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Robertson: Gays deliberately spread AIDS by cutting people with special rings

BRIAN TASHMAN | Right Wing Watch
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday on the “700 Club,” Pat Robertson told co-host Terry Meeuwsen that gay men in cities like San Francisco attempt to spread HIV/AIDS to others by cutting them with a special ring when shaking hands.

However, one could not hear Robertson make the remarks on the episode his Christian Broadcasting Network posted online, as the company once again appears to have edited Robertson’s comments after they aired.

Pat Robertson

While responding to a question from a woman who wondered if it was wrong for the church not to inform her that a man she was driving to worship services is “dying of AIDS,” Robertson admitted that he “used to think it was transmitted by saliva and other things, now they say it may be sexual contact.”

“What to say if you’re driving an elderly man whose got AIDS? Don’t have sex with them,” Robertson said, “unless there’s a cut or some bodily fluid transmission, I think you’re not going to catch it.”

But Robertson didn’t stop there.

“There are laws now, I think the homosexual community has put these draconian laws on the books that prohibit people from discussing this particular affliction, you can tell somebody you had a heart attack, you can tell them they’ve got high blood pressure, but you can’t tell anybody you’ve got AIDS,” he continued.

Despite Meeuwsen’s best attempts to steer the conversation away from Robertson’s anti-gay paranoia, Robertson insisted that gay people use special rings to transmit the virus.

“You know what they do in San Francisco, some in the gay community there they want to get people so if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you shake hands, and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your finger,” Robertson said. “Really. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.”

UPDATE: CBN has also removed the YouTube video of the exchange.

UPDATE II: Robertson issued a non-apology to The Atlantic, saying that he “regret(s) that my remarks had been misunderstood, but this often happens because people do not listen to the context of remarks which are being said.”

Of course, unlike CBN, we provided the entire exchange:

I was asked by a viewer whether she had a right to leave her church because she had been asked to transport an elderly man who had AIDS and about whose condition she had not been informed. My advice was that the risk of contagion in those circumstances was quite low and that she should continue to attend the church and not worry about the incident.

In my own experience, our organization sponsored a meeting years ago in San Francisco where trained security officers warned me about shaking hands because, in those days, certain AIDS-infected activists were deliberately trying to infect people like me by virtue of rings which would cut fingers and transfer blood.

I regret that my remarks had been misunderstood, but this often happens because people do not listen to the context of remarks which are being said. In no wise [sic] were my remarks meant as an indictment of the homosexual community or, for that fact, to those infected with this dreadful disease.

UPDATE III: CBN has has had the video removed from YouTube and Vimeo, but DailyMotion has provided this copy:

UPDATE IV: A third party (we wonder who!) complained to DailyMotion and pulled the video, which you can find, for now, at

At the 39:00 mark, you can see that CBN clearly edited out Robertson’s comments:

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  • Jeremiah Policky

    omg FUCK THIS IDIOT why doesn´t he have a goddamned stroke already?

  • Doc WilsonVoncracker
  • Nakina Berg

    What a quack

  • Josh Day


  • Deanna Long

    Can we file a class action lawsuit for slander against this walking ball sack?

  • Kate Maeve Barker

    Wtf did I just read

  • Charles Jenkins

    LOL What an insane ol bastard.

  • Christine Ashley

    I still keep reading his name as Robert Patterson… O_O

  • Jenita Rodriguez

    Education you ignorant poor man

  • Larry Chandler

    Wow, never thought of using a ring. Usually my cutting remarks do the job well enough. :)

  • Rosalie Brooks

    oh boy, yup, that´s exactly what we think of and plan out….KILL Everyone>>>DUMBASSHOLE.

  • FredandJohn Forgas-Feeley

    Why do you keep putting this guy up here? Im seeing him as often on fb as I would if I were to watch his bullshit program. Cut it out!

  • Sonny J Valentine

    HAHAHAHAHA oh wait, was he serious?

  • Aj Davenport


  • Ray Naylor

    seriously…wtf? that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, this man should be embarrassed for his embarrassed for him

  • David Beetlecrazy Kline

    he´s a NUT!!! and a douche bag!!!

  • Joel Mickelin

    Seems legit.

  • Tanya Lucas

    Ridiculous… Guy is an asshole

  • Kelly Miranda

    What a douche bag!!!

  • Kevin Goodard

    Why do they let him out of the nursing home without his meds? Someone should call about this. Just sayin…

  • Lindsay Phillips

    Tasha Clark thought you would get a kick out of this one

  • Andrea Crofts

    One HIV ring please so I can high five pat robertson

  • Lise Aquin

    No more than straight people spread homophobia!

  • Robert Seletsky

    And he´s not in a padded cell, huh?

  • Gary D. Miller

    this guy is a fucking wing nut!! why doesn´t he just die soon???

  • Christopher Robert-Blake

    OMG, really, Pat? Ugh, why hasn´t this old bigoted bastard kicked the bucket, yet?

  • Lorna Marie

    Oh, good grief ! This fella needs medication !

  • Kari Lehrer

    How can anyone believe this crap?

  • Robin Donnelly

    Too bad you can´t be arrested for spreading hate, lies and ignorance. Why this bag of hot air is still on TV is beyond me?

  • Aoife Mc G

    It´s April 1st yeah? I was asleep for a long time or something?

  • Kenneth Dean

    What a moron.

  • Amy Renee

    why is this bible thumper still allowed to publicly speak?

  • Seth Anderson

    Gay agenda strikes again!!

  • Jeremiah Policky

    deanna long i wa thinking the same thing!!

  • Ashton Kish


  • Sean Rayshel

    A true insult to humanity , he is a living (barely breathing) demon who walks on earth spewing his hate. Like any dark force we need to cleanse his actions by shining our light on him.

  • Jane C. Smith

    Stupid Fuck!

  • Jeff Crane

    Does he work for Fox news now or just listen to it ?

  • Kimberlee Manson

    That´s ridiculous

  • Rhiannon Lyndsay

    But I bet you are immune if you send your monetary donations to his program right? I can´t stand these people.

  • Sandra Gilbertson

    are we sure aliens didn´t shove something up his ass?

  • Snoopie Williams

    OMG there are ONLY 3 ways to spread HIV/AIDS, through blood, semen, and breast milk…where does cutting people will ´special rings´ fit here? WTF ignorance at its finest. Maybe we need to stop giving people like this attention…perhaps. Just saying.

  • Sarah Osborn

    Why are we giving this idiot any sort of credence by sharing articles about him or what he says?

  • Shonda Terah Lee

    he is a special kind of evil and dumbass…whats bad is his flock of Hate-mongering morons will believe his stupidity without hesitation..smh..when is this guy gonna die already…hes a relic from civil war times! lol idiot

  • Chelsea Halliday

    He´s such a piece of shit. I want to vomit whenever this man speaks. Ish

  • Cameron Lee

    Yeah we use our wedding bands from our gay marriages.
    So fun.

  • Trysch Nobahdi

    ooo thats very clever. i love how it sounds like all gay people get together and put on snidley whiplash mustaches and plot the destruction of heterosexuals. ahhh paranoid people how you make me laugh

  • Jason Gentry Jones

    Pat Pat Pat! Such a bad cartoon this one!

  • Michelle Sprinkle

    psycho dumbass.

  • William Price

    What an idiotic, senile old man. He should move to Uganda and run for president. They´d love him there.

  • Chuck P. Kass

    Loony Tunes

  • Adam M Chapman

    Why do we even bother giving this idiot publicity? He´ll die off if we ignore his comments.

  • Renee Sosanna Olson


  • Dana Norris

    Yes, it´s OUR decoder RING!

  • Ashe Conway

    Further increasing my hatred of the 700 club, where they´ll let you say anything as long as it´s against a group they´re against.

  • Bethany Turner

    Oh bums! Rumbled!

    Seriously though, I´m so sick of this blathering old fool. Even the political right doesn´t pay any attention to him any more.

  • Mike Ok


  • Jamie Alluisi

    What???!!!! this is beyond stupid…..

  • Jodi Robison Bingham

    Oh, those silly gays!

  • Kelly Bynion-Cullins

    Ignorance breeds hate and this man sure is ignorant.

  • D.W. Cole

    Pat better read his bible better…Exodus 20:16; Thou shall not bear false witness…

  • David G. Pickett

    Sad to let a man on the media as his brain rots ?

  • Michael Giffey

    Why is he so ignorant, and why under hate crimes laws is he allowed to still have a voice? The fact also that the co-host is a former Miss America has surely tarnished that crown.

  • Anne Morris-Dadson

    batshit crazy!

  • Frank J Schneider

    I have all the membership forms but I never got the ring!

  • Rhea Listick

    You have to be fucking kidding….

  • Carol Bond

    What an idiot!

  • Philip M Katcher

    PAT is running out of insane ideas to slam this one is INSANE

  • Christopher Cox

    omg, I can´t even verbalize how I feel about this man and his statements. I won´t wish anything bad happen to him, but that doesn´t mean i can´t wish nothing good happens

  • Patricia Fassih

    What will they dream of next

  • Ron Lockwitch

    I really wish they would just tell this friggin´ freak to go away. I really hope he dies a painful death.

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  • Karen Edwards

    He is so full of it. I truly think he has lost his mind.

  • Flo Cohen Simons

    OMG, this man is so deranged. Why do they keep providing a platform to spew his hate from? His son is the current owner of the network that was sold to Fox and part of the agreement was that the 700 Club be shown twice a day. Just answered my own question. So I´ll follow with, OMG, this man is so deranged.

  • Rickerzz Wins

    Dumb **** ROT IN HELL FOSSIL!!!

  • Nick Lindley


  • TeresaLynn Teree Thompson

    This little man is evil. Shame on him spreading hate and doing it in the name of Jesus Christ. So wrong.

  • James May

    hes a special kind of stupid!!!

  • Sheri Parkin Frank

    What? This guy´s on drugs!

  • Michel F. Paré

    Why do you bother posting this bull crap. I think I will unlike you.

  • Lgbt ES

    Please, someone, shut this bitch down? pls!!!!

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    careful Pat…..that house just might fall down on your head!

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    Has Pat been diagnosed with dementia yet? Because that statement is just too far out there!

  • Steve Hedenland

    Yeah Right…..and you sit there on your show and beg for people´s Money…..Crook!!!!!

  • Michelle Hall

    Why aren´t we suing the fucking beegeezus out of this asshat?? Defamation on a massive scale!!!

  • Ben Krause

    Ah shit, he´s on to me. *flees to mexico* You´ll never catch me, do-gooders! Mwa ha ha.

  • Ameer Khan

    I wanna fuck him in his ass !

  • Mark Hahn

    why are we even surprised by what this jack ass says?

  • Thomas R. Dorsey-Payton

    Thou shalt not bear false witness. I guess we can just skip that one

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    This man should be in a padded room, I mean really!

  • Brian Bottorff

    (757) 226-7000. call him

  • Randy Duckworth

    Stupidity that does not even deserve to be dignified with a response!

  • Ken Berg

    We are all in on the conspiracy… Gotta eradicate straight people with slicer rings and viruses. RIGHT! This guy deserves more than just a facepalm. He needs to retire somewhere far away. Somewhere he can´t spread his unjustified paranoia.

  • Paul Bucelis-Collins

    Is it safe to hazard a guess that this new craze has been christened “Impurity Rings”?

  • Mac Magwood

    I hate to credit him in any way shape or form, but I do know some gay people who would purposely spread aids. They have a special place in hell in my opinion. I´m pretty sure there are straight people who do the same, but I don´t know them.

  • Kristin Smith Colangelo

    oh for f**ck sake really

  • Brian Sharp

    What about the ring, with which Pat deliberately cuts so many (i.e., his mouth/ass)? It has harmed far more people than AIDS ever could. You are no follower of Christ, Pat, and you certainly have no compassion for those, who have suffered from HIV/AIDS. You should be ashamed of yourself, you soulless clown. You are a relic, and your time is coming.

