  • Jordan Blunt

    that big old turd should be afraid, he might lose his job at the car-hop. Besides no right-in-the head gay man would bother giving this bow-wow a second look. Why do ugly straight dudes feel threatened, they are the least and last to worry, yuk.

  • Andrew O’Connor

    he should get a life

  • Shela Ann Hickman

    your fucking kidding me right now!! i.d.k how to properly react to this kind of stupidity

  • Fernando Gantier

    what an ass!!!!

  • Shela Ann Hickman

    i.mean.. why are ppl hiting like??

  • Robin Rankin


  • Raymond Kevin Bassford

    Ignorant fool

  • James Ayres

    he dont understand life

  • Denis Richardson

    I think a more immediate threat to this guy is his weight..

  • Jordan A Dinero

    Who let this dumbass in the UN?

  • Nuala Anaïs Shields

    People crazy enough to believe the absolute lie that LGBT folks are a top global threat, are one of the top 10 actual global threats!

  • Holly Ruston

    …………………….and a pound to a penny, the UK is sending overseas aid to this dickhead. It disgusts me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zio Nocsg de Janeiro

    not global warming, not pirates on the seas but ppl that love each other . where the fuck does this clown get his info from?

  • Lindsay Hartwell

    I think ignorance like that is more harmful that all terrorism and natural disasters put together over a millennium. Just saying.

  • Lindsay Hartwell

    Shela Ann Hickman, when you like and comment more people see the post. It’s how Facebook works. Maybe some of them are liking for that reason. Kind of a “thanks for sharing LGBTQ Nation.”

  • Benjamin Ownby

    Isn’t he the same person who claimed that the ‘cure’ for HIV/aids was…..uhhh in his and only his urine?

  • Jose Luis Santos

    Now gays are the target, black people were before… Stockholm syndrome?

  • Frank Hartigan

    Obesity is clearly no threat in his country.

  • Brian Delamater

    Ignoramus with political power. Very dangerous individual.

  • Nancy Demers

    No, hate is the top global threat.

  • Gary Wilson
  • Hoova Robert

    The ”N” word !

  • D.w. Skinner

    by the looks of it he’s one clogged artery shy of doing the world a great service..

  • Bethany Turner

    Sorry… the president of where…? Come back when you’re relevant. -.-

  • Gabriel Lovelikewinter Smith

    Yea because I harm so many people with being a lesbian. What an ignorant , stupid ,fool.

  • Edith Juanita Brown

    I guess ignorance is not respector of person or race.

  • Chuck Mcmaster

    Who cares Gambia seriously

  • John Broussard

    no offense, bro, but i dont wanta hit that

  • Bill Gieseke

    fucktard asshole

  • Harel Papikian

    Top? Yes. Global? Thank you ;) Threat? If you like it rough.

  • Sandra Seino

    What in the hell is wrong with these people?

  • Michele Perry

    Want fries with that whine? Asshole!

  • John Juan Adams

    Give that MF the HOOK and get him off the stage. You don’t have to be white to be TRASH

  • Paul Grenier

    There is the same percentage of gay people in your country as in any other, the only difference is that you make them live in constant fear and secrecy, fearful of their lives…. sounds like something that happened in WW 2, no? ehemmm. All you need is the little black mustache!

  • Melissa Garriott

    This kind of religious hatred is the same kind that was behind the Rwandan genocide…if he wants to talk about “global threats” he should talk about THAT!!! My son is gay, and the most beautiful thing that EVER happened to me in my life!!! This guy should have someone as wonderful in his life…jelly much? LOL

  • Sandra Seino

    I have an idea, why not make a list of all the nutty leaders with a massive heading stating that no one gay is interested in them and why; can’t dress, bad teeth, flat butt etc, then maybe they’ll lighten up! Must be globally published!

