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Bryan Fischer: Businesses threatened by ‘flaming homosexual’ job applicants

Monday, January 7, 2013
bryan-fischer-0614 LGBTQ Nation

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer on Friday blew up over the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA), warning in a blog post that “ENDA would represent the return of Jim Crow laws.”

On his radio program “Focal Point,” Fischer warned that if ENDA is signed into law businesses will be faced with a barrage of “flaming homosexual” job applicants. “The homosexual lobby,” Fischer said, “will send a guy in there wearing stilettos, a dress and dangly earrings” in order to provoke Christian business-owners “not to hire him.”

Also from Right Wing Watch: Religious Right anti-gay activist “Chaplain” Gordon Klingenschmitt, says Newt Gingrich is under the influence of “demonic voice” for his recent statements on same-sex marriage.

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