  • Nancy Borden

    Wish the aliens would keep him. Also wish there was some way to shut him up forever.

  • Mark Krasniqi


  • Matthew Baker

    Its really time for one of Pat´s handlers to grow up and take Pat to the home

  • Keith Ruby

    Isn´t he dead yet? His brain sure is.

  • Christina Or Chrissy Winn


  • Ed Reiman

    Pat only thinks so because when the 12 y.o. he pays to give him prostate massages scratched his brain because the lad had not properly trimmed his nails.

  • Larry Mireles

    Wow, this man is still alive!?!?!

  • Malcolm Owen-Scott Ruane

    What a fucking bellend!!!! As a Heterosexual male, I´m particularly offended by Homophobes and their repugnant behaviour! News that may be of interest to you in the States or wherever, by Mid-2014 Britain will have actively made it legal for for same sex couples to marry. Just thought you´d be interested to hear it. God Bless. :)

  • Andrew W Conrad

    Robertson deliberately spreads lies, bigotry, fairy tales, imaginary friends, dependence and hate. I guess that keep his evil self occupied.

  • Charles Dean

    Is he an effing idiot or what? Maybe he should educate himself on HIV/AIDS before opening his ignorant mouth. What a total douche bag piece of scum.

  • Sebastien Onthe Marquee

    Just like my special ring that detects pure breed assholes… it works every

  • Jeremiah Policky

    somebody find eric brokovich, she´s good at class action suits i hear, all us gays should sue the shit out of him

  • Maxine Farler

    Pat,please stop talking. You are making the rest of us look bad.

  • De Reichle

    Just when I thought the garbage coming out of his mouth couldn´t get anymore evil, and uncalled for…The gay community is not out to kill the world… (have you not taken notice robertson? That they are killing themselves because people such as yourself refuse to show them the love that your own “jesus” has told you to?)
    Common sense and truth are clearly not his forte

  • Jimmy Gilbert

    Here´s the sad truth; some in our community do deliberately have unprotected sex fully knowing they are positive and failing to tell their partner.

  • Kessa Englert Connan

    this is absolute HATE speech

  • Johnny Chavez

    why post the rantings of a madman? really?

  • Sam U. Noony

    Any “god” that lets “people” like this speak for it does not deserve to be respected, let alone worshipped.

  • Allison Quintana

    Pat Robertson, is an ignorant fuck!

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    The man has done lost it now! He is BEYOND certifiable!

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    Ignorance is the worst kind of stipidity

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  • Ron Ziegler

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    Stop giving this guy a forum. He´ll be dead soon.

  • Bryan Whit


  • Marc Peurye

    Alzheimer´s is a terrible disease

  • Owen David Phillips

    Simply A Douchbag!!!!!!!!!!

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    He is a disgusting and horrible man. If there were a hell he would have reservations for the place there, right by the fire!

  • Chris Howard

    You sir, are retarded.

  • Shaun Lee


  • Diana J Sanabria

    ppl like him have a special way of looking and sounding so stupid

  • Jay Justice

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    You know what´s funny. My dad was watching this earlier (don´t ask), and I didn´t hear this part, but from the little I heard I was like, “Is he high on something?” I mean I know he´s crazy in general, but he actually openly bitched about his producer and said nobody cared, and then he started a weird conversation with a guest about why his name is “Joey” instead of “Joseph.” I think he is on medications or drugs we don´t know about.

  • Dana Martinez

    Oh, geesh; more from this imbecile.

  • Michael Javert

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  • Michelle Seyner

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  • Debbie Appell

    When are they going to commit this scumbag?!! When?!!!

  • Christine Huston

    Oh go and look inside you and find out where u deliberately spread something that u think is unsafe before u pass judgement on others.

  • Michael Jacobs

    This man is so insane… what a waste of time to spend on what he has to say..

  • Lauren Wilson

    i think it´s time for a nursing home and some proper medication. he´s not even making sense anymore. keeeeeeep on rambling about stupidity.

  • Skip Martin

    I wish he would fall off of a building somewhere.

  • Ellen Harris-howard

    how does he dream this stuff up?

  • Sue Stewart

    with a louisville slugger…he probably got off watching miley´s crap…

  • Bernadette Prendergast

    What a lowlife

  • Mark Lehew

    wow…special rings ?

  • Stacey B. Lowell

    Why is that stupid ass moron still on TV? Why would anyone listen to his vitriol? Pat Robertson is not a Christian. He is a leftover of the PTL frnachise

  • Maria Mendez

    WT?? Come on Pat. Draconian Rings that cut people and infect them with the virus that contains HIV/AIDS? Perhaps the same could be said of you? You continue to breath life into this existance without dropping over? What is it? Balanced diet? Good genetic line? Or? Perhaps something darker?…Let´s say?…Vampire??

  • Justin DeVante Padilla

    I didn´t like that AIDS ring I got in the mail. It was ugly, so I through it away. And mostly cuz I don´t want to spread AIDS to people. No one deserves such a disease.

  • Jorge Janeiro

    Pat, you REALLY need a good f**king to get you over your obsession with other people´s sex lives. If only there would be a charitable (and blind) soul who´d volunteer

  • David Scrivens

    Every time he opens his bigoted, hateful mouth something comes out worse then the last time he spoke. We know he is senile and has a problem but what scares you is there are others who listen to him and believe the crap coming out of his mouth. He needs to go to a home with a padded room.

  • Fred Stolzer


  • Barbara Parsons

    I beg your pardon u are nutso

  • Nick Wheeler

    Why should anyone listen to this senile old shit??

  • Mykola Alexeyovych Tereshchenko

    Crazy bitch!

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  • Yadira Jones

    Not a fact please God find him a good home to go to

  • Mai Yag FellaGirlie

    I would LOVE to shake hands with that man and everyone at his church…

  • Yo Otero

    He is simply the reason there is so much hate in the world!!! People listen to people like him it´s very sad but true, these so called Christians spread hate all over the world .

  • Michael Strickley

    It´s time for a nice assisted living Mr Robertson !

  • Leonard Simons

    He is such a Dumbass !!

  • Ken Ken Revlon

    he isnt that bright lol

  • Gary Mann

    Pat Robertson spreads ignorance just by opening his stupid fucking mouth. Hate breeds hate Pat!!

  • Lizzie DeSade

    Let´s give this jerk the attention he deserves . . . None at all.

  • Jay Jay MacIntyre

    No one deserves to die of HIV or AIDS! I would flood his mailboxes with educational emails to teach the ignorant bastard a lesson.

  • Bianca Suyapa Barahona

    Lol lol the day he dies will make national gay holiday

  • Jamie Amos


  • Synstelien Ben

    He was going in the right place, then his brain exploded! I really think he has dementia!

  • Terry Purdue


  • Michael Mikie Row

    Crazy old coot!

  • Vivian Kirby-Scott

    Excuse my language but “Are you Fucking kicking me?” Maybe if he pulled his cranium from his rectal cavity he could see.

  • Tameka Jones

    Oh, ppl are still taking him seriously?

  • Raymonde Nicely Rougier

    hateful, the man is truly hateful…if he thinks the way he acts and talks makes him a good Christian, I believe he is totally off the mark!!

  • Channing Knott

    Really? That is a load of bs.

  • Patrick Hinh

    Is show how uneducated of him especially there are so many HIV/Aids awareness in Africa and around the world. Very sad

  • Jimmy Wade

    what a dumb ass

  • Melody Nicholls Allingham

    Oh dear gawd………….you just can´t fix STUPID!!!!! But right now I kinda wanna hit it with a hammer just once! lol

  • Dalena Kingston SpiritSong

    Oh brother…or bother as a Hobbit would say!

  • Floyd Thompson

    This man is the pinnacle of STUPID!

  • John Bijarney

    Sounds like he needs adult supervision and special care.

  • Grant Eshoo


  • Robin Lichte

    Pat Robertson and other bible beating morons like him are truly vile heartless soulless monsters. Who need to be taken of the air. They spread poison and hate and turn around and say they´re doing gods work. It makes me sick!!!

  • Patricia Hernandez

    Omg.!!! Really.!!! Why would someone say something so stupid.!!!!

  • David Good

    He is behond WTF and off in never, never land

  • Michael Arthur

    i sent him a message on Twitter…asking how he could say something so wrong…@PatRobertsonTV..and i hope his followers will see it and question his judgement in what was said…

  • Pam Candelaria

    He has really lost his mind this time!

  • Ralph Vendegna

    Where ever that asshole televises from, someone should start a petition to take him off the air waves.

  • Samuel Mattoso

    I live by him. He needs to go somewhere.

  • Dave W Crawford Jr

    WHAT A FREAKING IDIOT! You can not spread AIDS!! It is HIV. You cant catch AIDS

  • Felix Jongleur

    THOU. SHALT. NOT. BEAR. FALSE. WITNESS. What part of this is difficult to understand, Pat Robertson?

    “The real test is this. Suppose one reads a story of filthy atrocities in the paper. Then suppose that something turns up suggesting that the story might not be quite true, or not quite so bad as it was made out. Is one’s first feeling, “Thank God, even they aren’t quite so bad as that,” or is it a feeling of disappointment, and even a determination to cling to the first story for the sheer pleasure of thinking your enemies are as bad as possible? If it is the second then it is, I am afraid, the first step in a process which, if followed to the end, will make us into devils. You see, one is beginning to wish that black was a little blacker. If we give that wish its head, later on we shall wish to see grey as black, and then to see white itself as black. Finally we shall insist on seeing everything — God and our friends and ourselves included — as bad, and not be able to stop doing it: we shall be fixed for ever in a universe of pure hatred.”

  • Erica Serbe

    ok….first off being a gay woman I am tired of this profiling done by congress and straits… give it a rest

  • Cassandra Huber

    Can someone please put him out of his misery? PLEASE????

  • Kevin L Wilson

    Pat is a special kind of stupid.

  • Shannon Howell

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Amy Thomas

    Someone needs to get him some mental health care.

  • Philip Miller

    He isn´t dead yet?? For God´s sake the man is ancient can´t he just drop already? His hatred is venomous, he doesn´t need to preach anymore bullshit

  • Rick Williams

    where do i get this special ring?

  • Rose Mikaela Moon

    Wow.. that´s.. wow. xD special much?

  • Angie Arthurs

    Where´s my ring then? I feel like I got left out…lol. What a pathetic Dbag

  • Robert Alvarado

    I think he is officially too old to be on tv. He must be soo old he´s fucking lost mind! What a dumb ass!!

  • Scott McDonald

    Wait, what?

  • Jonathan E Davis

    Is he required to correct/retract false statements? Or can he be sued for slander?

  • Leia Ingram

    Why is he NOT in a mental institution somewhere?

  • Richard Gorlewski

    Ok. The question to Pat Robertson (from “Mary”) was based upon ignorance, (And that she hasn´t been to church since finding out someone has AIDS that she knew out of fear of ´getting” AIDS). She is probably scared shitless of anyone who is not White Anglo Saxon Protestant in a traditional role.

    I literally had to watch the video a few times because my head was ready to explode the first time. But, upon watching again, not only is Pat Robertson sounding clueless, but he does not hesitate to scare the crap out of people. Further, it shows his utter stupidity. I mean there are some 83 year olds that are tolerant, and could care less. All I got to say for Pat Robertson is……..”He is ready God. “

  • Amanda Jones

    Um…wouldn´t they have to cut the person and then cut themselves and pour their own blood into the other one´s wound…without them noticing?? wtf

  • Anne Pikolas

    Seriously, is anyone even paying attention to him anymore????

  • Elaine Brockmeier

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • James R Maisel

    When is this old man going to die already

  • Jessica Hctibqueen Kingsley

    Are you effing kidding

  • Janice Krasselt Medin

    He is the definition of dementia.

  • Scott Mitchell

    I think forgot to take his medication this morning. :)

  • Michael J. Waters

    Ass wipe idiot

  • Janice Krasselt Medin

    Do lesbians wear these rings?