  • Amber Solaen

    Is he scared that his sky god will destroy the whole of humanity if homosexuals are left alone and allowed to live their lives as normally as possible? Wait, wouldn’t this mean that God is more of a legit threat to the globe? I know what it is we must do. The United States and their NATO allies have to invade Heaven! O _O

  • Robert Brown

    what an asshole! America please place him on our terrorist list!

  • Jan Beck McClelland

    some people always need to ostracize and put down another group of people.. it’s the only way they feel god about themselves.. how pathetic.. and I agree with you Nora Lewis!

  • Laurie Fraga Quinlan

    Oh for goodness sake!!! The top global threat is ignorance.

  • Kindra Maureen Pring Eubanks

    “What can I use to convince the world and my own people that I don’t need to do anything about poverty, war and disease?”

  • Dorkus Amongus

    cause this dipshit had nothing better to do…help feed his people? stop being an idiot

  • Drew Iorio

    And now we know why hatred and bigotry persist in his Government. Time he opened his heart and mind and closed his mouth

  • Joyce Houston Marshall


  • Patty StGermaine

    He’s joking. Right. This has to be a joke.

  • Mark Lindsay

    Closet case!

  • Gary Davidson

    People who think like him ate the global threat.

  • Jaix Brooks

    Dear President of Gambia….find a gym, and try a salad once and awhile!

  • Jon Koker

    I think he gets his clothes made by abdulla the tent maker, that fat, useless, hate filled pig !!!!

    • Huy Tu

      pigs are better. They don’t hate.

  • Jules Quirante

    Before u attack gays and lesbians.I will kill u first u will see start from now

  • Nicholas Epperson


  • Serdtse Volka

    He looks like the fatass from Keenen and Kell.

  • Kathy Davidson

    moron I wish people need to be more open minded

  • Hadara Sacher-Zemel

    How very forward-thinking of him. Classy.

    • Darren Gilmour

      I am ever so grateful to this man for informing me of this undeniable fact and valuable life lesson. :) I will no longer worry about terrorism or corruption, and instead direct my efforts to crushing homosexuality. :)

    • Hadara Sacher-Zemel

      Funny thing is, I’d much rather be in a crowd of LGBTs than a crowd of him and his friends. And the gays could be whacking me over the head with rainbow flags. I would be at peace with that!

    • Hadara Sacher-Zemel

      Or maybe that’s an unfair remark, because I am already super pro gay rights. Maybe they should have hatchets instead of flags. Yeah, hatchets. Now it’s fair!

    • Darren Gilmour

      I am the complete opposite, my friend! He and his type are EXACTLY the type of people I mix well with. ;) As I said, so grateful for the wisdom he has bestowed upon me.

  • David Hayes

    Ah you found the article we were talking about last night… cool,

  • Ron King

    Be afraid, be very afraid…..

  • Anne Pikolas

    Seriously asshole? Get a grip, there are way more pressing wordly problems than us gays!

  • Leslie Cole

    And all of you making insulting remarks regarding far people are just as hate-filled. Check your ugly language.

  • Vladimir Crimson

    He’s just jealous of our fabulous style.

  • Shane Slack

    wait im confused, is he a chef? and why is his head so damn small?

  • Hadara Sacher-Zemel

    Our friends just bought a house from the Gambian ambassador. They were all there yesterday, with a posse, and everyone was calling the ambassador “Your excellency”. She couldn’t stop laughing!

  • Stonewall Misita

    …sounds like somebody has their head up their a&%…

  • Beverly J Jensen

    Hatred and fear are global threats. As is ignorance.

  • Jasper Williams

    part time pastry chef

  • Dee Dee Winger

    humans killing torturing and abusing 3 trillion animals a year when it could be zero isn’t more important NO nor is the fact that we have just 40 years left of water at our current rate of massive overconsumption. NO , its the love of gay men and woman everywhere YES this is the problem YES of course ….to everyone who HAS SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!!!!!!!

  • David Hliva

    I’m sure while his speech, the chamber was empty. PMSL

  • Joseph Misseri

    another loser

  • Kevin Bandy

    African Negro PLEASE!!!!!

