Michele Bachmann to deliver keynote address at anti-gay group event


GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann on Saturday will be the keynote speaker at the Florida Family Policy Council’s 6th Annual Policy Awards Dinner.

The FFPC is a a conservative Christian organization dedicated to fighting against marriage equality, and was the organization behind the successful 2008 Florida For Marriage effort to pass a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in the state.

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Florida Family Policy Council’s President John Stemberger last year compared gays and lesbians to users and boozers when he said “non-traditional family values could include anything from drug abuse to excessive drunkenness to homosexual families.”

It seems ironic — perhaps even hypocritical — that Bachmann considers marriage equality a “frivolous matter,” refuses to answer questions about her anti-gay views, and would only say that she doesn’t judge gays.

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