  • Eric Erickson

    People his age that are so delusional should be in a rest home.

  • Lorraine Robinson

    scarier than his comments, are the people who believe them

  • Kylie Marie

    stupid little man

  • OldMan River

    so glad I have moved away from this idiots sphere of influence….his stupidity is astounding….Jesus would certainly weep….

  • David Hliva

    Yeah Scott, i think in his old age, he´s lost it. He lost it long ago to.

  • Rhonda Still Leach

    WOW!! I would sooo LOVE to be in the same room with that no good SOB!!!

  • Chris Jaworowicz

    Someone needs to check his medicine, clearly he is going senile

  • Rachel Schmidt

    Can we say he needs to be off the air.

  • Tony Photoboy Fowler

    I hope this man dies a terrible long painful death and then goes to hell.
    Get a fucking clue Pat!

  • Mickey Alan Hampton

    This is just another demonstration, of how saying crazy and fanatical things will get you famous! For instance, I can say “straight people make gay people”, that´s pretty accurate so I wouldn´t get any kind of attention from that. However, if I said “Gay people make lousy fashion advisors” and I actually believed it, I would probably be a little famous, a little!

  • Makayla Foulk

    He is an old man stuck in the past where they don´t accept people for who they really are.

  • Lawrenceville Bechtel

    It is like saying vampires deliberately spread Hep V

  • Tony Photoboy Fowler

    He is probably speaking from experience when he got fisted with a gay man that left his ring on.

  • Makayla Foulk

    He wants to use God to spread his anti-gay and everything else into the world. Its bs and he needs to freaking retire.

  • Tracie Boush

    Even CBN knows he´s crazy; that´s why they edited him.

  • Lester Nock

    WTF! How does he get away with that? Seriously, that can´t be legal, isn´t that slander or libel or something. Actionable, there is definitely malice.

  • Dennis Andrews

    How does he think of this S!!T. Oh he doesn´t think.

  • Marty Baham

    Time to up the meds……..

  • Gina Stanley

    Seriously what is wrong with this guy? Did he catch Syphilis back in the 70´s and just think that he is to special to be tested? This guy must have something wrong with his upstairs…there has to be an explanation for that much ignorance.

  • Richard Gorlewski

    Ok. The question to Pat Robertson (from “Mary”) was based upon ignorance, (And that she hasn´t been to church since finding out someone has AIDS that she knew out of fear of ´getting” AIDS).

    I literally had to watch the video a few times because my head was ready to explode the first time. But, upon watching again, not only is Pat Robertson sounding clueless, but he does not hesitate to scare the crap out of people. Further, it shows his utter stupidity.

  • Kenton Jones

    Oh, just shut up and die.

  • Steve Wichmann

    Where does this idiot get this stuff? He has a team of very funny writers!

  • Joe Murillo

    Give me a f#@%!&* break!!!!!!!! God is going to judge you the way you judged others. Just wait! you will see.

  • Jon Powell

    Delusional old F#%K

  • Will Alarie

    what an absolute idiot please take all his funding away from him and throw him in prison

  • K Micheal Munden

    Why does this venomous little toad given air time,he is truly poison & the most outspoken bigot I´ve ever heard,thank god he doesn´t live in the UK.
    Surely he should be prosecuted for a hate crime

  • Libbie Givens Neale

    Hes an idiot! Ignore him

  • Suqi Grant

    Well, thank you for my daily dose of dumb!

  • Jill Stevens

    what a kook.

  • Bridgett Klingler

    Sadly ignorant people will believe and spread such ridiculous nonsense.

  • Joyce Worley

    something needs to do to this crazy old bastard, to bad that chanel doesn´t cut him loose. i´ve never seen such an idiot in all my like.

  • Ernest Ed

    You all do know Pat Robertson is hooking up with twinks on the D.L. right?!!

  • Demond Shannon

    Wow someone has issues…

  • Christian Valentine

    Now this may be true.there *may* be men out there commiting crimes and doing such a thing BUT i do agree that its ignorant to assume the whole community does it.this is where HE is does NOT make an entire community/race/gender.

  • Charles Wilson Sr.

    All I can say is Pat Robertson is a phucking asshole! :poop:

  • Rachel Krenek

    Wow, just wow. The shit these bigots are saying keeps getting more and more outrageous…because with each victory for marriage equality, they become more desperate.

  • Eric Jones

    Pure ignorance

  • Anirt Yarit Moquete

    I have a question for everyone
    Whats the big deal of being gay? Will they live with YOU? No
    Will they pay YOUR bill? No
    Will they have sex with YOU knowing your straight? No
    Then leave them alone and go on with your fucking life

  • Michael Palmer

    Doesn´t he know that if that were even remotely true we would´ve started with him and his ilk. But here´s the thing guys. It´s more insidious than you think so pay attention and educate. Pat Robertson is not an idiot right? Let´s start from the position that our enemies are not incompetent because they´re not. Let´s also assume they´re not the worst people in earth. So why would a seemingly intelligent man of God say something so obviously incorrect and known to be so.

    Why? Because unlike the left, the right works in coordination to deliver a message and manipulate the constituency. Let me explain. In sales one of the things you learn is that when people are given three choices most times they choose the middle option. So if they have A,B,C. 9 out of ten times they choose B.

    So if you want your views to be the dominating view you have to make sure your position is option B. Well that rarely happens organically. Traditionally you have the left, the consensus and the right. For the last decade the right has been working to change that paradigm and it´s working. How many times have you heard the country described as “center right” it´s not but if you say it enough times it becomes accepted as the truth.

    So now in order to make their right wing opinions more palatable, seem more reasoned you need create a further right straw man, enter Robertson and his ilk, and a lunatic fringe enter the tea party. On the left instead of having three branches of the democratic party you have a big “D” and it´s lunatic fringe, a, shadowy underground election stealing group known as Acorn. The end result is that Fox news ends up smack dab in the middle… reasonable, palatable in this new paradigm.

    And as the king of the cable news media ratings wars I would say it´s working.

  • Charles Rabalais

    Think about it. He arrives at heavens gate god looks down and sees pat robinson and starts to laugh his ass off.

  • Tony Dadson

    I love this guy! he does more to harm the evangelical christian movement than christopher hitchens ever could!

  • Dusty Sullivan


  • Cindie Beach

    He has no idea how insane he sounds or how insane he truely is.

  • Karen Ingalls


  • Audra Sarni

    what a nut, spreading nonsense like this. get a life

  • Matt Palmer

    just because some are trying to get rid of YOU, Pat, doesn´t mean we all do shit like that!

  • Lisa Dugger Ratliff

    He is a fool.

  • Brent Smith

    The real question is when´s is someone going to deliver the booze?

  • Chris Coney

    Being a Brit, I genuinely dont know how you, my transatlantic lgbtq cousins from across the pond, PUT up with such crap from right wing nut jobs in your media. I know you have freedom of speech but come on! Who could possibly think this man was suitable to be on television.

  • Charlie Smith

    No words can sum up what he just said…just pure ignorance!

  • Sue Doherty

    That´s after they use the secret handshake. Oh, no. That´s The Freemasons.

  • John Houston

    Why would anyone want to spread AIDS to anyone? What kind of Christian is Pat Robertson?

  • Mary Ellen Wood

    what an idiot

  • Jeffrey Horn

    Pat Robertson eats raw unicorn babies.

  • Mary McIntyre

    The man is truly crazy. Do people still actually follow and even more donate to him. I am appalled.

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    Wow..senility or insanity-maybe both?

  • Michael Alexa Dudding

    Pat Robertson deliberately spreads hate by speaking.

  • Aaron Byers

    Till this guy to shut the hell up and retire to his fancy condo and die there already

  • Warren MacEachern

    While every is complaining about him, I´m just sitting here laughing.

  • Aracely Perez

    I have a bad case of fist-to-the-face disease. I can literally transmit my fist to someones face, so uhh, Pat, dont get to close.

  • Orrin Carpenter Jr

    Carrier of twisted dementia ~

  • Ray Maddocks

    The level of stupidity that this person currently inhabits has hit an all new low!! How can ANYONE take this drooling imbecile seriously??

  • Charlie Guitard

    aahahahahahaaaaaa.. this guy cracks me up

  • Paul Phelps

    Someone needs to cut that old stupid dumb fuck once and for all

  • Rogi Riverstone
  • Pink Mingo

    Someone please make a visit with the heavy, heavy duty duct tape!!!

  • Saeed Incognegro Shareef

    What…the fuck…is he talking about?

  • Den Lab


  • Joanne Marie Quiogue

    He´s crazy!

  • Joshua Kyle Rawlins

    He´s giving me a headache

  • Seia Carponti

    What is wrong with this Idiot?

  • Elizabeth Lee


  • Fred Phelix

    This man is totally insane

  • Dennis Miller

    LOL! I love it when assholes prove it.

  • Kattie A. Gleason

    What a Nut Ball!!

  • Rick Prusha

    News at 5, Old guy that needs to be quiet or die off peacefully.

  • Heath Tanner

    This gay has a special ring I´d like to put around his neck!!!

  • Bob May

    This old goat needs to lay down he look´s dead. He is such a joke, there is something in the saying: Leave the stage while people are still applauding. Sad for him.

  • Thomas Vitale

    They gay community does not purposely cut people to give them aids. Where the fuck did he get that from. Is he stupid? Like what the fuck

  • Carl Gray

    What kind of bullshit is this?

  • Danny Pasichnyk

    What a tool!! Somebody slap this man!!

  • Chuck Blanton

    A TRUE MORON if I ever heard one talk.

  • Susan Theismann

    my head is spinning…and pea soup is about to explode!!!

  • Ian Friend Kidd

    what a big asshole

  • Timothy Herbert

    wait… what… wait…

  • Dan Stark

    How did he find out about the rings? That was a gay top secret!!!

  • Diana Keller Boggs


  • Steven Ratti

    This guy really needs to stop running away from the psychiatric unit. The assorted Napoleons and Stalins are getting lonely!

  • Aramis Edward Wilson

    Medical impossibilities aside, REALLY!? AIDS was a nightmarish plague that slowly, agonizingly wiped out millions of us globally. Some of our best and brightest were snuffed out. Meanwhile here in the U.S. and abroad, governments refused to even acknowledge its existence, while “church” leaders, such as Mister Robertson here, openly celebrated the holocaust. To accuse US of intentionally spreading it is the most vile of slander! This petty little “man” has sunk to a new low. Outside his 700 Club cult, he has become a sick joke.

  • Thor Thorcito

    Poor man…. Dementia is my diagnosis…

  • Keith Norton

    O.0 oh no here it comes

  • James Nantais

    OY VEY!!! He´s been sniffing too many pews, or Glue.

  • Joseph Bartholomew


  • Tina Fields

    what a dumbass!!!!!

  • Christopher Amadeus Krueger

  • Sarah C Watrous

    WHAT!?! That´s crazy!!

  • Walter LaForge

    INSANE !!!!!!

  • Sammie Kassala

    Its so sad, religious organizations that are truly Christians know better than this and actually accept us (LGBTQ) as children of God and as fellow brothers and sisters who are to love one another. Its that fact that needs to be seen more and to be honest i won´t judge Pat but as a lesbian woman who was scared to come out of the closet when i was younger due to things like this make me sad. We are all human beings born the exact same way and chosen to live a life on earth. Color religion sexuality and origin shouldn´t dictate how we are treated in America “Land of the Free” PERIOD and I´m sad to say that Gay men and Transgender get it the worst because of ppl like Pat who bare false witness and do dirty work in Gods name. All i can do is pray and support my community and show love.. To all you Gays Lesbos Trannys and Queer folk I LOVE YOU!!! <3

  • Darwin Stearns

    Looks like they need to change his prescription from Aricept to Namenda. His dementia is obviously getting worse…

  • Roger Honeycutt

    Is there no end to this mans stupidity, he´s do more to spread hate and lies than he ever did for the good. I would love to tell him to his face he is a g d fool

  • Terry Cuzzort

    Unbelievable! Is this guy for real? Do people really follow what he says and live by it? If there is a God, then I´m sure that he is extremely disappointed in the hate that is preached in his name by people like Pat Robertson. I hope you like hot places, Pat. I think you might end up there with all of the hatred you preach.