    • Christiane Smart

      stupid remark really, educate yourself first, not all Africans are this way, Africa is a continent and in South Africa homosexuals can get married. So Kevin PLEASE!

  • Terry Hunter

    Peace around the World…This guy can take himself and his tent home…no one cares what he thinks

  • Amber Michelle

    Oh yeah, we are such a threat. Religion and dictators such as this are not a threat? Pure hatred at its best. How ironic. Why must people attack people who are different from them?

  • Sven d’Argentan

    dumb prick from gambia –hes so fat i bet he lives to 45 and gets cancer of his asshole

  • Donna Winter

    Yes his outfit and his hate speech!

  • Sean Jessica Stone

    its sick leaders like this that need to be reprimanded, for what reason is he not being addressed on his hostilities? united nations has allot of murderers.

  • Hiro Cabrera

    lmfao me being gay is a top global threat!? who knew i was so important ;D

  • Shannon Farmer

    well my friend gambia dude, homosexuality occurs in every form of life on the planet, or do you not know this to be trud.

  • Jane Thorne-Gutierrez

    Think he has stock in a certain Pasta Co. Too?

  • Amber Metcalf

    nora lewis right on!!!!

  • Michael LaPointe

    What an Illuminati shill. trying to get us to fight amongst our selves.

  • Nathan Thomas

    He shouldn’t be allowed to address the world, until he redresses himself.

  • Michael Jeremy Clark

    I thought he was a chef until I seen the caption..I was thinking “he’s cooking cookies for gay people..” then obviously that dream viciously burned. #facetopalm

  • Carnell Zabolocky

    How about obesity mofo?????

  • Trevor Sparacio


  • Césare Fortún

    GORILLAS should not be allowed to speak at the UN!

    • Christiane Smart

      RACIST. Same hateful as he is. Totally uncalled for but there ya go, only goes to show that hate goes both ways. Talk to millioins of other Africans first before you judge but this way you are the same as he is.

  • Kuki Angel

    How about people starving?
    Or disease?
    Or #ignorance?

  • Hannah Tipton

    I can’t even pin point Gambia on a map, holy fuck, feed your people, stop poisoning your endangered species for greed, and do something about your outfit you look like a blind confused kkk member with a bread loaf on your head.
    Like for real, these people have nothing else to do all day but play with sticks and rocks and behead each other.

    • Christiane Smart

      and you just disqualified yourself to be the same hateful bigot he is, judging the whole of Africa by one man. That s uneducated and racist.

  • Stephen Lipira

    Was he able to support his statement why gays and lesbians are a threat? LOL I’m waiting Mr Gambia!

  • Stephen Lipira

    I thought he was a fry cook when I first saw him and wondered what he was doing at the podium in the UN

  • Roger Dodger


    • Linsey Young

      There is barbarism all around the world – writing off an entire continent because of ignorant fools like this is not a constructive response.

    • Christiane Smart

      It s uncalled for to generalize millions of Africans. In South Africa for example it is legal for homosexuals to get married so there. You cannot ever judge a whole continent by one idiot!!!

    • Christiane Smart

      Cos that would really put you on the same hateful step as him , Roger

  • Steven D. Freedman

    Not much into accessorizing are we?

  • Niko Chaffin

    I misread Threat for Treat lol

  • Tara Marshall

    Somebody needs to eat this guy. Preferably a (^^^) .

  • Huy Tu

    Pathetic ignorant idiot. While gays people don’t choose to be gay, he can choose to be fit, but no, he choose to be fat and ignorant. Why be a human when you can’t use any of its better side? Why many people are worst than animals? Animals don’t hate, don’t lie, don’t want to be rich and greedy.

  • Samuel Johnson-Erickson

    So stupid feed your people!!

  • Shaney L. O’Brien

    Stupid fat f@#$ his way of thinking is a bigger global threat.

