District of Columbia

D.C. to ease guidelines for transgender people to obtain new birth certificates


WASHINGTON — The District of Columbia is expected to pass legislation that would make it easier for transgender people to obtain new birth certificates reflecting their change in gender identity.

The D.C. Council’s Judiciary Committee voted this week to ease restrictions on gender identity changes, approving a proposal that would require only a certified statement from a medical doctor, reported WRC-TV.

Previously, a change would have required public notification in classified newspaper adverts and surgical requirements.

The new law, which will come before the council in the coming weeks and is expected to pass easily, would issue a new birth certificate rather than simply amending the original.

Transgender activists say amended birth certificates often lead to challenges and subject them to discrimination.

“I’m proud that we are doing this during pride week,” said council member Tommy Wells. “It’s a time when we recognize equality among all District residents.”

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