  • Emily Cheyenne Bigger

    This man is the devil.

  • Lorraine Farrell

    rofl-what a nut.

  • Elle Dee

    wow..just wow…

  • Karen Nesbitt Colon

    Gay folks are passing draconian gag-order laws prohibiting the discussion of AIDS. We gotta get all those gays out of the government~

  • Kathy Rehm

    Um, what?

  • Gary Stockton

    Where does he come up with this stuff?

  • Jen Schwind

    This man needs to have his head and heart examined.

  • Ruthann Oliver


  • Mike Martinez Crogan

    i will pay ANYONE to cut this sick bastard

  • Jennifer Cavallari

    Okay, Pat Robertson is officially a troll.

  • Christian Aaron Beddoes

    What an Arsehole!

  • Patrick Bollin

    LMAO what even? Hahahahaha what an uneducated moron! CUT PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL RINGS!? REALLY THO!?

  • Stephanie Vasquez

    Wow, and I thought I had already heard the worst from him.. He just keeps getting more and more insane.

  • Don Maillet

    Can this idiot be institutionalized? The fool is insane!

  • Chris Hummel

    sounds like someone has went out of their mind and keeps running his crazy mouth. Douche

  • Dominic Poisson Fucinari

    How stupid can a Televangelist get?

  • Ruth Cranston

    Oh no! He caught me! I was just going out to do that!

  • Mike Wallace

    IMO, this bigot is a tired, beaten old man who realizes that upcoming generations–and many in mine (I´m 68)–don´t care what he says or thinks.

  • Terri Shuler Guillott

    This guy never ceases to amaze me at how much stupidity and absurdity can come out of one man´s mouth!!!

  • Liz Burke


  • Susan StStephens

    Well, gotta to give the ole buzzard some credit, that is one I have not heard before.. *grumbles to myself…

  • Lara Kris Watson

    um what?!

  • Hunca Munca

    This guy is just plain sad!

  • Hunca Munca

    Can´t believe he is still on the air.

  • Donald Smith

    What a poor excuse for a human being.

  • Graeme Rushing

    The gay community already took the heat for the AIDS epidemic in the 80´s and 90´s. We don´t need this science fiction propaganda anymore you freaking crazy lunatic. Besides if you knew anything about HIV or AIDS you would realize the virus can NOT live outside of the body any longer than a second.

  • Janeya Dilosa


  • Rhiannon Misty O´Neil

    fuck you pat robertson

  • Susan Johnson Privette

    where does he come up with that stuff? and people believe him? God must be shaking his head in disbelief, shame, and sadness!

  • Eddie DM

    what douche bag

  • Sage Yelle Alixander

    Fuck you Pat! Whew now I feel a bit better.

  • William House

    And this is why Republicans oppose health care?

    Republicans are the Death Panel Party, 26,000 die each year due to lack of health insurance.

  • Rocchi Volpe

    OMG.. really they have special rings.. this guy should be removed from the air.. Blanton Lies…

  • Nina Tryggvason

    sad to make fun of dementia and display him on tv like that. his family should be ashamed for this elder abuse

  • Marc Schoenitzer

    Impossible to plumb the depth of this man´s ignorance and stupidity!

  • Scott R Paquin

    What a fucking ignorant asshole

  • Andy Todzia

    Let´s hope he dies from old age soon. The world has had enough of his demonic and demented opinions. Pat Robertson is a good example of someone who gives religion a bad name.

  • Steve Peterson


  • Catherine Curelop

    Sicko, saying crap

  • Larry Zee Zimmerman

    Pat Robertson needs to be incarcerated for his stupidity.

  • Katey Minney

    He came up with this because a man is actually doing this. There is a man who has AIDS and his life goal is to infect as many people as possible. Not sure if he has been caught yet. But if one person does something stupid they have to blame the current minority. Guess what we all are?

  • Susan LeFort

    he is just a freak….

  • Kayla Fields

    Why is this old fart still alive? He´s FUCKING evil and utterly retarded.

  • Pepper Hume

    Who listens to this dummy? Why are you giving him this much press? Stop it. Ignore him.

  • Frank A. Pierce

    This man is a disgusting Old Bastard I cant believe that people even listen to him and to say something like this it is just insane and a disgrace to people who have sucummed to the disease.

  • Adam York

    Get your old fucking ass off the tv! People like him are the reason why us gays can´t ever get a fair shake!! Go to a nursing home and rot away dumb fuck!!

  • Dallas Vinson

    Just more of his delusional bull shit. When is this master hate and fear monger going to just keel over and die?

  • Michael Anthony Kesegich

    Pat Robertson I just want you to know that you dont represent my God. They God who made me is a loving God. And he made me in his own image. And the God who m mademe does not make any mistakes. Just a fyi!

  • Johnny Velos Alvarado


  • Karen Charles Stidham

    don´t you just love his inorance – its a wonder that he has enough brain power to walk and talk at the same time – little brains , little thoughs

  • Paul Ray Ward

    My god loves all of us not sure he loves you

  • Kenneth Cowles

    OMG, I have disliked this pig for more years then most of you been alive. As a brliever, yeah I do, I can not believe these people spread such Bull crap about the Bible. I am sure Christ and God both can hardly waite to get them on the judgement seat. May they Roast in hell. Robertson suck dog dink.

  • Peggy Ullman Bell

    This is just wrong.

  • Katy Ryckman


  • Jim Scott

    I am against random acts of violence but if somebody were to run him over with their car, I promise I would not tell a soul

  • George Morales

    Fucking Idiot!

  • Rhonda McIntyre

    What an a@hole! Very Christian. Jesus won´t be waiting for you, you´re going down under, not talk in´ Australia!

  • Tasha Happitees Campbell

    ignorance is truly bliss!!

  • Didi Deathbat


  • Brad Votour

    at least the the broadcasting company had the good sense to edit out his idiotic comments before it went on the air…

  • Michael Diggins

    what an ass. time to retire and crawl in a hole.

  • Elena Karis

    This man clearly is either suffering from Alzheimers or dementia and should just retired and get treatment for his final days. Wow. Is he not aware that gay people are not the only people in the world who have AIDS? Is he not aware that not more than 15 years ago a straight man who has AIDS was having sex with women (knowingly) without the use of any protection and leaving them a single rose- and INFECTING them with AIDS? Yeah. Wow. Just bleeping wow.

  • Jeff Wilson

    ´Dear lord…Please take Pat Robertson home to be with you… NOW!´

  • Karla Jo Hall

    Pat deliberately spreads bigotry and stupidity.

  • Ceronsa Renee Delk

    Obviously, Mr. Pat Robertson hasn´t changed. How old is he now-103!

  • Brad Votour

    Katie Goodman sums this up quite well….

  • James Peterson

    He caught us ! Who gave him a copy of the homosexual handbook. How did he get our secret agenda?

  • Stephen Self


  • Becca Gibson

    Where do they get this crap?! Special rings?! Seriously?!

  • Brian Cowell

    He needs to go broadcast for a network like The Onion that spouts false accusations instead of claiming to be a Christian.

  • Martha Linn

    Is this idiot still alive?

  • Gerald Gauthier

    can we sue him for inciting violence against gays?

  • Moyra Rutherford


  • Nakia Marie Kennedy

    pat your a true asshole and if you think that lgbt people spread aids your as carzy as ur statement

  • Rogue Angel

    WTF.? What the hell kind of crap is that. Special AIDS spreading rings..! Thank God people like him don´t have special stupidity spreading bracelets..!

  • Traci Schirmer

    Pat Robertson, just die already & go to Hell!!!!

  • Kathleen Garcia Mercado

    Maturity doesn´t come with age. Thank you for proving that Mr. Robertson!

  • Kathleen Garcia Mercado

    Or knowledge, I guess

  • Linda Cline de Masi


  • Kara H Bickford

    someone please put this old bag out of his misery……like an old blind lame dog….take him out back.

  • Ricky Hale

    Wow, and the really scary part is that some of his viewers might actually believe this.

  • Cyraneau de Beargerac

    One Gay Ring to fool them all…

  • Michael Brown

    this man is an ass!

  • Kathryn Mary Horne

    Someone forgot to take his meds

  • Deana Santarelli

    This old fuck is an idiot!

  • Rayven Franke

    Level of stupidy= Christian

  • Henry Mcmahon

    Can one of you gay men please do the world a favor a give him aids…or fuck him to death

  • Bob Ritz

    This guy has a really big audience and a lot of people believe him, his dementia notwithstanding.

  • Paula Mason

    Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! My head feels hot.

  • Lisa Hind

    IDIOT. God , please take him home soon. Hee hee !!

  • Lisa Hind

    I hope Robertson gets it up the ass more than once.

  • Nicole Nock

    Omg! Pat Robinson and all of his minions are fucking idiots. That is just like when he said hurricane Katrina happened cuz god was punishing us cuz we allow gays, witches, and feminists to live.

  • Madonna Cacciatore

    No, no….it´s not The Onion. Just another malicious, hateful, unChristinalike statement made by a hateful old devil bastard.

  • Melissa Jordan


  • Lisa Hind

    There is probably some debate as to whether Robertson´s brain or penis is less used.

  • John P. Johnson

    Dear God…forgive Pat Robertson for being a big ass.

  • Autumn Pickard

    This just in! Pat Robertson is and has been BAT SHIT BONKERS for a good long while now.. I feel sorry for the man, I mean being paraded around by his family and anyone else who can get an elderly lady to call them up and give them their last five dollars while being demented himself, I´m sorry but to me that constitutes elderly abuse. Put that man in one of his mansions, tell him Hitler won the war and Regan is still President, and all religions except Christianity have been exterminated so he can die in peace…..

  • Jennifer Dietsch

    and straight people purposely spread herpes with toilet seats? And dude purposely give women cancer with their penis´s? And women purposely give men heart attacks by driving them into debt?

  • Patrice Anthony

    Really???????????? this man is an IDOIT!!!!!

  • Ronn Campagnac Brown

    I don´t like to wish ill harm on anyone but this old bigot deserves a good punch in his pie hole. ;)

  • Chris Robertson

    Somebody,…… Anybody!!!! Just shoot this old man and get him out of his misery!

  • Christin Lee

    Am smacking my head over how stupid this guy is. How can anyone take him serious?

  • Paula Mason

    Pat needs to pull his head out of his ass and get some fresh air

  • Brent Alan Burington

    Okay, I tried to be nice. No longer – God? This man is ready, TAKE HIM NOW!!!!

  • Hammah Muscleman

    What the fuck, even? People listen to this guy?

  • Lou Rene Hatfield

    bullshit !

  • Roland Bayse

    He´s dead but he wont lay down…

  • Dan Coulter


  • Samantha Atkins

    Someone send this evil moron to a home. It is past time.

  • Ella Altmayer

    I can´t stand him.

  • Bill Channell

    How sick is this bastard?

  • Dang Ph

    He is upgraded from Senility to Illusion.

  • Steven Brown

    wow paranoid and nutzo he should be cut with my special ring lol

  • Ellen Oakley

    pat someone needs to hit you with their car again and again and again and then claim the devil made them do it you fracking idiot. There are more straight people with Aids than gays at this present time you fucking piece of shit

  • Denise Ray

    no cure for stupid!

  • Katrina S. Axelrod

    Darn, who blabbed?

  • Hammah Muscleman

    I guess the whole “thou shalt not bear false witness” thing is out the window.

  • James Jarrett

    Wow!! He´s really gone off the deep end!! Time to die old man!