  • Teresa Rios Terheun

    The UN is full of shit

  • Chuck Blanton

    Mr. Gambia President – you are totally clueless – Obesity is a global threat so go on a diet.

  • Michael Giffey

    Another country that needs to be heavily sanctioned and removed from the UN. All countries need to stop trading with these countries. If that means African countries must become completely self sufficient, so be it.

  • Stephen Sanchez

    Wait a sec, since when has Africa known what is best for the world.

    • Christiane Smart

      you put yourself on the same step as him with comments like that, as if all of Africa, which is a continent btw is represented by one man. Educate yourself before you hate millions of ppl for no reason. In South Africa gays can get married, so there. Just think before spewing hate.You’re no better than him then.

  • Linsey Young

    My girlfriend and I are going for a drive in the country today. Should we take the WMDs or not?

  • Linsey Young

    I don’t think Chef was homophobic. A mad scientologist perhaps, but not a homophobe.

  • Subhankar Das

    9/11? 7/7? Islamic bombing n rapes?
    Ring a bell douche?

  • Pascal Betmont


  • Willem Antonie Mackaij

    There is only one BIG (literally in this case) global threat: people like the president of Gambia…

  • Willem Antonie Mackaij

    There is only one BIG (literally in this case) global threat: people like the president of Gambia…

  • Jerry Rex Long

    Mr. President, Mr Secretary…how soon can we cut Gambia off the aid list.

  • Nikki Darling


  • Bill Starr

    Most countries and their leaders are living in the past! It is time for them to get their heads out of their arses

  • Queenn Ladivah

    He is totally insane!

  • Charles Begley

    Men doing inhumane things to other men….creating a climate of violence and sodomy! these people are Sodomites that the Lord destroyed because of their love of violence and in hospitality….surely they shall not stand and are guilty of blood!

  • Lisa Kowalska

    Wow! Glad I have been informed! I thought it was global pollution and overuse of fossil fuels, hate crime and unjust wars, lack of clean water and starving, abused children dying by the thousand. How stupid of me to not see the threat of fabulous dance moves and co-ordinated soft furnishings. That’s me told ;-)

  • Tatenda Zenzo Karigambe

    this shows low understanding how a president can be,go bek and do some literature review nxaaaaaaah

  • Gilbert W.e. Young

    i thought radiation was?

  • Nicole M Mccaleb


  • Christiane Smart

    Spewing hate is wrong in any way. From him but also from those who turn racist on here. What is wrong with ppl when they now spill hate on all Africans ( millions of those) , Africa is a continent btw and laws are different everywhere, in some countries gays can get married, something that isn’t even achived in all of the USA. Ppl like this Gambian President are religious hardliners who take every word out of the bible/coran as it is and therefore hate for no reason. Religion is the problem here, as it is so often in life. But then in turn to comment about Africans in a very negative way is just as wrong. Because you cannot judge a whole continent by what one idiot said. That only puts you right beside him in being ignorant and uneducated and just stupid in general.

  • Shannon Teuber Myles

    What a hateful president. What will he say next? Pancakes and butterflies are destroying the earth? Makes as much sense as his gay bashing.

  • Michael Wilesmith

    fuck up you black cunt

  • Jon Whitney

    This Rampage of Hate will only make life worse for EVERYONE in Africa and the World

  • Jon Whitney

    This Rampage of Hate will only make life worse for EVERYONE in Africa and the World

  • Rhiannon Skye Walker

    greed,obsession,envy, religion and the need to control others, Yes!!! Homosexuality,Not a threat!!!!!!!

  • Joel King

    @micheal Michael Wilesmith black cunt? Wow people like you make me glad when the world ends.

  • Shannon Teuber Myles

    Michael Wilesmith Let us not start with racist remarks. That makes you as bad as him.

  • Catherine Patten

    this is very amusing considering Black AFrica will use sodomy to control others

  • Césare Fortún

    This president is starved, needs food and oxygen so his brain can function better.

