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Seattle gay man attacked outside community center amid anti-gay slurs

Friday, January 8, 2010
seattle LGBTQ Nation

A man told police he was beaten Sunday night in the parking lot of the Seattle Filipino Community Center because he is gay, and police arrested the man who allegedly made homophobic threats after the assault.

The suspect, 22, posted bond and was released from King County Jail on Monday night.

According to SLOG:

When officers arrived, the victim, a black man in his early 20s, said he and his female friend had left the community center to grab something from her vehicle.

Upon returning to the building, two men in their earlier 20s confronted the man. The men — one of whom the victim knew as a friend of his cousin — trapped the victim between two cars, and they “then punched the victim with closed fists on both sides of the victim’s face,” the report says. “Then both suspects began to yell at the victim and stated ‘You gay motherfucker.'”

Security staff working for an event inside the community center responded to the assault and apprehended the man that the victim knew. The second man, the police report says, fled the scene while yelling, “I wanna beat your ass, you gay ass motherfucker.”

The suspect posted bond and was released from King County Jail on Monday night.

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