  • Donald Albrets

    What a sick deranged SOB

  • Candace Sweet

    paranoia will destroy ya old clueless man

  • Mark Wise

    is he that stupid?

  • Terry Salach

    Grrrr Pat Robertson is an idiot.

  • Marisol Acosta

    Can someone be pubicly so stupid? Or Paranoid Homophobic?

  • Roberta Echelson

    Man, he´s really losing it.

  • Bettie Connors


  • Denise McKeon

    This is an old rumor that was debunked a long time ago maybe his Alzheimers is acting up!

  • Gregg Sarkasian-McAuliffe

    Crazy old bastard!

  • Sara Ch

    Oh ffs….

  • Dennis Gordon

    Time to pull the plug his radio show

  • Dennis Gordon

    and TV as well

  • Laura Foster-Eason

    OMG, somebody needs to show this hateful old man the doors to the nursing home.

  • John Alongi

    Is this guy totally crazy or what. Did he make it up on his own did “someone” whisper in his ear!!

  • Chuck Compton

    he is full of :poop:

  • April Champion

    hes a fucking idiot.

  • Chris Engelke

    WTF? This guy is insane!

  • Gregory P. Gallien

    Oh-oh, he´s onto our evil plot! Were this true, he´d be on the top of the list to get cut by one of the “special” rings.What an ass.

  • Elijah Stelly

    why isn´t he dead yet?

  • Duane Stave

    Why do they let him speak?????

  • Chaz Partain

    Roflmao… I love this crazy old guy…

  • John Stahl

    He has been off the wall for so long! I can not believe they keep him on TV! Someone please just shut hm up!

  • Daniel English

    I honestly wish that old man would just die.

  • Gregory P. Gallien

    The old fool will drop dead anytime now,and then he´ll see how his god views his actions,if you believe in that sort of thing.

  • Steve Haire

    It´s true. I have one!

  • Sarah Mary


  • Daniel Vogt

    Why is he not being arrested for hate speech yet?

  • Michael Wood

    Looks like someone´s not taking their Thorazine again…

  • Lincoln Teeter

    says the delusional fuckstick who prays to an invisible presence in the sky….

  • Cass Felps

    Now I´m sure he´s a stupid old fool.

  • Gregorius Maximus Augustus

    Why hasn´t he been declared senile and put in a retirement home where he won´t be able to bother people?

  • David Keddle

    Your mind is totally gone. Just go away

  • Pat Devlin

    The ignorant moral majority

  • Charly Amico


  • Dc Evans-Neiderer

    Now they are just reaching. :/

  • Alisa Neely

    this guy needs a padded room.

  • Hod Sok

    Ignorance is Bliss to this asswipe.

  • Samantha Fafnir

    What did Xenu tell you that you paranoid old fuck? Did he probe ya really hard in your bible hole?

    I hope he gets cancer in the left buttcheek.

  • Randi Grogan-Musante

    This homophobic asshole needs to be placed in a padded cell. Gay and Proud of it here!

  • Lasse Hedenberg

    What can I say? /Facedesk

  • Kimberly Galbraith

    As my best friend said “can someone just stick him in a nursing home” and I might add, put duct tape over his nasty mouth!

  • Mark. Aloysius. Gouthro

    What an ass hole!!!

  • Todd Anderson

    I would like to put him in a gay bar or club dont tell him and have all the gays shake his hand tell a lil lie to him and say that ya marred if he asks abut ur wife just say my other 1/2 or partner something like that is at home taking care of the kids if ya have any or some thing like that.if he asks way so many men just say its a mens club only.then the next day call in post it on yahoo sreed the news that he was shaking hands with gay men that had rings on and just see what kind of bs will come from his mouth.Oh and if he asks if you are gay just say ya i am happy.Just what ever ya do dont reveal you are gay but dont lie just say it from another point of few.

  • Gene Richel

    That guy should be put away… a lonely dark cell

  • Donald Rodgers

    I just know that somewhere there is a padded room and a white jacket with this man´s name on it.

  • Carleen Warren Wilson

    and this man is allowed on tv

  • Linda Burt-Kinney

    Is he REALLY that STUPID? Oh, wait, yeah!

  • Cindy Potter

    What a moron Pat is !

  • Gary C Stringer-Walker

    Well Pat is a stupid idiot…and thats a nice comment!

  • Liddy Ridley

    very sad.

  • Tony O´Connell

    That evil old reptile is still alive? I thought he was a bad dream from yesteryear

  • Jason Warring

    what the hell is he on?! He´s had to have drank way to much wine during communion, that or he´s spouting this crap while he´s drunk or hung over from it

  • Kathleen Wright

    Puh – leeze!!

  • Paul Dreher-Wiberg

    This man´s stupidity is a bottomless pit.

  • Susie Sympson

    Hmmmm…I´m pretty sure that if that were true they surely would have targeted you. …

  • Cullen Riggs

    No it´s spread because idiots like you have created a huge stigma against the disease that is taking decades to reverse so people can be open about it and get the testing and treatment they need. With today´s medication, undetectable HIV viral loads are achievable and while patients aren´t cured, the transmission rates are extremely low with undetectable viral loads.

  • Gwendolyn Young

    This is a part of the ´right wing´s´ ´agenda´. Spread lies and plant seeds of ignorance and watch it grow!

  • Gwendolyn Young

    This is a part of the ´right wing´s´ ´agenda´. Spread lies and plant seeds of ignorance and watch it grow!

  • Gwendolyn Young

    This is a part of the ´right wing´s´ ´agenda´. Spread lies and plant seeds of ignorance and watch it grow!

  • Gwendolyn Young

    This is a part of the ´right wing´s´ ´agenda´. Spread lies and plant seeds of ignorance and watch it grow!

  • Wanda Miller Haza

    Just show´s how stupid people can be….

  • Doneau Probst

    And we have magic pickles too.. wanna suck one? this asshat is far beyond being overdue for commitment. Cutting someone with a ring and then shaking their hand would expose the one with the ring to any bloodborne pathogens, not the other way around. Someone has obviously kinked his oxygen hose – his brain, or what´s left of it, is dead.

  • Paul Dreher-Wiberg

    This man is an even mix of ignorant and evil. He disavowed his ordination (originally granted by one small Southern Baptist congregation) when he ran for President. The Southern Baptists have stated that they would not reinstate him. His only credentials now are as a media buffoon. I wonder if he knows Laure Ingraham… they´d make a great couple.

  • Jackie Iuliano

    Yeah but in real life, people like you dont vaccinate your kids so mine get measles. Lets be honest about who´s spreading disease.

  • Michelle Hartvigsen

    Must be smoking his meds again!!!

  • Roberta De Fiore

    where do people get this stuff?

  • Ian Louis Hall

    This is a sick, sick man.

  • Lauren Dameron

    U are a moran

  • Vicki Catlin

    So wierd!

  • Lynne Miller

    oh, good grief! can they get any crazier?

  • Deb Newton

    Why give this idiot any press at all?

  • Jonathan Lax

    That settles that: Pat Robertson is senile.

  • Zio Nocsg de Janeiro

    this guy is amazing!!!

  • Zio Nocsg de Janeiro

    the ideas he comes up with. and notice he says ´ i think´ meaning he dosent ´actually´ know. hurry up and die you old fossil fool!

  • Robert Hebert

    They took Paula Dean off the air for alleged discrimination of Blacks. Why are they not being pulled for discriminatory statements of Gays.?

  • Mark Comer

    Mr. Man, Sir, how much do u really KNOW about dick sucking? Rings,? retire your old as, crazy.

  • Carolyn McSwain Carle

    This gentleman needs to go home and rest.

  • David Charles DuBois

    This IDIOT needs his meds adjusted!

  • David Charles DuBois

    Special rings…..Cockrings? How would he know about cockrings? hummmmmm ;)

  • Kellie Herren

    He´s a moron

  • Renee Reed


  • Jenna Harvey

    I laughed when I first read the title of this.. and then I realized it wasn´t the Onion.

  • Patty Villegas

    Puh-leeeeze! “I keeel you wiss my magic rrrring!”

  • Sheila Stoner

    Why oh why does not the FCC shut these delusional people down?

  • Robert Bernhart

    Someone needs to put pat out to pasture! Get off the pipe pat!

  • Ron Faskowicz

    Cray-cray. Senile. Deport him to Russia or Uganda.

  • Katie DaSilva

    Sadly, there is not a cure for stupidity…

  • DeAnna Reynolds

    Damn. Someone tell him to CHUG the Kool-Aid, not just fucking sip it next time.

  • Pete Corbett

    Goddamasshole. And he´s supposedly a representative of God??? My unbisaed gay opinion.

  • Scott Jensen

    He´s an idiot. don´t give him bandwidth!

  • Michael Brunk

    I hope in Heaven I get a window into Hell so I can watch Pat Robertson BURN! ! ! ! !

  • Bill Allen

    I like my bigots REAL crazy, not all polite and dressed up in a suit

  • Brenda Simmons

    The guy is nuts!

  • Mark Hansche

    Somebody needs to be reminded of who the Christian religion calls the Father of Lies…

  • Ellen Cedergreen


  • Tony Stegall

    Put that old Bastard in a Box !!!! Thats the way he thinks !!

  • Deanna LayPort

    Boy this fucktard is going to be very surprised when he arrives at the pearly gates, and he is asked to return his Christian card because he is a judgement asshole!

  • Irene Emert Dearden

    Those damn gays~! No wait, he said WHAT NOW? how do you spell dementia.

  • Natalie Godfrey

    Sick bastard!!!!!

  • Danielle Bob

    Lia Fasciale

  • Angie Amos

    Tweet @CBNproducers-demand a public apology and retraction. Tweet the FCC too for hate speech.

  • Lia Fasciale

    WTF is wrong with people? How do they come up with this shit?

  • Julie Duckworth

    Shut the fuck up old man!

  • Kelsang Drime

    These rings…would they happen to be “marriage” rings? What an idiot…

  • Ricardo Santana

    he is not a preacher he is a hater

  • Timothy L Martin

    now he´s just delusional and any violence sparked by that remark he should be held liable!!!

  • Bob Morrison

    what a fkn loon,

  • Leanne Callaway

    i didn´t believe that anything said by the ´right´ could surprise me. i think what surprises me most, though, is that this individual is still on the air. there´s things like science that prove how misinformed this belief is in language simple enough for small children to comprehend. wow.

  • Kurt Van Tassel

    Why doesn´t someone shut this ignorant assholes mouth for good?

  • Jon Whitney

    A Senile, paranoid, delusional, hateful individual whose claims are nothing more than the fantasies created from his obviously diminished mental capacity and cognitive malfunction…

  • Nancy Argudin


  • Kate Walker

    omg just when I thought it couldn´t get any worse

  • Lindsey A McQueen

    This guy isn´t the ´right´, ´left´ or ´middle´. He really needs to retire. It´s not fair all those of the organisation he founded years ago to lose their jobs when they do actually some good work to help others. He´s hurting his reputation, making his family look goofy, not helping the name of Jesus Christ, doesn´t know what he´s talking about, not helping viewers that don´t know any better… I´m TG. They have been there to pray with me when no one else did, cared, would, etc. Please! Pat! It´s time to step down! Please!

  • Megan Croft

    Wow, what´s his explanation for when hospitals mess up and give tainted blood to patients? Or when straight men in say Africa rape women and infect them? Seriously, why are stupid people allowed to breathe?

  • Sean Duchinsky

    i really can´t remark on this as i am busy cutting people with my magic ring and absorbing their personalities as i stand next to them.

  • Robyne O´Mara

    this poor old man has really lost it.

  • Angie Amos

    “Hate speech is, outside the law, communication that vilifies a person or a group based on discrimination against that person or group.[1][2]
    In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.”

    We believe Robertson saying gays intentionally infect people with HIV is hate speech. He should be penalized to the fullest extent.@FCC

    We demand a public apology and retraction from Robertson for saying gays intentionally infect others with HIV.@CBNproducers

  • Audrey Eveline Kennedy

    What an ignorant nincompoop.