  • Philip Derosario

    What a great big FAT ass!!

  • Philip Derosario

    What a great big FAT ass!!

  • Don Truman Wilson

    what the hell?

  • Césare Fortún

    he said he can cure AIDS with bananas; sure bananas are a favourite of GORILLAS, right? and AIDS is originally from an African primate virus, maybe his! LOL

  • Heinz Kuehl

    this president show already that he is mad for differnt reasons .he goes to paris to fuck arround but the poor has to stay at home he is a bad father of his nation

  • Heinz Kuehl

    he is one of the most scared and stupid presidents in africa he only care his own familymembers let them work in good positions and he make the tax highter always to get more in his pocket but no momey left for the country

  • Paulette Johnson

    O please give a damn break with this bullshit he’s the global threat.

  • Ido Makir


  • Billie Wood

    Omg Gambia really !

  • Charles Richard Brown

    wow… there is a boat load of fat stupid liar hiding that robe.

  • Ricardo Santana

    anothe negro

  • Ricardo Santana


  • Celtic Priest

    He is more the top global threat. He likely is a misogynist who fondles little girls.

  • Joanie Bologna Hepsworth

    Someone get this man a boa and a pair of heels. He screams gay!

  • Victor Sandovol

    what a fucking nigger!

  • Jorge Herrera

    he’s got the rest to the ensemble all he needs is the white hood now

  • Rob Brock Maresca

    He should address his own country and shut the fuck up.

  • Jean StGeorge


  • Patricia Littlejohn

    What!, He must be on drugs.

  • Kelsei Toth

    Why are all these countries governed by crazy people?

  • Jokie X Wilson

    Just how huge *is* he?!

  • IC Lemmings

    ….banana republics need to stick to bananas….

  • IC Lemmings

    ….banana republics need to stick to bananas….

  • Christina Nguyen

    LMAO so funny!! XD

  • Christina Nguyen

    LMAO so funny!! XD

  • Michael Page

    Over eaters over consumers a bigger threat How many wives? How many villas in exotic locations When you let your hair down you don’t get kinky?

  • Michael Page

    Over eaters over consumers a bigger threat How many wives? How many villas in exotic locations When you let your hair down you don’t get kinky?

  • Stephen Melott

    I didnt know I had such power !

  • Stephen Melott

    I didnt know I had such power !

  • RevCeejay Samesexmarriage Agbayani

    he is stupid!

  • RevCeejay Samesexmarriage Agbayani

    he is stupid!

  • Esther Brown

    Could a country/nation just argue with either an expert of sexual orientation studies or an expert on gender studies?

  • Esther Brown

    Could a country/nation just argue with either an expert of sexual orientation studies or an expert on gender studies?

  • John Simpson

    Love the hat pumpkin…..

  • John Simpson

    Love the hat pumpkin…..

  • Bradford K Graves

    assasinate him

  • Bradford K Graves

    assasinate him

  • Pup Equality McKeenan

    I submit that homophobia is a global problem not homosexuality.

  • Pup Equality McKeenan

    I submit that homophobia is a global problem not homosexuality.

  • Joseph Mason


  • Joseph Mason


  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    bigoted hate filled religious buffoons are a threat to world peace

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    bigoted hate filled religious buffoons are a threat to world peace

  • Patrick Smith

    And what has Africa ever done for the rest of the world?

  • Patrick Smith

    And what has Africa ever done for the rest of the world?

  • Britainey Vida Cooper

    I would get mad at this if I could stop laughing long enough…

  • Britainey Vida Cooper

    I would get mad at this if I could stop laughing long enough…

  • Tom Kiser

    Your country sucks.

  • Tom Kiser

    Your country sucks.

  • Let’s Talk Truthfully

    I honestly wonder how some people come to such conclusions.

  • Let’s Talk Truthfully

    I honestly wonder how some people come to such conclusions.

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