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Marriage equality moves forward in Washington, New Jersey

And: Check out the least LGBT-friendly European countries
Monday, February 13, 2012

Marriage equality took center stage again on Monday, with progress on both coasts.

In Washington state, Gov. Chris Gregoire signed her state’s same-sex marriage bill into law.

Across the country, in New Jersey, the state Senate voted to approve a marriage equality bill, despite vows by their governor to veto the measure.

And a new poll suggests that a majority of NJ voters say same-sex marriage should be decided by popular referendum. But in that same poll, a slim majority said gay couples couples should be allowed to wed.


Group organizes against NC marriage amendment

A proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in North Carolina doesn’t just hurt gay people — it hurts everyone. That was the message on Monday night at a rally at Salem College to urge people to register to vote and defeat the amendment, which is on the May 8 ballot.

Australia Condemns Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Bill

Australia has joined the growing international backlash against St. Petersburg, Russia’s anti-gay propaganda bill, which has passed a second reading. The measure would impose fines of over $15,000 on groups or individuals that “promote” homosexuality and pedophilia to minors.

The least LGBT-friendly Countries in Eurpoe

Business Insider lists what it considers “The 13 Least Gay-Friendly Countries In Europe,” based on, among other things: anti-discrimination and anti-hatred/violence laws, existence of legal procedures for gender recognition for trans people, and legal recognition of same-sex couples and parenting rights.


On Tuesday, openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson and other progressive clergy are expected to protest MSNBC, citing the news network’s continued on-air promotion of Tony Perkins, spokesman for the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council.

The group Faithful America says Perkins has appeared this year on MSNBC more often than on FOX News — about once per month in 2011, and eight times in two weeks last month, counts Think Progress.

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