  • Jim Baney

    Is Pat Robertson even relevant anymore? I know that he keeps spouting off his rubbish but I can´t believe that there are many (in a percentage way) that find him relevant… He is, by the law of averages, close to meeting HIS hateful maker and at that time he will have a special ring cut him… I think posting his hate and ignorance is giving him more credibility than he deserves. Just sayin

  • Kathy Perry

    Pat Robertson is an idiot, plain and simple

  • Carol Stertz

    Is Robertson kidding??…his comments are ludicrous.

  • Allie Shepard

    he´s on to us! bahaha

  • Patrick Billings

    What an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Antonio Celaya

    What is that superstitious bastard smoking?

  • Chloe Javier


  • Larry Pentico

    He always seems to have diarrhea of the mouth. I wish the bitter old twerp would just shut the hell up..

  • Dieter Michaels

    Dear Pat… I say we stop all this bickering and let´s be friends. C´mon… Let´s shake on it!

  • Aleem Mohammed

    What? He is plain ´ol nuts.

  • Carol-Lynne Elliott

    So sad and ignorant.

  • Kev O Rama

    @ robyne omara…..that old man never had it!

  • Steven Mabie

    All I can say is GOD “Please take this dumass”

  • Forrest Stewart


  • Wesley Stanton

    Can´t wait when he rots to hell.

  • Berlindo Rivera Bianes


  • Paul Pasanen

    This is the kind of crazy we have to face…

  • Nadya Cde

    This is just so idiotic it´s even hard to get mad

  • Jim Parton

    This guy is so out of touch he´s become white noise..even God quit listening a LONG time ago…

  • Camille McNeill

    crazier than a fkng bed bug.

  • Dee Whistlingbird

    God has to love him cause I think he´s damn a$$hole

  • Kenneth Lake

    Out of control ! Next he willforget what he said and come up with a new line

  • Aspen Potter- Robichaud

    sad sad sad… something is eating his brain!

  • Sandy Unger

    this just in…. Pat Robertson deliberately spreads stupidity by opening his mouth!

  • Loren Meaux

    WHAT? So apparently gays have turned into the main bad character from the movie “Troll” ? What deluded fantasy land is he living in? Jesus

  • Lamar Smith


  • Reine de Beaute

    What in all that is Holy would make this man say or even think such a thing. I used to like him but this is absolutely psychotic.

  • Michael Baranowski

    I think he´s suffering from undiagnosed dementia.

  • Celeste Young

    His ignorance is appalling!

  • Jackie Ulrich

    He´s insane to even think that way.

  • Jerry Steele

    Where is the moron train this one missed it at the station

  • Stephen John Batten

    Hot batshit crazy.

  • Jeanette Cave

    When is this insane man going to be committed?

  • KayLa Allen


  • Richard Evans

    He´s getting senile.

  • Clover Behrend

    Crazy and cruel. This man is a Christian??!! NOT!

  • Vickie Mormon

    I think everyone knows that he´s lost it! him and Jerry Falwell (dead) are what gives Christains a bad name!! shouldn´t give him the time it takes to listen to him!!

  • Donald Jude Breaux

    Jesus, this guy…….

  • Matthew Little


  • James Roberts-Martin

    What an asshole, why isn´t he dead yet

  • Keith Raikes

    Stupid remarks from a stupid man!

  • Ralph Vendegna

    Someone give him AIDS

  • Steve Tegerstrand

    I can´t believe that anyone would say such a stupid thing. I have been living with HIV since I actually got sick in 2007. I am so SUPER careful of my partners. We DO NOT want to share this shit with anyone!!

  • Rebecca Campos

    Isn´t it time for a nursing home placement yet?

  • Terra Melander

    Where do they even GET this stuff!?

  • Ralph Vendegna

    A Book Of How AIDS IS CONTRACTED. Cannot believe He is SO STUPID!

  • Jef Morrison

    stupid…..our early ancestors settled here to avoid religious idiots and oppression .. its trying to happen again…

  • Julia Callahan

    I literally stared at this story in disbelief for a good minute… I thought I was reading The Onion new for a second…..

  • Kari Dawson

    Great who told him about the ring i think we have a mole

  • Rob Williams

    because gay men are the only ones who carry aids and are so concerned about sharing it. they all want pat robertson to know that they are out to get him because he´s so special to the gay community (EYEROLL) what a ridiculous thing to say … I think I would call that hateful libel and slander …

  • Charlotte Butler Salafia

    My dad would have said this man has diarrhea of the mouth.

  • Tamara Myers

    He is an IDIOT

  • Sherri Runnels

    i cant believe such ignornance still exists

  • Raymond Kevin Bassford

    I thought he was dead!

  • Mark Pfannenstiel


  • Timmy Lampel

    Omg get this senile old fuck off the air.

  • De Anda Cristian

    Dumb as robot!

  • Will Roth

    Somewhere a village is missing its idiot.

  • Jackie Johnson Anthony

    he must have Alzheimer´s or he fell and hit his head…is he serious?

  • Heath Tanner

    douchedy douche douche!!!!

  • Brian Punkinhead Brown

    Wow. This is ridiculous. I myself have aids and never once have had a gay experience. Hmmmm say somethin now grandpa

  • Leslie Raye Brown

    never understood this individual

  • Ella Altmayer


  • Alexandra Shepiro

    Why can´t this asshole Die already!

  • Johnny Stavrou

    hahahhaha! As horrible as this is, it´s hilarious. I can´t believe idiots like this exist.

  • Tina Freer

    a very dangerous man

  • Tina Freer

    a very dangerous man but yet its hard to really take him too serious. why do people watch his show anyways?

  • Raymond Kevin Bassford

    I wana cut him up with one of those rings

  • Kayla Jade

    It´s like there´s a competition out there to see who can say the most stupid thing.

  • James Phillips

    He´s so full of shit!

  • Michael Anthony Papa

    thats not far i dont have one :(

  • David E. Montellano

    Ignorant dumbfuck

  • Sarah Katherine MacDonald

    When will this guy find a hole to crawl into and just die? Also, he owe´s countless trees an apology.

  • Edward Lorn

    He deliberately spreads hate by opening his ignorant mouth.

  • Kagen Aurencz Zethmayr

    Perhaps he watched The Hunger and assumed that vampirism was a thinly-veiled stand-in for HIV…and then OD´d on James Bond with all those sneaky assassination techniques….but of course the paranoia is his own.

  • Raymond Kevin Bassford

    He needs a good bitch slap

  • Brenda Hilley

    I have thought for a few years now that poor Pat must certainly have dementia or alzheimers. I think this must SURELY be further evidence.

  • Clark Constance

    Robertson he spreads ignorance when he opens his mouth ….

  • Nannette Johnstone

    I mean seriously…what an idiot!! Puke!!

  • Tom HalloweenGuy

    what? really? I mean….I don´t even know what to say here. How can anyone be this dumb!

  • Phor S. Aken Whan

    my precioussss….*serious head shake*

  • Freddie Clark

    whens this guy gonna go away, for good.

  • Liz Bracey

    It´s sad when those suffering dementia are paraded around for cheap publicity.

  • John Helm

    I´d like to cut him………….prick

  • Rogi Riverstone

    who spilled the beans?

  • Jody Adle

    He so ignorant. He needs to be better educated about Aids.

  • Rickywayne Mccartney

    He is an old fucking biggot!!! needs to be pulled off the air!!!

  • Reuben James Haskins

    small minded bigot!

  • Melissa Ponticelli

    now ive heard everything. I can finaly die happy lmfao

  • Tony Fantom

    Wow, nigga went full retard

  • Katrina Griffing

    Good for you for standing up as your own people, steve tegerstrand and brian punkinhead brown. No one is safe from hiv/aids-even hetero couples can contract hiv/aids. I know that because my (birth) mother has hiv and has had hiv since 1991-SHE IS TURNING 6-0 IN NOVEMBER! STICK THAT SOMEWHERE OLD GUY!

  • Adamllover Dutcher

    He is such an asshole!!!

  • Kari Dawson

    a magic aids ring what kind of shrooms is he on

  • Lynette Sloan


  • Jlyne Hanback

    Unbelievable. I have no words.

  • Dennis Patrick Ellis

    Ignorance – tjhe lack of proper information to make an informed choice

  • Jeremiah Policky

    damn i just get angrier every time i see his stupid, stupid face

  • Alyce Chiles

    I thought he WAS dead… he´s clearly either senile or insane, or both. He´s certainly asinine. I can´t believe so many people have been buying into this mess he spews for so many years. He´s made a career of saying absolutely ridiculous shit for decades… and people are clamoring to give him their money. I´m truly stunned at the sheer numbers of people who have no capacity for independent thought or analysis… who is BUYING this guy?! I lost two uncles to AIDS… one on mom´s side and one on dad´s. My dad´s brother and his partner were my godparents, so I knew them well and their friends. I promise, there was no underground movement to spread this horrible disease. I know I´m droning on. I´m just truly amazed at the ignorance of so many in the 21st century. Just ignorant!

  • Lisa Thorson

    Where does he get this stuff? Freaky.

  • Jaime Fernandez

    he is a prime candidate for “Assisted Suicide”

  • Sharon Fischer

    What has he been drinking? This guy needs to pick on the president and the way he has and still is degrading this country!!! Pat when you run out of things to say you come up with picking on gays! Go get Obama will ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond Kevin Bassford

    And to think he has an audience. Probably your next door neighbors.

  • Christian Mosby

    This has to be the smartest dumb thing that I have ever heard.

  • Bryan Stephen Broussard

    Sick bastard

  • Heathyr Lynn Briscoe

    What?!?!?!?!?!?!? Lol he´s a comedian now?

  • Tony Pelliccio

    He´s a moron.

  • George Doukas

    I´d like to know where he gets his information. First hand experience or first hand experience?

  • Willard R. Bailey Raguindin

    Pat Robertson is off his rocker!!! This homophobe needs head meds PRONTO!!!

  • Jamaal Skedarkingperfectsimdestroyer Lee

    I´m quite sure he´s going to lose his job for this. That would be justice enough.

  • Tanya Bekker

    Ignorance has many faces….this is one of them….

  • Ashton Campbell

    HAHAHAHAHA! Woooow. Really? Is this schmuck for real? I can´t even be mad at him for his stupidity because this is just so ridiculously far fetched.

  • Katrina Griffing

    it is also known that hiv/aids can be contracted through blood transfusions-even if the blood has been tested negative for many things-regardless. again hiv/aids is a lot like heart disease,diabetes,and cancer-they don´t discriminate!

  • Carlos Castro

    He should have stopped eating lead potato chips a while back.

  • Kaiya L Iverson


  • John Fijalek

    Its amazing how Pat always catches the gays in what ever they do

  • Samantha James

    Some people should just not speak. EVER.

  • Kevin Hennessy

    I can´t stand this hate filled, ignorant, bigoted Fuck head!!! He needs to go to an old folks home and just shut the fuck up and finish out his days doing bible word search puzzles or something. He just spreads hate and disinformation just by his presence.

  • Jerry Lail

    Yeah, and I think he has been cut by the mad hatters ring cause he is getting crazier and crazier… I truly think the man is losing his mind, either dementia, Alzheimer´s, or senility, or just delusional paranoia, I am really surprised they keep letting him go on the air… I can´t believe he is not costing them viewers and money unless there are that many crazy, delusional people out there who are equally paranoid… It is totally sad… cause, there are some elderly folks who really respect him and believe everything he says… but he as said some crazy sh** the last couple years.

  • Stephanie Charles

    He´s awesome, we should keep him around forever, said NO ONE EVER!! What a fuckin dousche bag. What a hate breeder.

  • Janice Prince

    This guy has a few screws loose.

  • Lisa Dorr-Pozos


  • Rommel Panal

    Where the hell does he get all these ideas?

  • Fritz Gott

    He´s such an ass.

