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Stroking a horse can cure ‘the gay’ – Yippee, ki Yah!


So, let me see if I have this correct…

If I use Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – which is sessions involving the stroking of horses – this will aid in the “curing” the “addiction” of my homosexuality.

So says Raymond Bell, the Pastor of the Cowboy Church of Virginia. (I can’t make this up!)

Bell doesn’t believe that homosexuality is genetic, he believes: “Homosexuality is actually a type of addiction. It is not ‘curable’ as a disease because it is a ‘choice driven’ by the person.

If the stroking of the horses doesn’t work for you – you could try one of the following:

The fact that people feel they need to “cure” me makes my head hurt.

In the 1800’s physician Denslow Lewis was of the opinion that women who were brought up in wealthy homes could develop “sexual hyperesthesia (excessive sensitivity to stimuli) and become lesbians.”

The good doctor would prescribed “cocaine solutions, saline cathartics, the surgical “liberation” of adherent clitorises, or even the administration of strychnine by hypodermic” in order to cure these afflicted women. Needless to say, one woman went insane and died in an asylum, and he claimed that some of his patients were “indeed cured” and became wives and mothers. One has to wonder if they simply went with the men to stop the madness.

With all the inroads the LGBT community has made in the past year – this nonsense is just insulting beyond words.

Will we ever be seen as people like everyone else? Human beings with feelings and emotions like the rest of the world? Will these religious types ever understand that their god made us just the way we are – just as he made them.

I mean, if we have to accept them with all their stupidity and hatred why is it so hard for them to see us as gay?

It’s a New Year — let’s put the horses out to pasture there partner!

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