  • John Carlson

    Maybe he should do the world a favor and die

  • Chad Baker

    I am so tired of scratching my head from the dumb shit people in positions of power say. This man is leading sheeples of people. Can they all just go away and let the smart people take over! Fu*k you Pat Robinson…Hope you burn in fu*king hell!

  • Adrian Vetter

    So, does this man EVER use his brain, or better does he even have one?

  • Marie Moriarty-Puggi

    LMAO is that as creative as you can be you old fart! If I were the host I would be cracking up and and flashing my rings! dumb asses LMAO

  • Janet Arellano

    Another nut case !

  • Ben Hall

    So he found out about our Decoder Rings? I thought we only used those to tell if we were having a connection with a guy. ;)

  • Adam Garland

    Is he serious? where is the proof or do whackaloon, money hungry zealots like him need any? this is sad.

  • Robert D. Underwood

    What a waste of breath! Complete and utter ignorance!

  • Tapi Oka


  • Alicia Crumpler

    Doesn´t he know lying is one of the 10 commandments? What a freaking idiot.

  • Synstelien Ben

    When I moved to Chicago a few years ago from San Francisco, I had to give up my Aids Spreading Ring. I really miss it.

  • Antoinette Malone


  • Patty Robidart

    Vicious, vicious, vicious…..

  • Synstelien Ben

    The man has dementia. It´s obvious. No one can be that ignorant. My prediction he´s off TV within this year.

  • Crystal Dewey

    Ok, its painfully obvious that this guy is a few crayons short of a box. How on earth can people believe anything he says…hes crazy!

  • Crystal Dewey

    Decoder rings….hahaha… its how we tune in our gaydar!

  • Jeffrey Morgan

    If he was an animal, they would have put him to sleep by now

  • Mark Pointon

    What a fucking fruitcake!!!

  • Ingrid Thorngren Gordon

    this man has a screw loose – or two or more.

  • Adrienne Edwards

    this man is insane

  • Ralph J. Anderson

    This guys elevator is a few floors short on cable!

  • Morgan Stoner

    Does anyone take this clown seriously anymore? I sure don´t. He´s a freaking fruitcake! I´d hope that even the conservatives realize that by now!

  • Ron Faskowicz

    More and more senile. Medication needed quick.

  • Hel F. Kiernan

    When are people going to stop caring what this crazy old hater thinks?

  • Lori A. Hare

    What a Wacko!!!

  • Melissa Garriott

    he gets this information from God…well, that explains it…*eye roll*

  • Jan Statkiewicz

    Do you get that ring after the decoder ring or before?

  • Logan McLaughlin

    You know, I heard that old people sell all of their drugs to dealers because they resent the youth.

    How do you feel about that, Mr. Robertson?

  • Elijio Roldan

    He has Organic Brain Syndrome.

  • Luis E. Paz


  • Sue Bee

    What a sick fucker!

  • Robert Sorensen

    Grandpa forgot to take his medicine.

  • Tony Photoboy Fowler

    This shit needs to be removed from FB.

  • Keith O´Connor

    This guy needs to keep is bigot opinion to himself. That is ridiculous nonsense.

  • Troy Godfrey

    Pat deliberately spreads LIES by cutting evil glares at people with demonic eyes !!!

  • Aametrii Graham

    Pardon my language but what a fucktard! That just made #1 on the most ridiculous things I´ve ever heard list!

  • Jodi Traister

    he´s such a sadly ignorant little wiener.

  • Daniel Spangle

    this man is not doing Gods work at all…. God would be so disappointed, and he is the reason most people don´t believe in the bible.. what an old idiot..

  • Tony Photoboy Fowler

    Communist Russian propaganda

  • Joe Guttieriez

    you all do know that by giving him the negative attention, he´s getting exactly what he wants. he´s loving all the attention

  • Tony Photoboy Fowler

    God wouldn´t let him in heaven if he said a billion Hail Marys.
    He needs to reserve a confessional for a day to confess his sins

  • Alex Sloan-Marrero

    Miley Cyrus is to art as Pat Robertson is to spirituality.

  • Daniel Spangle

    Godm PLease call this idiot home hes done enough of the devils work on earth..

  • David Hliva

    For God´s Sake, i´m tired of seeing this bigot´s face on facebook every day. Wish just stop posting his comments, that´s just giving him what he wants, attention. How about this, we stop posting him and his bigoted comments, and leave his ass alone, and don´t pay attention to him.

  • Sue Worley

    No Shit Alex!!

  • Ryan Burch

    People like Pat Robertson give Christianity a bad name

  • Sue Worley

    OMG!! That made me seriously Laugh Out LOUD!!! WoW! Ignorance is amazing stuff!! SMH

  • Maranda Sharon Holley

    well question is how does anyone know these supposed people doing this are even gay…they are just assuming to make gays look like trash…yea totally Christian thing to do!

  • Richard Sawyer

    He won´t like it on up there …there are GAY people there !

  • Klella Jo Farris

    This man is an idiot and has no idea about real people or where the fuck aids came from! It wasn´t someone gay, maybe the rich straight person who got aids because they were traveling to another country and picked it up and brought it home to the usa should visit him! Maybe the child born with aids from a straight mother who was a carrier of the aids virus should spit in his eye! I´m allergic to idiots and ignorant asses and haters!

  • Clark W Cowles

    J.L. Marathon is coming up. MS is important!!!! Can we please get some funds for Pat for a straight jacket and padded room too???

  • Simone Riding-Cunningham

    WHY hasn´t anybody asked…How is he getting this info? God? Pleeze…He has been an Absentee Landlord for centuries. He ain´t talking to the Basic Human for nothing let alone Pat Robertson? I think he makes this stuff up cuz he REALLY wants to be in the Club…not 700, the GAY Club. What a Goof.

  • Lisa Sonin Larsen

    where do they get this crazy ass stuff?

  • Dee M Upton

    so pathetic its funny…OMG who lets him speak….

  • Doug McMillen

    That´s so fucked up.

  • Clark W Cowles

    I had to read this again for a laugh riot. Pat needs to replace Leno. He´s coming up with a big joke almost every day now. I know Jesus would want to be his sidekick. And a choir of Angels and some little devils on fiddles with the Virgin as the orchestra leader. haha

  • Robert Labaysha Randolph

    u sound like a damn fool and your suppose to be a man of god ahha!! your a joke ..fucking dumbass #foolery!

  • Carrie Hodges


  • Kim May

    Wow! I don´t know which is worse, the fact that he actually said that or that he obviously believes it! He does give Christians a bad name.

  • Geordi Demorest

    I swear I got dumber just reading that sentence.

  • Jason Tillotson

    Someone forgot to give me my AIDS ring at the quarterly Gay World Domination meeting. This does it. Last time they forgot to give my my complimentary Obamaphone and now this. Unreal.

  • Jolinda Brookshire

    people like him deliberately breed stupidity & HATE

  • Joel Arsenault

    Pat Robertson The reason Everyone thinks 99.9% of Christians are Dumb asses… LMAO

  • Michael Mixael Equality Brown

    As I see it, he is no more then a rumormonger, because he has no evidence to back his rantings. Oh but he can´t be a rumormonger, because that is a sin, and being such a good Christian he would never commit a sin. Like with Ronald Reagan to many people are keeping him going when his mind is to far gone.

  • Parker Scott

    Honestly this guy doesnt even piss me off anymore, its just entertaining.

  • Shelley Clott

    Can we all say Psychotic!

  • Tyler Keogh Kennings

    What a nutjob !

  • Tracy Turpin

    Wow! What a complete ignorant, pathetic idiot!!!!

  • Erika Vergeer Brewer

    fucking LOSER!

  • Ellen Leah Bielut


  • Matthew Lee Martin

    i want an aids spreading ring, that would be the most awesome weapon in the fucking world….

  • Cyiara Mullins

    We got our own fucking rings and nobody told me?!

  • Gail Turley

    OMG, these idiots give me a headache! Pass the Tylenol.

  • Michele Martin Eaton

    wow, he´s a special kind of stupid

  • Thomas Mrak

    We also convert people to our cause by handing out brochures on street corners.

  • Itsabrand Newfucyou Kindame

    Can he go to sleep already! STFU

  • Jennifer Arnold

    WTF? HAHHAAHA what a crazy old man

  • Sarah Shaar

    I watch this freak to figure out what the basic idiot believes

  • Charles Begley

    This guy is out to lunch! Spreading slanderous lies!

  • James Savik

    Why not just legally buy a gun a shoot people? It´s much easier, quicker by decades and more efficient.

  • Lainy Dorough

    Ridiculousness! If it´s not a word, I don´t care I´m still using it because it fits!

  • Richard Flynn

    wow is he really that much of a bigot now, damn he has gotten worse over the years

  • Shaun Lee


  • Barbara Jo Thomas

    Sometimes, I´m amazed at how ignorant people can be, Robertson, I expect it from him, yet this time, even he shocked me with how stupid he could be…lol

  • Honey Love Jones

    I didn´t know Robertson was at a gay club and SF trying to shake hands. He´s such an expert that of course he´s speaking from firsthand knowledge.

  • Karen Martinez

    Oh brother! What an IDIOT!

  • Katherine Gabrielle

    What? Where can I get these special rings?

  • Eric C Maisel

    This guy is a fucking idiot and yet he has millions of followers!

  • Lydia McUmber-house

    Fearmongering, I love it!

  • DeAlana Bruce

    He is the carrier of the infectious desease called: HATRED.

  • Mickey Alan Hampton

    I wonder if the rings come in matching sets…

  • Dustin Duvall-Black

    Ya because all gay people have a ring they wear the cuts other people and gives them aids. because rings like that exist. does this guy hear himself?

  • Dustin Duvall-Black

    its funny because i know god loves us but he doesnt care for psychos like this

  • Charles Wilson Sr.

    I despise that fucking asshole! :poop:

  • Michelle Bluebird Thorsby

    Shame on him. By making stupid comments like that, he has no idea what he´s talking about. Hang your head in shame.

  • Harry Heath

    Is it bad that I want my magic stabby AIDS ring now?

  • Linus Callahan

    Where in bloody hell did he get this idea?

  • Sed Ohre

    What a Fuck´n moron. He shouldn´t be allowed to speak to the public.

  • Zio Nocsg de Janeiro

    and you are a ´special´ man

  • Matthew Pritchard

    I find this man to be the epitome of absurdity. I´d think he was someone meant to be laughed at, except there are too many ignoramuses, who watch him, and worse, take him seriously. Those people are dangerous and scary to me.

  • Lynne Miller

    so ignorant

  • Vincent John Ward

    Damn! I keep forgetting to hide that ring when I´m not using it!

  • Vincent John Ward

    So, now we sound like action movie villains

  • Candace Wynne

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

  • Gretchen DeKok

    WHY hasn´t someone led patty robber$on offstage and into the doctor´s office for a shot?

  • Jay Adams

    Been hearing so much stupid BS from this guy over the years, have just gotten numb to it. Robertson is living proof that if you give certain people enough rope, they will hang themselves.

  • Sean Payne

    This man has a Alligator mouth and a Paper asshole and is a Small Minded Idiot.

  • Yibing Yvonne Yang

    And the Idiot of the Year Award goes to…

  • Deborah Gilbert

    If there is a difference between Pat Robertson and a random crazy guy on the street muttering at strangers, I don´t know what it is.

  • Brian Gregory

    Wait, if I turn gay I can get a special ring to cut people with to give them HIV??? Count me IN!!!!

  • Brian Gregory

    Wait, how long will it take for my special ring to arrive? And do I have to actually do something gay, or will my word be enough? Does the world gay organization need me to send them a SASE and 100 box tops of Ovaltine??? Come on gays, inquiring minds want to know!!!

  • Lolitta Ponder

    thats not even funny guys

  • VanNessa Stephan

    OMG !!! What drugs is this guy on ?!!! Someone needs to shake his hand with a joy buzzer & fake blood..would pay to see the look on his face…lol

  • Joyce Worley

    he´s just a stupid fool, i say he is a closet pervert.

  • Annette Vollano

    WTF what a assh*le,..he needs a check up from the neck up..

  • Rachel Fitzgerald

    He´s missing a few floors on his elevator.

  • Russell Good

    As if humming show tunes wasn´t bad enough :0/

  • Mike McFarland

    Why is he sill wasting air.. die you old bastard.

  • Cindy Dencklau Sturtz


  • Neil J Nicholson

    Oh yes, he knows everything without even being there.

  • Kerri Powers Hoffman

    Why anyone listens to this nut job is beyond me. He is just providing material for the Onion.

  • Paula Conley

    This guy has gotten worse over the years… Nothing but ignorant comments come out of his mouth…

  • Frîes Nàá

    Hey Pat, thanks for putting me in with a group with people who allegedly do something I would NEVER do. You should know that God loves me soooo much he would rather die himself than loose me. He calls me his bride so tell me, how would you want me to speak about your wife? Also thanks for giving ideas to idiots who would do such a thing. That is working for evil. Not the God you say you serve. Lets remember the guys who knowingly have aides and spread it to as many women as possible. They have been on the news and in court. That has NOTHING to do with being gay.

  • Sharon Devitt

    I can´t wait for this clown to die.

  • Laura Grace

    Holy batshit insane.

  • Jay Justice

    I´ll cut cha, man! ;-)

  • Merry Mosley Tompkins

    I don´t know why this man continues to be given air time. He is obviously incompetent.

  • Don Truman Wilson

    This idiot needs to have his mouth sewn shut!

  • Michelle Colwell-Sinclair

    Robertson needs to retire if this is what

  • Scott R Paquin


  • Don Craddock

    He to have his head examined, I didn´t get any special ring, maybe cuz I don´t routinely buy cracker jacks?

  • Michelle Colwell-Sinclair

    He focuses on all damn day! :-) :-)

  • Alomah Timberlake

    It is time for him to retire.

  • Lou Rene Hatfield

    pat Robertson im sure some mentally ill ones do, as do some who are not gay do… are streamlining all gays when you talk like this, we are not moral denerates!

  • Judy Simera

    pat robinson many years ago publicly said if people didn´t send in X amount of dollars, christ would “come back again” this is one crack-pot! can´t stand him!

  • Joe Stevens

    What is he talking about??

  • Alberto Garavini Schneider

    A load of shit is the only thing you can expect to come out from a scumbag…

  • Joanie Bologna Hepsworth

    That would be called paranoid schizophrenia, Pat.

  • Lynn Salmon

    Ignorance and bigotry is all this person, he is no man, can speak of for that is where he is a pro.

  • Matt Miller

    I think it´s horrible who if someone where to say something bad about women or asains (which is very wrong), that person would be in huge trouble but people can say the harshest things about gays

  • Mark Foreman


  • Dale P. Bagby


  • Kent Tahsequah

    prove it! just like the god/devil u worship!

  • Tom Summers

    I thought it was a sin to lie. The man is no Christian, that´s for sure!

  • Katharina Sabel

    Pat Robertson is probably the most mentally retarded person I´ve ever seen. EVER. Oh. RIght. Todd Akins. What the hell is wrong with you america?

  • Tina Whelan

    Ignorant ,senile old coot.

  • Sue Doherty

    He´s so silly he should be a cartoon.

  • Trystian Dumbo Matheaus

    why is he still on the air? whats diff between him and what paula did? just sayin he may need to “retire soon”. Amen

  • Pamela Newman Benedict

    OK Pat, put on your straight jacket and go back into the padded room, you´re rambling again.

  • Trystian Dumbo Matheaus

    do the straight couples with hiv/aids rings cut you too?

  • Amelia Burton

    LOL I don´t think I´ll ever understand this man´s lunacy but it is, at times, beyond hilarious. Do people really believe this man??!!??

  • Dana Hardy

    This man is SICK.

  • Elisabeth Landers

    Damn! Wheres my ring? All I got was the toaster!

  • John W Beck

    The freak is a piece of work. It is a shame more people don´t see him for the lying sack of shit that he is.

  • Gabriel Visda


  • Janice Hickman

    Yes, Amelia, there really are idiots who follow the rantings of this asshole

  • William Blankenship

    “Patsy” Robertson lives homophobic hatred!

  • Johnny M Green

    ignorance ignorance ignorance……He is a liar and pathetic to just keep lying about gay people….his followers should ask, where does he get this crap…..people need to follow God not robertson…..and he sure isn´t the voice of God….

  • Tamara Ann Houston

    Somebody is protesting too much. Interesting when your secrets are uncloseted, Mr. Robertson. Here´s to you, Mr. Robertson, please don´t let your hatred close the show…no no no.

  • Lenzie Payne Ramirez

    I may hate people but not enough to kill anyone.

  • Melanie Dow

    senile old bastard!

  • Toni G. Engle

    One ring to cut them all, one ring to bind them…one stupid prick to make dumb shit up and in the darkness find them,

  • Ron Caldwell

    and I suppose this quarter-wit has the evidence to back this up?

  • Sinir Di Alfonza

    Robertson once told a mother who often donated that she was broke and he told her to DONATE her oney to his show and have faith… WTF??

  • Jason Gagnon

    I just felt my whole body go numb… I´m HIV positive, I don´t have a problem talking about it; and there´s no such thing on any books that prevent people with HIV or AIDS to talk about it. This man is an insult to the human mind and spirit.

  • Anita Kassner Manley

    Yeah, they´re magic rings that make the victims gay too!

  • Xena Lawless

    This guy is such a piece of shit!! What an evil Bastard. He lies and everyone believes him, I hope he burns in hell for the hatred he spreads.

  • Jose DeLeon-Leck

    Wow so this is what STUPID looks like!

  • Joseph Bartholomew

    All I can do is laugh about this!! Where does he come up with this stupid shit lol

  • Brian Sebesta

    Someone needs to take a 700 Club to his head!

  • Yvette Irwin

    He needs idiot conversion…….

  • Aimée Ménard

    Think it´s time for Robertson to retire. He´s obviously becoming senile in his old age and needs to be removed from the air before he ruins his reputation.

  • Brenda Sue Taylor DeCastro


  • Jeromy Carpenter

    The more you know!

  • The Holy Bible Is NOT Against Homosexuality

    When is he going to just pass on to his fiery reward?

  • Martha Putney

    Time to retire?

  • Michael Brunk

    I hope when I get to Heaven I have a window into HELL so I can Pat Robertson burn.

  • Scott Maughmer

    Wow really? He is a moron. His college has an openly gay chair of the theatre department. Retire and go away.

  • Brian Cowell

    Ignorance is contagious, and knowledge paves the way for the truth. I pray that people don´t allow this type of infectious and insidious speech filled to corrupt their faith or reasoning.

  • Aykut Arcaklıoğlu

    Gay of the Rings! ahaha,amen.

  • Diana Girouard

    Off his meds again, I see.

  • Jay Coffman

    Here is a special kind of idiot! The trouble is he´s malignant.

  • Gay Little Lucario

    That´s so stupid I actually ragequit out of my own room.

  • Nicholas Etheridge

    Sounds like my friday nights…

  • Robert Knight

    He´s always been an asshole, why would he change now.

  • Mitchell Zand

    when will he die???

  • Robert Small

    moron and asshole

  • Dennis Miller

    oh Pat Robertson, you are a dangerous old fool.

  • Jessy R. Borromeo

    dinosaurs these days

  • Robert Searcy Brooks

    Still vicious, deluded, & dumb. Either lying again or “creative” thinking.

  • Deanojm Jones

    This man is so ridiculous . If anything we convert with the rings ! Yeah right ! I truly think this man has dementia !!

  • Wendy Mitchell

    WTF is wrong with these people??

  • Jennifer Bliss

    people like you shell not break my belife in god he loves does not hate are hurt.i will pray for you pat robertson

  • Lisa Rice

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? ridiculous

  • Matthew John Stewart

    It seems the opposition has resorted to High School type rumor spreading to spread fear. Unfortunately for them, this is showing their desperation (spelling). Why bother with these people when we (society) is on the right bath to equality

  • Jay J. Ross


  • Jon Carrasco

    Think it´s time for Robertson to retire. He is old, senile and irrelevant; he needs to be removed from the air.

  • Scherer Salome


  • Elaini Young

    And THATS why I am a non-religious woman

  • Sean Boudreaux

    I Knew It! Damn Gay Ring Cutting People! They get them at Kay I mean Gay Jewelers. Crazy People!

  • Randy Oyer

    This guy needs to go away. He is going to to feel bad when he realizes that he won´t be going to heaven when he dies.

  • Brooke Holt

    This guy needs to keep his mouth closed.

  • Diego M. Santiago

    Once again, the incoherent ravings of a madman!

  • Jessica Steele

    eh… he´s not bright

  • A.L. Maverick

    My rings in the mail…can´t wait. What a fuck-tard.

  • Eddrelle Drelly-Bee Blatcher

    Wow! Please tell me Pat Robertson is joking.

  • Nicole Gannon

    700 club, manipulating the religious fanatics for decades! wish they would cancel that crap!!!!!

  • Paul C Reed

    are those cock rings? haha hes a idiot

  • Kim B Catano

    This is RIDICULOUS! Like he´s NEVER met someone gay.

  • Leen Bean

    Sexual orientation doesn´t have anything to do with STDs getting spread. Because straight people can spread an STD just as fast as gay people can. I personally don´t swing that way, but I don´t have a problem with gays at all.

  • Philip M Katcher

    this senile old fool should be put away..NOW he is suggesting GENOCIDE….hate crime inciting hate crimes///BTW..tha twas the borigia who had that special ring..should have used it on him

  • Shelley Gail Weiss Lightman

    um rigghht

  • Luke Sensebe

    WOW! Really?! Unbelievable….

  • Steven Casey

    Where do I get one of these rings? I´d like to SHAKE YOUR HAND, Mr. Roberson- for letting me know these exist!!!! Jack ass.

  • Larry W Arnold

    Conservatives are out of control…so very sad that this malarkey is being disseminated as “gospel.”

  • James Lewis

    WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL? This is the biggest load of horseshit I´ve heard in a long time

  • Thomas Steve Hendrix

    Did we cut others in the gay community or others unsuspecting supporters of equal treatment?

  • PG Frechette

    What I want to know is how does hr know about all the things he says we do? Hmm.

  • Sebastian Daba Iba

    This is so ABSURD! This man is desperately PATHETIC!

  • Bubba Lopez

    Nut Job.

  • Wil Resto

    Dear Pat, Satan is recalling you!

  • Sandy Van Domelen

    This is no man of God!! He shouldn´t talk after fleecing people out of hard earned money all these years. He´s a fraud and needs to shut up!!!! Bet he was a womanizer because of all his finger pointing. Things like him need to wear signs warning people to hide their wallets!!!

  • Sue Perryman

    WTF…someone shut this insane idiot up!!!

  • Travis Ullyses Hubbard

    What!? So wait wait, when do i get my membership ring? And what the hell/how the hell do these idiots come up with this crap?

  • Kaipo Pilialoha Keaunui

    Yes cause I have nothing else better to do with my life then go around slicing people with my non sharp edged ring -_- anyways he´ll die soon. I mean he is like ancient.

  • Chelsi Marie


  • Nichole Dorsey

    Cool, now my girlfriend and I can go as the Wonder Twins for Halloween!

  • Lilly Deeters

    Who writes this shit?

  • Lindsey A McQueen

    They should have one of those signal scramblers connected to their broadcast like cheesy motels do to block ´pay STRAIGHT porn´. Anytime, Pat starts talking stupid just run his image through one of those scramblers so he looks like a bucketful of squids. Then, it might provide of public good.

  • Joshua Nash

    Bullshit is all I´m saying

  • Tony Gee


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